United Kingdom Devolved Governments

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United Kingdom
Devolved Governments
The landscapes of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have got a degree of autonomy

Also see United Kingdoms Ministers, Northern Ireland, Scotland Ministers and Wales Ministers

First Ministers and Deputy First Ministers

2001-02 Acting Deputy First Minister Jenny Randerson, Wales
She was Whip of the Liberal Party in the Welsh Assembly 1999-2000 and Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language 2000-03. (b. 1948-)

2007-14 Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
2014- First Minister
Vice-Convener of the Scottish National Party, 1999-2004, Deputy Leader of SNP 2004-14, Leader of the Party in the Scottish Parliament 2004-07 and Party Leader from 2014, Minister of Health and Wellbeing 2007-12 and for Infrastrucure 2012-14. (b. 1970-)

2010 Acting First Minister (11.01-04.02) Arlene Foster, Northern Ireland
2015 Acting First Minister (10.09-20.10)
2016- First Minister
UUP Assembly Member until 2004, when she jointed the Ulster Unionists. Minister of Environment 2007-08 and of Entreprises 2008-15. emporarily in charge of the government when the First Minister stepped aside for a limited period. Leader of the Ulster Unionists from 2015. (b. 1970-).

Presiding Officers of Parliaments

2006-07 Speaker of the Assembly Eileen Bell, Northern Ireland
Deputy Leader of the Alliance Party 2001-06

2003-11 1. Deputy Presiding Officer of the Parliament Trish Goodman
2011-16 Presiding Officer

2011-16 Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales/Cynulliad Cenedlanethol Cymru Dame Rosemary Butler
Minister of Education up to 16 (Children and Young People’s Minister) 1999-2000 and Deputy Presiding Officer 2007-11.

2016- Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales/Cynulliad Cenedlanethol Cymru Elin Jones

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