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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and was granted a degree of autonomy in 1999. Until then it was ruled from a Department in London. The Secretary of State is Wales' voice in the Cabinet and in Parliament. The task is to make sure the interests of Wales are fully considered when Government policy is developed at WestMinister. And the Secretary  is the key Government Minister responsible for working with the new devolved administration in Cardiff as it begins to exercise its powers. 

Also see Wales Parliament and United Kingdom Devolved Governments                                              

1967-70 Minister of State for Wales Eirene Lloyd White
Parliamentary Secretary of State for Colonies 1964-66,Minister of State of Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1966-67, Chairperson of Labour 1969, 1980-83 1. Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords . She lived (1909-99).

1999-2003 Minister for Finance Edwina Hart
2000  Minister for Anti-poverty Policies and Equal Opportunities
2000-03 Minister for Local Government and the Communities
2002-03 Minister in Charge of Crime Reduction and Action on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
2003-07 Minister for Social Justice and Regeneration 
2007-11 Minister for Health and Social Services
2011-16 Minister for Business, Enterprise and Technology
Candidate for Leader of Labour and First Minister in 2009.

1999-2000 Minister for Agriculture and Rural Economy Christina Gwyther

1999-2000 Minister for Education up to 16 (Children and Young People’s Minister) Rosemary Butler
Deputy Presiding Officer 2007-11 and Presiding Officer of the Welsh Assembly from 2011.

2005 Minister for Health and Social Care Jane Hutt
2005-07 Minister for Assembly Business, Responsible for Equality (Third in Cabinet)
2007-09 Minister for Education, Children and Young People
2009-11 Business and Budget (Third in Cabinet)
16 Minister for Finance
2011- Leader of the House
2016- Chief Whip

1999-2007 Chief Whip of Labour (Attending the Cabinet Meetings)
Karen Sinclair
2003-05 Minister for Assembly Business

2000-03 Minister for Planning, Environment and Transport Sue Essex
2003-07 Minister for Finance, Local Government and Public Services
(Second in Cabinet)

2000-07 Minister for Education and Life-Long Learning Jane Davidson
2007-16 Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing
Deputy Presiding Officer of the National Assembly 1999-2000.

2000-03 Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language Jenny Randerson
2001-02 Acting Deputy First Minister
Whip of the Liberal Party in the Assembly 1999-2000 and candidate for the party leadership in 2008. Created a Baroness in 2010. (b. 1948-)

2000 Deputy Minister for Economy and Education Christine Chapman

03 Deputy Minister for Rural Affairs, Environment and Culture Delyth Evans

2005-07 Deputy Minister for Entreprise, Innovation and Networks Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsey
Daughter of Gwyneth Dunwoody (MP 1966-70 and 1974-) and John Dunwoody (MP 1966-70) and granddaughter of Baroness Phillips. (b. 1958-).

2007-11 Minister for Rural Affairs Elin Jones
Candidate for the Leadership of Plaid Cymru but lost to Leanne Wood.

2007-11 Deputy Minister for Housing Jocelyn Davies

2007-Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services Gwenda Thomas  '
2009-16  Chief Whip Janice Gregory

2009-11 Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation and Skills Lesley Griffiths

2011-16 Minister for Health and Social Services
2016- Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs

2016- Minister of Education Kirsty Williams
She is leader of the Liberal Party of Wales

2016- Minsiter for Skills and Science Rebecca Evans




From October 2000 onwards the Cabinet
had 5 female and 4 male members and from 2004 3 female and 3 male members, and from 2005 4 female and 5 male members. From 2007 4 women and 6 men with 2 female Deputy Ministers and 4 male.


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