Scotland Ministers

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Was granted a degree of self-rule in 1999 from United Kingdom until then it was ruled from the Scottish Office in London. The continued role of the Secretary of State and the Scotland Office is to represent Scottish interests in matters that are reserved to the United Kingdom Parliament and promote the devolution settlement for Scotland. The Secretary also represent Scottish interests within the UK Government

Also see Scotland Parliament and United Kingdom Devolved Governments

1950-51 Under-Secretary of State for Scotland Margaret McCrovie Herbison
1970 Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Kerk (Representative of the Queen)
Chairperson of Labour 1957, 1963-67 Minister of Pensions and National Insurance and 1963-67 Minister of State of Social Security. She lived (1908-97).

1962-64 Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State of the Scottish Office 
1970-72 Minister of State of the Scottish Office Baroness Tweedsmuir of Belhelvie
Minister of State Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1972-74, 1. Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords 1974-78(†), Deputy Chairperson of the European Parliament 1974-77. She lived (1911-78).

1964-66 Under-Secretary of the Scottish Office Judith Hart
Afterwards Minister of State of Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Minister of Social Affairs, Paymaster General and 1969-70 Minister of Overseas Development until 1979. Chairperson of Labour 1981-82. She lived (1924-91).

1998-99 Deputy Scottish Secretary and Minister of Education and Industry in Scotland Helen Liddell
2001-03 Secretary of State of Scotland
Scottish Labour Party Secretary General 1977-88 and 1997-98 Economic Secretary to the Treasury, 1998-99 Minister of State of The Scottish Office as Deputy Secretary of State and Minister in charge of Education and Industry, 1999 Transport Minister (Attending the Cabinet meetings) and 1999-2001 Minister for Energy and Competitiveness in Europe (b. 1950-)1999-2005 Advocate General for Scotland in the Scottish Office Dr. Lynda Clark, MP
Dr. Clark was the first female Law Officer ever. Her office was a new creation after the introduction of Home Rule in Scotland.

1999-2000 Minister for Social Inclusion, Local Government, Housing and Equality Wendy Alexander
2000-02 Minister for Enterprises
2001-02 Minister for Transport and Lifelong Learning
She decided not to run for the post of Leader of Scottish Labour and First Minister in 2001 but became Labour Leader and Leader of the Opposition 2007-08. (b. 1963-).

1999-2001 Minister for Transport Sarah Boyach
1999-2000 Minister for Environment
(b. 1962-)  

1999-2001 Minister for Health and Community Care Susan Deacon
(b. 1961-).

1999-2000 Deputy Minister for Social Inclusion, Local Government and Housing Jackie Baillie
2000-01 Minister for Social Justice and Communities
(b. 1965-).

1999-2000 Deputy Minister for Culture and Sport Rhona Brankin
2000-01 Deputy Minister for
Environment and Rural Development
2004-05 Deputy Minister for Health and Community Care
2005-07 Deputy Minister for Environment and Rural Development

2000-02 Deputy Minister for Social Justice Margaret Curran
2002-03 Minister for Social Justice 
04 Minister for communities and Convener for the Social Inclusion Committee
2004-07 Minister for Parliamentary Buisiness
Lost her bid to become MP at a by-election in July 2008, until then she had considered running for Leader of Scottish Labour.

2001-03 Minister for Education and Children Cathy Jamieson
2003-07 Minister for Justice
Became Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party in
2003 and Acting Leader in 2007 and 2008 after the resignations of the Party Leaders.

2001-04 Minister for Parliamentary Business Patricia Ferguson
2004-07 Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sports
Deputy Presiding Officer of the Parliament 1999-2001.  

2001-02 Deputy Minister for Tourism Elaine Murray  
2002-03 Deputy Minister with specific responsibility for Arts and Culture

2001-03 Deputy Minister for Health and Community Care Mary Mulligan  
2003-04 Deputy Minister for Communities 

2001-06 Solicitor General Elish Angiolini  
2006-11 Lord Advocate
Attended the Scottish Cabinet until 2007. Appointed a Dame Commander in 2011.

2002-03 Parliamentary Secretary in The Scottish Office Anne McGuire
2003-06 Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Scotland (Reporting to the Secretary of State of Scotland)
Assistant Government Whip 1998-2001, Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty's Treasury 2001-02. Minister of State of the Home Office in 2006 and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State of Work and Pensions from 2006. She was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Scotland 1997-98. The independent Department of Scotland was abolished and the Secretary of State of Transport was given additional charge of Scotland in 2003, and she became attached to the newly established Department of Constitutional Affairs. (b. 1949-).

2004-07 Deputy Minister for Communities Johann Lamont
She has been member of the Scottish Parliament for labour from 2003 and Labour Leader 2011-14. (b. 1957-).

2005-07 Deputy First Minister Nicol Stephen
Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats 2005-2008. Created a Baroness in 2010.

2007-14 Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
2017-12 Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing
2012-14 Cabinet Secretary of Infrastructure, Investment and Cities
2014- First Minister
Vice-Convener of the Scottish National Party, 1999-2004, Deputy Leader of SNP 2004-14, Leader of the Party in the Scottish Parliament 2004-07and Party Leader from 2014. (b. 1970-)

2007-09 Cabinet Secretary of Education and Lifelong Learning Fiona Hyslop
2009-11 Minister for Culture and External Affairs
2011- Cabinet for Secretary Culture, Europe and External Affairs

2007-09 Minister for Europe, External Affairs, Culture and the Arts, Architecture, Built Heritage, Historic Scotland, Lottery Funding and Minister for Gaelic Linda Fabiani

2007-09 Minister for Schools and Skills Maureen Watt
2014- Minister for Health

2007-11 Minister for Public Health Shona Robison
2011-14 Minister for Sport and the Commonwealth Games
2014 Cabinet Secretary for Commonwealth Games, Sport, Equalities and Pensioners' Rights
2014- Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport

2007-11 Parliamentary Liaison Officers to the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Christina McKelvie

2007-11 Parliamentary Liaison Officer to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth Shirley-Anne Somerville

2009-11 Minister for Evironment Rosanna Cunningham
2011-14 Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, with Specific Responsibility for Tackling Sectarianism
2014-1 Cabinet Secretary for Fair Work, Skills and Training
2016- Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

2010-11 Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning Angela Constance
2011-14 Minister for Children and Young People
2014 Cabinet Secretary for Training, Youth and Women’s Employment
2014-16 Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning
2016- Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities

2014 Minister for Local Government and Planning Aileen Campbel
2011- Minister for Children and Young People

2011- Solicitor General Lesley Thompson

2012- 16Minister of Housing and Welfare Margaret Burgess

2014- Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment Annabelle Ewing
2016- Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs

2014- Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Aileen McLeod

2014 Acting Minister for Children and Young People Fiona McLeod
During the maternaty leave of Aileen Campbel

2016- Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science Shirley-Anne Somerville

2016- Minister for Social Security Jeane Freeman


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