Rodrigues and Dependencies

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Rodrigues and Dependencies In 2002 a degree of autonomy from Mauritius was introduced

1983-88 Minister of Rodigues and Outer Islands France Félicité
Co-leader of Organisation du Peuple Rodriquians from 1983.  

2002-03 Deputy Chief Commissioner Arlette Perrine-Bégué
2003-06 Commissioner of Art and Culture, Family and Women, Child Development and Community Development.
Member of the Regional Assembly from 2001 and Deputy Leader of Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais who became the opposition party after 24 years in power.

2006-12 Commissoner of Family and Women Marie-Thérèse Clair

2012- Deputy Chief Commissioner and Commissioner for Women, Child Development, Family, Handicrafts, Vocational Training, Computer Technology and Industrial Development Franchette Gaspard Pierre Louis
(b. 1978-)

2012- Commissioner for Youth, Communal Development, Archives and Museum Rose De Lima Edouard
(b. 1984-)

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