Papua New Guinea Parties

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Papua New Guinea Parties

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1972-87 Chairperson of Papua Besera (Hands of Papua) Dame Josephine Abaijah
1987-? Co-Leader of Papua Party
She was first elected MP in 1971-82 and 1997.2002 as the first woman, though another woman had been appointed to the Legislative Council in the 1950s. From 1989 Chairperson of the Interim Commission (Government) of the National Capital District. She was ousted by her own party as governor of The Milne Bay province in January 2000. Knighted in 1991. (b. 1942-)

1980-? Leader of Papuan Alliance Waliyato Clowes

2007- Leader of The Melanesian Alliance Party Dame Carol Kidu
Australian born widow of a former Chief Justice, she was MP 1997-12, Minister of Welfare and Social Development
2002-07 and of of Community Development 2007-11. In the turbulent political developments in 2011-12 she became the only of the 109 MP's to be part of the official opposition, since both sides considered themselves to be the rightful government, and she was therefore named it's leader by the parliamentary speaker (b. 1948-).



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