Papua New Guinea Ministers

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Independent State of Papua New Guinea/Papua Niugini/Gan Hedinarai Papua-Matamata Guinea
(Female Suffrage 1949/62/75) 1844 A British Protectorate, 1908 under Australian authority and from 1921 administered as a Trust Territory of the League of Nations. 1970 Self-rule and Independence 197

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1952-75 Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Papua New Guinea and of Her Other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (16.09-)
Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

1977-79 Minister of Corrective Institutions and Liquor Licensing Nahau Rooney
1979 Minister of Justice
1980-82 Minister of Decentralization
1985-87 Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

She was MP 1977-87 and in 1985 one of the Cofounders of the People's Democratic Movement and Party Secretary General until 1987. 2004 she was candidate for the post of Governor-General, who is elected by the Parliament. (b. 1945-)

2002-07 Minister of Welfare and Social Development Lady Carol Kidu
2007-11 and 2011 Minister of Community Development, Women's Affairs and Religion
Australian born widow of Chief Justice Sir Buri Kidu, she was MP 1997-12 - most of the time as the only woman, Leader of The Melanesian Alliance Party from 2007 and Leader of the Opposition in 2012. (b. 1948-)

2012- Minister for Community Development, Religion and Youth Loujaya Toni
MP from 2012 (as one of 3 women).


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