Luxembourg Parties

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Luxembourg Parties

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1974-80 Chairperson of Parti Democratique Colette Flesh
1976-80 Secretary General and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group
1984-91 President of the Party
1984-90 President of the Federation of European Liberal Parties
Former Mayor of Luxembourg, Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister and Director General in the EU.

1974-79 President of the Parliamenary Group of Parti social-démocrate Astrid Lulling
Member of Parliament 1965-89 and 1999, Member of the European Parliament 1965-74 and since 1989. From 2004 Quaestor of the European Parliament. (b. 1929-)

1974-80 President of Parti Ouvrier Socialiste Lydie Schmidt
(LSAP/POSL- Socialist Worker's Party) She lived (1939-88)

1981-93 and 2003-13 Vice-President of Parti Chrétien Social Marie-Josée Jacobs
Minister of Agriculture and later of Social Affairs.

1990-99 Spokesperson of the Socialist Group Lydia Mutsch
Chairperson of the Environment Committee. Paliament Vice-President 2009-13 and Minister of Health from 2013. (b. 1961-)

1991-98 Vice-President of the Socialist Group Lydie C.N. Err
Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs 1998-99

1995-2003 President of Parti Chrétien Social Erna Hennincout-Schoepegens
Former Parliament President and Minister.

1995-? Vice-President of the Socialist Worker's Party Lise Linster

1995-2004 President of Partie Démocratique Lydie Polfer
Mayor of Luxembourg and Vicepremier and Foreign Minister 1999-2004. She was Vice-President of the Liberal Group in the European Parliament 1989-94

1996-99 Group Chairperson of Déi Greng (Green Party) Renée Wagner

Around 1996 Vice-President of the Parti Puvrier Socialiste Luxembourgeois Danielle Igniti

Around 1996 Vice-President of Parti Chrétien Social Viviane Reding
MEP for many years and from 1999 European Commissioner of Education

Around 2003-09 Joint Spokesperson of Déi Greng Viviane Loschetter
2013- Parliamentary Leader
Member of the House of Representatives since 2009 and Alderman of the City of Luxembourg.

2009- Joint Spokesperson of Déi Gréng Sam Tanson
Alderman of the City of Luxembourg from 2013.

2013- Vice-President of the Parti Democratique Maggy Nagy
Mayor of Munneref from 1996, MP for the Democratic Party 1999-2004 and 2013, Party Vice-President and Minister of Culture from 2013. (b. 1957-)



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