Luxembourg Ministers

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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg/Grussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg/Grand-Duché de Luxembourg/Grossherzogtum Luxemburg (Female suffrage 1918) Sovereign nation 1815 in personal union with the kings of the Netherlands until 1890 when Queen Wilhelmina succeeded to the throne. In Luxembourg the salic law still prevailed, and an other branch of the House of Nassau succeeded to the throne of Luxembourg

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1967-69 Secretary of State of Family, Social Solidarity, Youth, Population, National Education, Culture and Religious Affairs
1969-71 Minister of Family, Youth, Social Solidarity, Health, Culture and Religious Affairs Madeleine Frieden-Kinnen
Widow of Pierre Frieden, who was Premier Minister in 1958, and died the year after. She lived (1915-99).

1980-84 Vice-Premier Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, External Trade, Economy, the Self Employed and of Justice Colette Flesh                 
Mayor of Luxembourg Ville 1970-80, Secretary General and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group 1974-80 and Chairperson of Parti Democratique 1980-91, President of The Federation of European Liberal Parties  1984-90, President of the Council of Minister of the European Economic Communities in 1980 (20.11-31.12), Director General of The Directorate General of Information and 1997-99 Director General of the General Directorate of Translation of the European Union 1991-97 and from 1999 Member of the European Parliament (b. 1934- ).

1989-94 Secretary of State of Social Affairs, Health, Sport and Youth Mady Delvaux-Stehres
1994-99 Minister of Communication, Transport and Social Security
2004-13 Minister of National Education and Professional Training
2013 Third in the Cabinet
Socialist MP and Member of the Council of Europe since 1999. (b. 1950-).

1992-95 Minister of Agriculture, Vinticulture and Rural Development Marie-Josée Jacobs
1992-94 Minister-Delegate of Culture and Research
2013 Minister of Family
1995-2009 Women’s Promotion and Disabled
2004 Minister of Social Solidarity
13 Minister of Youth and Development Aid (Third in the Cabinet)
Vice-President of Parti Chrétien Social
In 1981-92 and from 2003 (b. 1950-).

1995-2004 Minister of Cultural and Religious Affairs and Research Erna Hennicot-Schoepges
1995-99 Minister of National Education
2004 Minister of Higher Education and Public Works
Mayor of Walfendange 1988-95, President of the Chambre des Députés  1989-95, Vice-President 1989-93 and  President of the Interregional Parliamentarian Council of the EU 1993-94,
President of Parti Chrétien Social 1995-2003 and Member of the European Parliament 2004-09 and The Council of State 2009-13.
(b. 1941-).

1998-99 State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, External Trade and Co-operation and Public Works Lydie Err
Vice-President of the Chambre des Députés 1989-91, 2004 and 2009 and Member of the Bureau 1995-98, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Group of Parti Ouvrier Socialiste Luxembourgois 1989-98 and Vice-Chairperson of the European Council 1997.
(b. 1949-).

1999-2004 Vice-Premier Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, External Trade, Public Service and Administrative Reform Lydie Polfer
Mayor of Luxembourg Ville 1982-99, 1979-85 and since 1989, President of the Parti Democratique 1994-2004, Member of the Bureau of Chamber des Deputées 1998-99
and Vice-President from 2009, Member of the European Parliament 2004-09. (b. 1952-).

1999-2004 Minister of National Education, Professional Training and Sports Anne Brasseur
Councillor for Communal Constructions and Transport of Luxembourg Ville in 1981, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Group of the Parti Démocratique since 2004, Vice-President of the Chamber des Deputées in 2009
, President-by-age from 2013 and Acting President in 2013 and President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from 2014. (b. 1950-).

2004-09 Secretary of State for Relations with the Parliament, Agriculture, Vinticulture Rural Development, Culture, Higher Education and Research
2009-13 Minister of Culture, Minister for Administrative Simplification attached to the Prime Minister
2009-13 Minister for Relations with Parliament and Minister Delegate for the Civil Service and Administrative Reform
2013 Minister of Justice, Public Service and Administrative Reform Octavie Modert
She was Secretary General of the Government 1998-2004 and First Government Councillor (Regierungsrätin) 1999-2004. In 2004 Member of the Bureau of the Chamber of Representatives until her appointment to the Government. Her offical surname is Modert ep. Stronck. (b. 1966-).

2009-13 Minister of the Middle Class, Tourism and Equality Françoise Hetto-Gaasch
Christian Democrat MP since 2004 and Mayor of Junglinster from 2007. (b. 1960-)

2013 Minister of Higher Education and Research Martine Hansen
Christian Democrat MP since 2013. (b. 1965-)

2013- Minister of Culture and Housing Maggy Nagel
Mayor of Bad Munneref from 1996, MP for the Democratic Party 1999-2004 and 2013 and Party Vice-President from 2013. (b. 1957-)

2013- Minister of Health and Equality Lydia Mutsch
Socialist MP from 1989, Party Spokesperson 1990-99, Mayor of Esch sur Alzette from 2000, Vice-President of the House of Representatives 2009-13. (b. 1961-)

2013- Minister of Environment, Water and Territorial Planning Carole Dieschbourg
Politician of the Green Party, Déi Gréng. (b. 1977-)

2013- Minister of Family, Integration and  the Grand Region Corinne Cahen
Elected MP for the Democratic Party in 2013 and Member of the Bureau of the House of Representives. (b. 1973-).

2013- Scretary of State of Economy, the Middle Clases, Research, Telecommunication and Defence Francine Closener
Social Democrat politician. (b. 1969-).


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