Kyrgyzstan Ministers

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Republic of Kyrgyzstan/Kirgistan/Kirgiz Respublikasi 
(Female suffrage 1918/22) The Mongol-Turkish Tribe of Kirghiz became part of the Russian Empire in the 1860ies and 1870ies. Part of the Soviet Union 1920 and Declared independent 31.8.91, member of the United Nations 1992

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1932-1937 Vice-Chairperson of the Central Executive Committee Mar'yam Tugambayeva
1937  Joint Acting Chairperson of the Central Executive Committee (16.09-0 4.10) 
Марьям ТУГАМБАЕВА acted jointly with Mikhail Ivanovich Us. Also known as Mariya Tuganbayeva, she lived (1907- 86).

1938 Acting Chairperson of the Central Executive Committee Kalima Amankulova (15.05-18.07)
The second female acting Head of State of the Autonomous Republic (b. 1915-)

1952-61 Deputy Minister of Finance Sakin Bergmantrovna
1961-80 Deputy Premier Minister
1966-80 Minister of Foreign Affairs
In 1962-66 Vice-Chairperson of Council of Nationalities in USSR-Supreme Soviet.

1953-59 Deputy Premier Minister Kuluipa Konduchalovna Konduchalova
1953-63 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1969-82 Minister of Culture
Кондучалова Кулуйпа was vice-Chairperson of the Executive Committee of Tien-Shan Regional Counci 1940-43,  Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet 1948-49, Deputy Chair of Supreme Soviet 1949-52, Secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party 1952-53, Member of the Politburo the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan 1952-62 and Vice-Chairperson of the Federal Council of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1958-66. Se lived (1920-2013).

1953-56 Minister of Social Affairs Batysu Salieva
1973-89 Minister of Social Affairs
Between 1966-74 Chairperson of the Committee for Social Affairs and Health in House of Nations in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

1980-84 2. Deputy Premier Minister Deizamal Cheybekova
1980-82 Minister of Foreign Affairs

1982-92 Minister of Consumersĺ Protection Shakira B. Alĺdasheva
1989-91 Deputy Premier Minister

1982-89 Minister of Culture Dzhumagul Nusupovna Nusupova

1986-89 Deputy Premier Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Roza Isakovna Otunbaeva
1992 Deputy Premier Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
1994-96 Minister of Foreign Affairs
2005 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs
2005 Designate Minister of Foreign Affairs
Chairwoman of the Provisional Government
2010-11 President

Other versions of her surname are Otunbaeva, Otunbayeva or Otunbajewa. In 1983-86 Secretary of the Municipal Communist Central Committee of Frunze, 1991 Ambassador of the USSR to Malaysia, 1992-93 Ambassador to USA and Canada, 1994 to Turkey and 1996-2004 Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Deputy Head of the United Nations special mission to Georgia 2002-04. She and some other oppsition-members were barred from standing in the Februrary-elections, and this trickered a peoples revolution that brought the downfall of President Aliev and the opposition to power. After the elections he nominated her as Foreign Minister, but she was rejected by the parliamentary majority. MP from 2007 Parliamentary Leader of the Social Democrats 20009-10 and follwing re-newed riots in 2010 she tok control and assumed the role of Head of State and Government after the former President was ousted. Her title is Chairwoman of the Provisional Government of the Kyrgyz Republic" (Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn Ubaktyluu ˘km˘t¨n¨n t˘rajymy). (b. 1950-).

1989-92 Deputy Premier Minister Shanyl Tumenbayevna Tumenbayeva

1992-93 Minister of Education Chynora S. Dzhakipova (Chinara  Kakypova)
From 1999 Leader of the Democratic Bloc, which consists of a number of opposition-parties.

1994-96 Deputy Minister of Finance Uktomkhan Abdullaeva
1996-99 First Deputy Finance Minister
1999-2001 First Deputy Labor and Social Protection Minister
2001-07 Deputy Labour and Social Protection Minister
2007-09 Minister of Labour and Social Development
2009 Deputy Prime Minister
2010-11 Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs
Her name is also transcribed as Ouktomkhane Avavovna Abdoullaeva. (b. 1949-).

1995-96 Minister of Justice Larisa Gutnichenko
1996-98 Deputy Premier Minister for Social and Cultural Policy
From 1999 Resident Representative of the Government in the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament)

1996-98 Deputy Premier Minister Mira Jangaracheva
2000 Minister of Labour and Social Welfare
In 1992-95 Deputy Mayor of Bishkeh, 1995-96 Presidential Advisor of Social Affairs. (b. 1952-)

1997-98 Minister of Labour and Social Security Asygul Abdurkhmenova

1997-2000 and 2005 Minister of Justice Nellia Nikolayevna Beyshenalieva
1998-2000 Chairperson-Minister of the Social Fond Roza Mavletovna Uchkempirova
From 2000 Chairman of the Supreme Court

1999-2002 Chairperson of the State Committee of Womenĺs Affairs Sagyn Ismailova

1999-2002 Deputy Minister of External Trade and Industry Nina M. Kirichenko

2000-02 Minister of Education and Culture Kamila Sharshekeyeva
She was dean at the American University in Kyrgyzstan until her appointment.

2000-05 Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Roza Aknazarova

2000-02 Chairperson of the State Commission of Business Development Kamilya Kenenbaeva  

2000-05 1. Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Uktomkhan Avazovna Abdoulaeva
Her name is also transcribed as Uktamjhan Abdullayeva

2001-07 First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Lidia
Adamkalyjevna Imanaliyeva
Ambassador to Poland from 2007.

2001-05 Deputy Minister of Communication and Transportation Valentina Davidova

2002-04 Minister of Education and Culture and Science Ishengul Sadykovna Boljurova
2005 Minister of Education
2005 1. Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues
2006-07 Acting Deputy Prime Minister
2007-09 Minister of Education and Science
Also known as Ishenkul Boldzhurova or Boldjurovashe, she was been Co-Chairperson of the Popular Movement in 2004. Rejected by the Parliament as minister after the "tulip revolution" in the autum of 2005. Rector of the National University. (1951-)

Deputy Minister of Health Aynura Ibraimova

Deputy Minister of Health Lyudmila Vasilyevna Shteinke

2002-05 Deputy Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Janyl Tumenbaeva.
Until 2002 Deputy of the Jalal-Abad Province

2004-05 Deputy Prime Minister
Toktobubu Djekshenovna Aytikeeva
Deputy Head of the Social Department in the Presidential Administration and Secretary of the State Educational Program and 2002-04 president of the National TV and Radio Corporation.

Around 2004 Deputy Minister of Economic Devlopment, Foreign Trade and Industry Nina Mikhailovna Kirichenko

2004-05 Deputy Minister of Finance Olga Lavrova
2012-15 Minister of Finance
Former Chair of the Social Fund and later exceutive of Gazprom (b. 1956-)

2004-05 Deputy Minister of Education Gaisha Ibragimova
Previously worked in the Presidential Administration. She required the required amounth of signatures but did not register as presidential candidate in 2005.

2005 Minister of Health Fnu Aytimbekova

2005 Designate Minister of Culture Toktokan Borombaeva
Leader of the Elmuras (People's Legacy) since 2002, she was nominated for the cabinet by the President but rejected by the Parliament

2005 Designate Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Alevtina Pronenko
Also rejected by the Parliament.

2005-10 Chairperson of the State Commission on Migration and Employment Aigul Maratbekovna Ryskulova

2006-07 Deputy Minister of Finance Tazhikan Kalimbetova
2007-09 Minister of Finance
2009-10 Deputy Prime Minister

2007-08 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmira Sultanovna Ibraimova
2008-09 Deputy Prime Minister
2010 Coordinator of the Social Sector, Public Rlations and Media of the Provisorial Government
Worked at Moscow State University in the Economy Department until 1999, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations 1999-2992 and Leader of the parliamentary faction of Ak Zhol in 2007. (b. 1962-).

2009 Minister of Labour and Social Development Nazgul Askerovna Tashpaeva

2009-10 Minister of Labour, Employment and Migration Aigul Ryskulova
2011 Minister of Social Welfare
Former Chief of the State Migration and Employment Committee.

Circa 2009-11 and 2011-12 Deputy Minister of Finance Dinara Shaydieva
2011 Acting Minister of Finance 
2012-15 Minister of Health

2010 Provisoric Minister of Health Damira Abaskanovna Niyazalieva
2015 Deputy Prime Minister

2010 Provisoric Minister of Education and Science Irina Jur'evna KaramuÜkina

2011-12 Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues Gulnara Asymbekova

2012-14 Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Kamila Abdyrazakovna Talieva
2014-15 Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism

2014-15 Deputy Prime Minister Elvira Kubanychbekovna Sarieva
2015 and 2016 Minister of Education and Science
Journalist and MP

2015-16 Minister of Justice Jyldyz Zheenbaevna Mambetalieva

2015-16 Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Social Affairs Gulmira Kudaiberdievna Karimova
2016- Minister of Education and Science

 2016- Deputy Prime Minister Cholpon Alyevna Sultanbekova
MP from 2010 and chair of the Education Committee. (b. 1969-)

2016- Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Taalaykul Bazarkulovna Sakunova


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