USSR Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics/USSR
1922-92 (Female suffrage 1917)
The Soviet Union was formed as an union between The Soviet Republics of Ukraine, The Transcaucasian Republic and a number of Eastern Republics

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Circa 1920-29  Deputy People's Commissar of Education Varvara Nikoleavna Iakovleva
Minister of Finance in Russia 1929-36.  She was either executed or died in a Gulak Camp during Stalinís purges, and  lived (1884-1944)

1930-39 Deputy People's Commissar of Food Industry Polina Semenovna Zemcuzina (Zhemchuzhina)
1939 People's
Commissar of Fishery Economy
1939-41 Head of Textiles and Light Industry People's Commissariat in the Ministry Light Industry
1948 Deputy Minister of Light INdustry
Wife of Premier Minister Molotov (1930-40).
She was arrested in 1948 and sent in internal exile to the Gulag as part of Stalin's anti-Semitic campaign. She lived (1896-1967)

1939-40 Vice-Chairperson of the Council of People's Commissars and Commissar of State Control of the Economy Rozaliia Samoilovna Zemliachka
Also known as Rozaliya Samoylovna Zalkind or Zemlyachka, she was First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Crimean Socialist Republic 1920-21, and lived (1876-1947)

1954-59 Minister of Health Maria D. Kourigina

1957-74 Minister of Culture Yekaterina Alekseyevna Furtseva
First Secretary of the Communist Party of Moscow 1954-57, Candidate-Member of the Politburo 1956-57 and Full member and Secretary 1957-74. She was a close allied of President Krustjof. She lived (1910-74)

1972-?? Deputy Minister of Higher Education A.P. Shashikova

1974-ca.77 Deputy Minister of Culture Zinaida Kruglova

1976-90 Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mariya M. Krauchenko
1982-90 Deputy Chairman of The Committee of the Council of Ministers for Labour and Social Affairs

Around 1982 Deputy Minister of Culture Tamara Vasil'yevna Goeubtsova

Around 1982 Deputy Chairman of the State-Committee of Radio and TV Stella Ivanova Zendanova

1987-90 Deputy Minister of Culture Nina Prokopyevna Silkova
1990-91 Secretary of the Central Committee and Member of the Politburo of the Russian Communist Party

1988-89 Deputy Premier Minister and Minister of Social Affairs Aleksandra Pavlovna Biryukova (Birjkova)
Central Committee Secretary for Light and Consumer Industries until 1986,  1988-90 Candidate-Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the USSR

1989-91 Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Lyudmilla F. Bezlepkina
In 1994-96 Minister of Social Affairs of Russia.

1989-92 Chairman of the Commission of the Council of Ministers for Light Industry Lyudmilla Yelmatovna Davletova

1989-91 Chairperson of the Commission on Prises I. Rezenova

1989-91 Deputy Minister of  Affairs of Women, Protection of the Family, Motherhood, and Childhood. P. Maeva

1990-91 Deputy Chairman in the State-Committee for Nationality Questions Tatyana Georgiyevna Ivanova
In 1987 Deputy Premier Minister of Russia.(1940-)

1991-92 Deputy Premier Minister in charge of Social Politics Bikhodzhal Fatkhitdinovna Rakhimova

1991-92 Chairman of the Commission for Women and Family Lyudmilla I. Shvetsova

1991 Councillor of the President Galina Vladimirovna Semynova
1990-91 Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the USSR


The official successor-state of USSR is Russia


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