Estonia Parties
Estonia Parties

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1988-90 Chairperson of the Fatherland's Front Mauri Lauristi
1989-94 Chairperson of the Social Democrats
1999-2003 Parliamentary Leader of Möödukad
Minister of Social Affairs 1992-94.

1988-93 Chairperson of ERSP (Nationalist Party) Lagle Parek
During the Soviet area she was political prisoner. Later Minister of the Interior and Presidential candidate

1989-95 Chairperson of the Peasant's Party Liia Hännu
1996-97 Chairperson of the Moderate Women's Union
Former Minister

1994-96 Leader of the Republican Conservative Party (Vabriikalste ja Konservatiivide Rahvaelakond Parempools) Karin Jaani
She was Ambassador to the European Council 1997-2000 and from 2000 Head of the International Department of the Parliament

1995-96 Chairperson Estonian Democratic Union Miina Hint
1996-? Chairperson Vabriikalste ja Konservatiivide Rahvaelakond Parempools

1995-96 Chairperson of the Estonian Center Andra Veideman
1996-99 Chairperson of the Progressive Party
Various Ministerial Posts

1995-99 Deputy Chairperson of Estonian Center Party (Eesti Keskerakond) Siiri Oviir
1996-99 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Faction of EKK
Vicechair of the Parliament 1999-2001 and elected Member of the European Parliament in 2004.

2003-07 Chairperson of the Estonian Reform Party Faction (Eesti Reformierakonna fraktsioon) Maret Maripuu
Chairperson of
the Tallinn City Council 2001-03 and MP since 1999. Minister of Social Affairs 2007. (b. 1974-)

2004-07 Leader of the
Estonian Left Party Sirje Kingsepp

2007-09 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Faction of the Reform Party Keit Pentus.
Also Vice-Chairperson of the Party, 1. Vice-President of the parliament 2009-11 and Minister of Environment from 2011.

2007-08 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Faction of the Reform Party Keit Pentus
Also Deputy Party Chair, 1. Vice-President of the Parliament 2009-11 and Minister of Environment from 2011. (b. 1976-)

2009-16 Chairperson of the Center Party’s Parliamentary Group Kadri Simson
Party Secretary General 2003-07 and Vice-Chair 2007-15, candidate for the party leadership in 2015 and Minister of Economic Affairs from 2016. (b. 1977-)

2014- Leader of Rahva Ühtsuse Erakond - the Party of People’s Unity Kristiina Ojuland
Former Ambassador, Foreign Minister and MEP.

2015- Chairperson of the Parliamentary Faction of the Reform Party Urve Tiidus


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