Estonia Ministers

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The Republic of Estonia/Eesti Vabariik
(Female suffrage 1918) A former province in the Russian Empire, Independence declared 24.2.1918, Soviet occupation 17.6.1940,  Republic of Estonia 8.5.1990 and independence declared 20.8.1991

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1944-47 Minister of Social Security Olga Lauristin 
1947-51 Minister of Cinematography
First Deputy Speaker of the Supreme Soviet 1940-1947. Her daughter, Marju Lauristin, was Minister of Social Affairs 1992-94. Lived (1903-2005). 

1958-64 Minister of Social Security Erna Visk
Deputy Chairperson  of the Presidium of the Estonian Supreme Soviet  1955-1959. She lived (1910-83).

1967-69 Minister of Public Service Meta Jangolenko Vannas 
1978 Acting Chairperson  of the Presidium of the Supreme Council (25.5.-26.7)
Non-permanent Deputy Chairperson 1969-75 and Permanent Deputy Chairperson of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Estonian S.S.R. 1975-85. She lived (1924-2002).

1971-90 Minister-in-exile without Portfolio Renate Kaasik
She lived (1906-93).

1985-88 Deputy Chairperson  of the Council of Ministers Marina Anslan
(b. 1939-).

1980-88 Minister of Education Elsa Gretškina
(b. 1932-). 

1990-92 Minister of Social Affairs Siiri Oviir
1995 Minister of Social Affairs
2001-03 Minister of Social Affairs
She worked by the High Court 1975-90, Deputy Chairperson of Estonian Center Party (Eesti Keskerakond
1995-1999, Presidential Candidate in 1996, Chairperson of the Party Faction in the Riigikogu 1996-99 and Vice-President of the Riigikogu (Assembly) 1999-2001. Member of the European Parliament from 2004. (b. 1947-).

1990-92 Deputy Secretary of State Krista Kilvet  
(b. 1946-).

1992-93 Minister of the Interior Lagle Parek (Second in cabinet)
Political Prisoner 1983-86, under House Arrest 1986-89, Leader of the National Independence Party (ERSP) 1988-93 and Presidential Candidate in 1992.  (b. 1941-).

1992-94 Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Marju Lauristin
A former Radio Journalist and researcher of Sociology and teacher of Journalism. She was chairperson  of the Estonian Social Democratic Independence Party 1990, Chairperson  of the Estonian Social Democratic Party 1990-1994, Vice-President of the Supreme Council (Parliament) 1990-92, Chairperson of the Faction of Mõõdukad in the Riigikogu 1999-2003, Professor of Social Communication 2003-05 at Tartu University. Her mother, Olga Lauristin, was Minister 1944-55. (b. 1940-).

1992-95 Minister without Portfolio for Reforms Dr. Liia Hänni
1994-95 Minister of Reforms
Chairperson of Peasants Party 1989-95, 1991 Chairperson of the Municipal Council of Tartu, 1991-92 Vice-President of the Parliament, since 1995 Chairperson of Moderates’ Women’s Assembly. (b. 1946-).

1992 Minister without Portfolio for Ethnic Relations Klara Hallik  
In office from April to October. (b. 1933-).

1995 Minister of Economy Liina
2002 Minister of Economy and of Transport and Communication 
2002-03 Minister of Economy and Communication       
Vice-Factionchair of Eesti Keskerakonna (Center Party) 1999-2002. Internal party candidate for the Nomination of Presidential Candidate in the spring of 2006. (b. 1940-).

1996-97 Minister without Portfolio for European Affairs Andra Veideman
1997-99 Minister without Portfolio for Ethnic Relations
Chairperson of Progressive Party
(Arengupartei) 1996-99. (b. 1955-)  

1996-99 Minister of Social Affairs Tiiu Aro
(b. 1950-).

1999-2002 Minister of Culture Signe Kivi
Professor of the Estonian Academy of Arts, 1998-99 Chairperson of the Association of Artists
and since 2005
Rector of the Estonian Academy of Arts, mother of five children. (b. 1957-).

1999-2002 Minister without Portfolio for Ethnic Relations Katrin Saks
(b. 1956-).

2003 Secretary of State and Head of The State Chancellery Aino Lepik von Wirén
She is born and educated in Sweden,
1990-92 Minister-in-exile of Justice until she began working for the Estonian government in 1993. Her Estonian title was Riigisekretär. Ambassador to Portugal 2003-06, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2006-10, appointed Ambassador to Israel 2007-10 and to United Kingdom 2010. (b. 1961-).

2002-05 Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristiina Ojuland
Ambassador to the Council of Europe 1992-94,
Vice-President  of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Vice-President of the LDR Group. Also 1999-2002 and Vice-President of the European Liberal Democratic Reform Party, 1. Parliament Vice-President 2007-09, Member of the European Parliament from 2009 and founding Chairperson of Rahva Ühtsuse Erakond - the Party of People’s Unity in 2014. (b. 1966-).

2002-03, 2005-07
and 2016- Minister of Education and Research Malis Reps
When Malis Rand married in 2003, she changed her name to Reps. Presidential Candidate in 2016 in the first three inconclusive rounds of voting by the Parliament. (b. 1975-).

2004-07 Minister of Agriculture Ester Tuiksoo
(b. 1965-)

2007-11 Minister of Culture Laine Jänes Randjärv
Mayor of Tartu 1994-2007 and Vice-Chair of the Parliament from 2011. (b. 1964-).

2007-11 Minister of Social Affairs Maret Maripuu
MP since 1999, Chairperson of the Tallinn City Council 2001-03 and 2003-07 Chairperson of the Estonian Reform Party Faction. (b. 1974-)

2007-11 Minister of Population Affairs Urve Palo
2014-15 Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications
2015 Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship
2016-  Minister of Entrepreneurship and Development
Deputy Mayor of Viimsi 2009-11, MP for the Social Democrats 2011-14. (b. 1972-)

2011-14 Minister of the Environment Keit Pentus-Rosimannus
2014-15 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Vice-Chairperson of the Reform Party and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Faction 2007-09, 1. Vice-President of the Parliament 2009-11. (b. 1976-)

2013-15 Minister of Culture Urve Tiidus
Liberal MP 2011-13 and Mayor of Kuressaare 2005-11. (b. 1954-)

2014-15 Minister responsible for Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
2014 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Anne Sulling
Advisor of the Prime Minister 2009-14 and member of the Reform Party. (b. 1976-)

2014-18 Minister of Social Affairs Helmen Kütt
Former Deputy Mayor of Viljandi and Social Democrat MP from 2011-14.

2014-15 Minister of Finance Maris Lauri
2016-16 Minister of Education and Science
Economist and banker, Economic Advisor of the Prime Minister in 2014. (b. 1966-)

2015-16 Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand
Ambassador to Israel 2004-06, to Russia 2006-08, Kazakhstan 2007-11, USA and Mexico 2011-14 and Canada 2011-13. She resigned to run as Presidential Candidate and was considered a favorite to win, but finished fourth in the first round of voting in the Electoral College in 2016. (b. 1962-)

2015-16 Minister of Entrepreneurship Liisa Oviir
Daughter of former minister Siiri Oviir.

2016- Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson
Chairperson of the Centre Party fraction in Riigikogu 2009-16. (b. 1077-)

2016- Minister of Social Protection Kaia Iva


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