Russia Ministers

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Federal Republic of Russia/ Rossiiskaija Federatsija/Rossija
(Female Suffrage 1917) A former Empire became a Soviet Republic in 1917 and was part of the Soviet Union 1922 until it regained its independence 26.12.91

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1917 Vice-Minister of State Welfare in the Provisorial Government Countess Sofia Vladimirovna Panina
1917 Vice-Minister of Education  
March 1917
Member of the Petrograd City Duma.  In May she was elected to the Kadet Party Central Committee, After the Bolshevik revolution was arrested and brought to trial before the first Supreme Revolutionary Tribunal, 1920 she escaped to Prague and then went in exile in Paris. Divorced from the aristocrat, A.A. Polovtsov, she had no children, and lived (1871-1956)

1917 Peoples' Commissar of Social Affairs Aleksandra Michailovna Kollontaj
In 1917 Member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Soviet, 1920-21 Member of the Executive Committee of the All-Russian Soviet Congress, 1923-24 and 1927-30 Ambassador to Norway, 1926-27 to Mexico, 1930-45 to Sweden, 1942-45 Doyenne of the Corps Diplomatique, 1945-52 Councillor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She lived (1872-1952)

1918 Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Angelika Balabanoff
First Secretary of the 3rd Socialist International in 1919, went into exile 1923 and Member of the executive committee of a Communist Party in Italy. She lived (1872-1965)

1918 People’s Commissar of the Navy Larisa Mikhailovna Reisner
Revolutionary, journalist and author lived (1895-1926).

1921-39 Deputy People’s Commissar of Education Nadezhada Konstantinovna Krupskaia-Ulinova
Party Secretary of the Bolchevicks 1916-17, Deputy and Member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and held other high offices. She was widow of to Vladimir Iljitj Lenin [Uljanov], Premier Minister of Russia from 1917 till his death in 1929. She lived (1869-1939)

1929-36 People’s Commissar of Finance Vavara Nikoleavna Iakovleva
She had been Deputy People’s Commissar of Education of Education circa 1920-29. She was eighter executed or died in a Gulak Camp during Stalin’s purges, and  lived (1884-1944)

1949-52 1. Deputy Minister of Food Industry of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic Nadezhda Grigoryevna Grekova
Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic 1938-47 and as such Head of the Republic in 1938 before that position was taken over by the Chair of the Presidum, Member of the Central Audit Commission of the All-Union Communist Party 1939-52 and Deputy Chairperson of the Council of People's Commissars and Minister of Food Industry 1943-46.  She lived (1910-2001).

1952-61 Minister of Social Affairs M.A. Miraviova

1961-67 Minister of Social Affairs Lidia P. Lykova
1967-73 Deputy Premier Minister
Member of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Russia 1959-61 and Member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of USSR 1970-74 .

1964-circa 80 Deputy Minister of Light Industry Eudokiia F. Karpova
1966-87 Deputy Premier Minister and Head of the Central Committee Department of Light and Local Industry.

1967-88 Minister of Social Welfare Domina P Komarova
First Secretary of the Communist Party 1948-60, Chair of the Executive Committee of the Bryansk Regional Council 1969-62 and 1966-1989 and Chair of the Executive Committee of the Bryansk Oblast Council of Agriculture 1962-64. She lived (1920-94).

1987 Deputy Premier Minister Tatyana G. Ivanova
Between 1985-90 Vice-Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet and 1990-91 Deputy Chairperson of the State Committee for Nationality Questions of the USSR.

1990-92 Deputy Minister of Health Bella Anatolyevna Denisenko

Ca.1990 Deputy Minister of Culture Irina Petrovna Miroshienko

1991-92 Minister of Social Welfare Ella Aleksandrovna Panfilova
1993-94 Minister of Social Welfare
Circa 2004-... Chairperson of the President's Human Rights Committee
Leader of Russian Choice 1993-94 and
since 1994 Co-Chairperson of Democratic Movement of Russia, 2000 Presidential Candidate

1991-92 Presidential Advisor for Ethnic- and International Relations Galina Vasiljevna Starovitova
Co-Chairperson of Democratic Russia Movement In 1993-98 ()
and 1994-98 its leader. Candidate for the post of Defence Minister in 1992 and 1996 she put her name forward for the candidacy for the Presidential elections but was turned down because of technicalities but planned to stand for Governor of Sct. Petersburg in 1999 and President in 2000. She was assassinated in November 1998. She lived (1946-98)

1991-92 Deputy Premier Minister Inga Ivanovna Grebesheva
Later Chairperson of the Population Committee.

1991-92 State-Councillor and Advisor on Family Affairs Ekatarina Filippovna Lakhova

1992-96 Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Tatyana Niktina

1992-96 First Advisor of Foreign Ministry Galina Sidorova

1992-96 Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence Ylena Agopova

1992-93 Member of the Consultative Council of the President Tatyana Zaslavskaya
She was advisor of Family Affarirs.

1993-94 Member of the Consultative Council of the President Alla Aleksandrovna Yaroshinskaya (Zgurskaya)

1994-96 Minister of Social Welfare and Population Lyudmilla Fyodorovna Bezlepkina
Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of the USSR 1989-90. (b. 1941-).

1994-95 Member of the Council of Ministers and Chairperson of the Central Bank Tatyana Vladimirovna Parmonova
Deputy Chairperson of the Central Bank of the Federation of Russia 1994-95. (b. 1950-).

1996-98 Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Tatjana Borisovna Dmitrijeva
(b. 1951-).

1996-2000 Advisor of the President for Public Relations Tatjana Borisovna Jeltsina Djatjenko
She was in charge of her father’s election campagn in 1996 and was made an official advisor in July 1997. She became increasingly powerful during her fathers declining health, in effect running the government when he was incapacity. 1999 a survey named her the most powerful person after her father. After he resigned on 31/12-99 she was dismissed by his successor, acting President and Premier Minister Vladimir Putin on 3/1-2000. (b. circa 1964-)

1996-? Advisor of the President for The North and Indigenous People Yudokiya Alexandrovna Gayer

1997-99 Chairperson of the State Antimonopoly Committee Natalya Yevgenyevna Fonereva

1997-99 Minister-Chairperson of the State Committee for Small Business Support and Development Irina Mutsovna Khakamada
Party Chairperson of the Common Course 1994-97 and Co-Leader of Just Course 1999-2001, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma 2000-03,
Co-Leader of Union of Right Forces 2001-04, Presidential Candidate 2004 and Leader of Our Choice since 2004. Her father was a Japanese communist who immigrated to the Soviet Union in 1939. Mother of two children b. 1983 and 2001. (b. 1955-).

1996-97 Minister of Culture Natalia Dementieva
1997-circa 2005 First Deputy Minister of Culture
Her name is also transcribed as Natal’ya Leonidovna Dment’yeva. Later member of the State Duma.

1997-ca.98 Chairperson of the State Youth Affair’s Committee Tatyana Viktrovna Novikova

1997-2003 First Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Development and Chairperson of the Women's Issues Commission by the Federal Council
2003-04 Deputy Prime Minister
2004-before 2007 First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Galina Nikolaevna Karelova
Former Vice-Chairperson of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies of Ural
. As Vice Premier she is in charge of Social Demograhic and Migration Policy and Labour Relations.

1997-99 Deputy Chief of Staff of the President Viktoria Mitina

1997-98 Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Elvira Sakhipzadovna Nabiullina
2000-03 First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade

2007-12 Minister of
Economic Development and Trade
President of the Center of Strategic Research from 2003. According to various sources she turned down the offer of the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues in 2012, Presidential Economic Adviser 2012-13 and appointed Governor of the Central Bank in 2013. (b. 1963-)

1998 Minister of Labour and Social Protection Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva

1998-2003 Deputy Premier Minister in charge of Social Policy Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko
Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and Chairperson of the Committee of Women’s, Family and Children’s Issues and Member of the Presidium 1989-91, Soviet Ambassador to Malta 1991 and 1994-97 and to Greece 1997-98 for Russia. Former head of the Foreign Ministry’s Department in charge of relations with Russian Regions.
In 2003 she became President Putin's plenipotentiary representative to north-west Russia before she was elected Governor of St. Petersborg in 2003. Chairperson of the Federation Council from 2011. (b. 1949)

1998-2004 Deputy Minister of Health Olga Sharapova
Until 1998 she was minister of Public Health in the Republic of Chuvash (Cuvac)

1998-2004 Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Gennadyevna Nesterenko
2005-07 Head of the Federal Treasury
2007- Deputy Minister of Finance
Member of the State Duma 1994-1998.

1999-2001 Deputy Minister of Finance Lyubov Kondratyevna Kudelina
2001-? Deputy Minister of Defence
(b. 1956-)

2000-02 Deputy Minister of Finance Tatiana Alekseyevna Golikova
2002-07 First Deputy Minister for Budgetary Policy
2007-12 Minister of Health and Social Development
She is married to Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko.

2000-04 First Deputy Minister for Anti-Monopoly Policy and Support of Entrepreneurship Ekaterina Genieva

2003-circa 2006 First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Eleonora Mitrofanova

2005- Deputy Minister for Civil Defence, Emergencies Situations and Disaster Relief Nadezhda Vasilyevna Gerasimova

2009-12 Minister of Agriculture Yelena Skrynnik

Before 2009-12 Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Veronika Skortsova
2012- Minister of Health

2010- Deputy Minister of Education and Science Inna Bilenkina
She was Assistant Minister in 2010.

2012- Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Social Issues Olga Golodets
Deputy Director for Personnel at the Norilsk Nickel company 1999-2008, Deputy Mayor of Moscow 20010-12.

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