Saint Lucia Ministers

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Saint Lucia
(Female Suffrage 1927/51) Contested between France and Britain before becoming a part of the Colony of Leeward and Windward Islands, became independent 1979

See also Saint Lucia Heads for the Queen and Governor-General, and Saint Lucia Parliament

1964-74 Clerk of the Government U. Ravenau

1974-80 Minister of Housing, Community Development, Local Government and Social Affairs, Groups Needs, Cooperatives, the Provident Fund and Water Heraldine Rock
She was member of the Castries Town Board 1964-74 and  became the first female MP 1974. Also the first female vice-President of the United Worker’s Party.    

1978-81 Parliamentary Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister Hollis Bristol

1981-84 Minister of Housing, Local Development, Local Government and Social Affairs Sylvia Burton

1981-85 Minister of Education and Culture Margurita Alexander

1992-97 Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Lorraine Williams
1994-97 Minister of Women’s Affairs
Ambassador for the Organisation of East Carribean States, OECS in Canada 2003-07 and Assistant Director-General of FAO from 2007 the same year her sister, Rosie Husbands-Mathurin, was appointed President of the Senate.

1997-2001 Minister of Health, Human Service and Family Affairs Sarah-Lucy Flood-Beaubrun
2004 Minister of Gender Relations 
04 Minister of Home Affairs
2016- Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service charged with Family Rights, Human Rights and External Affairs
Gave birth to her first child in 2001.
Dismissed from the government in January 2004 because she protested against a decision to allow abortion under certain circumstances, she founded the party the Organization for National Empowerment. Resigned from parliament in 2006 and lot the subsequent by-election and then joined the opposition
United Worker’s Party. Speaker of the House of Assembly in 2007, Deputy Speaker in 2016 and appointed Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations in 2008. (b. 1969-)

1997-2000 Parliamentary Secretary of State of Civil Aviation and Financial Service and Tourism Menissa Rambally
2000-01 Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism
2001-06 Minister of Social Transformation, Culture and Local Government

MP 1997-2006. From 2006 there were no female members of the House of Assembly and none of the senators appointed by her party in 2007 were women.
Appointed Ambassador to the UN in 2012. (b. 1976-)

2006-07 Minster in the Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Services, Family Affairs, Youth & Sports, responsible for Human Services and Family Affairs
Minister in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
2007-08 Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs and Finance
2008-11 Minister of
Commerce, Industry, Consumer Affairs Tessa Mangal
Her full name is
 Charlotte Elizabeth Theresa and she has been Senator from 2006, when there were no female MP's.

2011- Minister of Health, Wellness and Gender Relations Alvina Reynolds

2011- Minister of Commerce, Business Development and Consumer Affairs Emma Hippolyte



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