Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Parliament of Saint Lucia
(Female Suffrage 1927/51) Contested between France and Britain before becoming a part of the Colony of Leeward and Windward Islands, became independent 1979

Also see Saint Helena Ministers

Around 1988-around 1993 Deputy President of the Senate Charmaine Gardner   

Around 1999-2001 Deputy President of the Senate Epheline Jane Bourne

2001-07 Deputy President of the Senate Theresa Romulus
Independent Senator until 2007.

Around 2003-? Clerk of Parliament Tamara Gibson

2007-08 Speaker of the House of Assembly Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
2016- Deputy Speaker of the House of Assemby
Minister of Health, Human Service and Family Affairs 1997-2001, Minister of Gender Relations 1997-2004 and Minister of Home Affairs 2001-04 . Sarah-Lucy gave birth to her first child in 2001 and 3 years later she was dismissed from the government because she protested against a decision to allow abortion under certain circumstances, she founded the party the Organization for National Empowerment. Resigned from parliament in 2006 and lost the subsequent by-election and then joined the opposition United Worker’s Party. Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations in 2008. (b. 1969-)

2007-08 President of the Senate Dr Rosemarie Husbands-Mathurin
2008-12 Speaker of the House of Assembly
An educator, she was appointed independent Senator from 2007 and her full name is The Honourable Dr. Hilda Rose Marie Husbands-Mathurin

2008-10 President of the Senate Gail V. Philip
Member of the Senate 2002-2010 until she was dismissed. Lawyer. (b. 1971-)

2010-12 President of the Senate Leonne Theodore-John
2016- Speaker of the House of Assemby

Lawyer and member of the United Workers Party. (b. 1969-)

2012-16 Deputy President of the Senate Berthia Monica Parle

2016- Deputy President of the Senate Mauricia Thomas-Francis


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