Puerto Rico Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico/Estado Libre de Puerto Rico (Female suffrage 1928/36) A Spanish Colony till 1898 has been a state in free association with USA from 1952. There have been several referenda refusing both becoming the 51st state in the USA and full independence.

Also see Puerto Rico Parliament

1966-73 Assistant Attorney General Miriam Maria Naveira de Rodón
1973-76 Assistant Solicitor General
Since 1985 Judge in the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

1968-72 Secretary of Labour Julia Rivera de Vincenti

1972-76 Secretary of Social Services Elisa Díaz-Gonzáles

1976-84 Secretary of Drug Addiction Services Sila Nazario de Ferrer
Between 1972-76 Alternate Speaker of Senate.

1976-80 Secretary of Consumer Affairs Carmen T. Pesquera de Busquets

1980-84 Secretary of The Treasury Carmen Ana Culpeper

1980-94 Secretary of Education María Socorro Lacot

1980-84 Secretary of National Resources Hilda Diaz Soltero

1984-88 Secretary of Education Awilda Aponte Roque

1984-88 Secretary of Social Services Carmen Sonia Zayes

1987-92 Secretary of Drug Addiction Service Isabel S. de Martinez

1987-97 Comptroller Ilena M. Colon-Carlo

1986-90 Secretary of Interior Sila Maria Calderón Serra de Krans
1988-98 Secretary of State
05 Governor
Mayor of San Juan (The Capital) 1997-2001 and since 1999 President of Partido Popular

1988-89 Secretary of Housing Vydia Garcia Goméz

1992-97 Secretary of Education Miriam Rodríguez de Lopéz

1993-94 Secretary of Justice Enid Martinez-Noya

1993-97 Secretary of Drug Addiction Service Astrid Oyolo de Beñitez

1993-94 Secretary of Social Services Carmen Rodríguez de Rivera
1997-98 Secretary of Social Services
2001 Secretary of Family

1994-2001 Secretary of Health Dr. Carmen A. Feliciano de Melecio

1995-99 Secretary of State and Secretary of the Planning Board Norma E. Burgos Andújar
First Vice-President of Partido Nuevo Progresista since 1998 and Senator from 2000.

1997-2001 Secretary of Housing Ana Carmen Almañy

1998-2001 Secretary of The Treasury Xenia Vélez Silva

1998-2001 Secretary of Prisons and Rehabilitation Nydia M. Cotto Vives

1999-2001 Secretary of Labor and Human Resources Aurea Ramirez

2001-05 Secretary of Justice Anabelle Rodríguez
She was Deputy Procurator General 1986-92

2001-09 Secretary of the Family Yolanda Zayas Santana

2001-05 Secretary of Housing Elena Echegoyen

2001-05 Secretary Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Zoé Laboy Alvarado

2001-05 Executive Director of Management and Budget Melba Acosta

2001- Administrator of Labour Rights María del Carmen Fuentes

2001-05 Administrator of Development and Better Housing Julia Torres

2001-05 Administrator of Cooperatives Irma Hilerio Arroyo

2001-05 Administrator of Vocational Rehabilitation María Rosa Iturregui Gonzáles

2001-05 Administrator of General Services Carmen Edda Lugo Rodríguez

2001-05 Administrator of the Retirement System Marisol Marchand

2001-05 Administrator of  Support of the Minors Aleida Varona Méndez

2001-05 Administrator of the Tribunals Mercedes M. Baumeister

2001-05 Administrator of the Office of Federal Administration in Washington Maria del Carmen Fuentes

2002-09 Administrator of Family and Children Carmen Nazario

2005 Secretary of State Marisara Pont Marchese
A lecturer at Puerto Rico's University she was President of the Commission of Transmission 2004-05.

2005-09 Secretary of Education Dr. Gloria E. Baquero Lleras

2005-09 Secretary of Health Dr. Rosa Pérez Perdomo

2005-09 President of the Industrial Commission Siomari Collazo Colón

2005-09 Administrator of Human Resources Marta T. Beltrán Dones

2005-09 General Coordinator of Special Communities Julia Torres Hernández

2008 Secretary of Sports and Recreation Lucy Molinary

2009-11 Director of the Office of Management and Budget María A. Sánchez Bras

2009–10 Secretary of Education Odette Piñeiro

2009-13 Secretary of Family Yanitzia Irizarry

2009-13 Administrator of Industry Marisela Santiago Echevarría

2009-13 Administrator of Families and Children Mayra López Carrero

2009-13 Administrator of the Services of Mental Health and Against Addictions Nydia Díaz Ortíz

2009-13 Assistant to the Governor for Federal Affairs Annie Mayol

2010-13 Comptroller Yesmín Valdivieso

2012-13 Acting Secretary of Labour Elvira M. Cancio

2013-17 Secretary of the Treasury Melba Acosta Febo
Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget and a former Chief of Staff of the municipality of San Juan

2013-17 Secretary of Agriculture Myrna Comas Pagán

2013-17 Secretary of Natural and Environmental Resources Carmen Guerrero Pérez

2013-17 Secretary of Family Affairs Idalia Colón Rondón

2013-17 Cabinet Member and Chief of Staff Ingrid Vila Biaggi

2013-17 Administrator for the Socioeconomic Development of the Family Marta Elsa Fernández

2013-17 Administrator for Child Care and the Integrated Development of Childhood Olga Bernardy

2013-17 Administrator for Child Support Rosabelle Padín

2013-17 Administrator for Families and Children Vanessa J. Pintado

2017- Secretary of Justice Wanda Vázquez

2017- Designate Secretary of Natural and Environmental Resources Tania Vázquez Rivera


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