Puerto Rico Parliament

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Parliament of
Puerto Rico (female suffrage 1946) Associated with USA from 1952

Also see Puerto Rico Ministers

1941-45 Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Maria Libertad Gomez Garriga
1945 Speaker
1945-52 Deputy Speaker
1952-53 Vice-President of the Constituent Assembly

1972-76 Alternate Speaker of the Senate Sila Nazario de Ferrer
Secretary of Drug Addiction Services 1976-84.

1993-96 Speaker of the House of Representatives Zaída Hernández Torrés

1995 Vice-President of the Senate Luisa Lebrón Burgos Vda. de Rivera

Ca.1998-2001 Secretary of the Senate Brunilda Ortiz
2001 Acting President (2-8/1)

Ca.1998-.... Sergent-At-Arms of the Senate Diana Méndez

2000 President Pro Tempore of the Senate Lucy Z. Arce Ferrer

2001-04 Vice-President of the Senate Velda González Modestti
Senator 1980
-2004. (b. 1933-)

2009-12 Speaker of the House of Representatives Jenniffer Gonzáles Colón
MP from 2002. Vice-president of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (NPP) from 2009, Minority Leader 2013-16 and Resident Commissioner in the US House of Representatives from 2017. (b. 1976-).

2009-13 Vice-President of the Senate Margarita Nolasco

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