Female Presidents of Parliaments 1990-99

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


This is a list of female Presidents of Parliaments. Included are territories with self-rule and nominal autonomous regions in the former USSR and Czechoslovakia and in Yugoslavia, which are now independent. 
Also s
ee Female Heads of Assembly prior to the 20th Century
and Female Heads of Parliamentary Bodies

1990 Chairperson of the Volkskammer Dr. Sabine Bergmann-Pohl, German Democratic Republic

As the last Chairperson of the People’s Chamber of DDR, she was also acting Head of State. After the German reunification she was Federal Minister without Portfolio for the New Bundesstates 1990-91 and 1991-98 Parliamentary State Secretary of Health (b. 1946-).

1990-91 President of the Asemblea Nacional Miriam Argüello Morales, Nicaragua

Vice-leader since 1979 and from 1985 Leader of Alianza Popular Conservadora, 1985 also Presidential Candidate and since 1995 Secretary General of a union of conservative parties under the same name. (b. 1929-).

1990-95 President of the Senate Margaret Neckles, Grenada  

As senate president she was also Deputy to the Governor General, acting as Head of State whenever he was absent from the country.

1990-92 President of the Savezna Skupština Bogdana Glumac-Levakov, Yugoslavia

Vice-President of the Federal Assembly 1989-90. In April 1991 she proclaimed the new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, consisting of Serbia and Montenegro. 

1990-91 President of the Narodi Radi Dagmar Buresova, Czech Republic (At the time part of Czechoslovakia)  

Before becoming President of the National Council, she was Minister of Justice in 1990. (b. 1929-).

Elmira Kafarova 1990-92 President of the Milli Mejlis Elmira Mikaeil-Kyzy Kafarova, Azerbaijan (USSR)
Эльмира Микаил кызы КАФАРОВА, Elmira Mikayıl qızı Qafarova or Gafarova was First Secretary of the Communist Party of Baku 1980, 1980-83 Minister of Education,  1983-87 Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1987-89 Deputy Premier Minister, 1989 Premier Minister and 1989-90 Chair of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (Head of State) of Azerbaijan 1989-90 and in the same period she was also member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.1990-92. She lived (1934-94)

1990-96 Chairperson of The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Lois O'Donoghue, Australia

Born as Lowjita, she was taken away from her family and grew up in a children's home. She was trained to do housework, but later spent a long time fighting to be allowed to train as a nurse. In 1967, she joined the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and became the director of the South Australian region in 1975. Two years later, she was a founding member of the National Aboriginal Conference. 'Self-determination'. The ATSIC is the principal democratically elected Indigenous organisation, which advises the government on policy and works at both the regional level through its elected Regional Councils and the national level through the now fully elected Board. In 1995 she was short-listed to become Governor-General of Australia. (b. 1932– ).

1991-92 President of the Congreso Nacional Ana Catalina Soberanis Reyes, Guatemala  

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs 1985-90, Since 1990 Leader of Partido Democratica Cristiani Guatemala, 1999 Presidential Candidate and from 2002 Presidential Secretary with rang of Minister for Peace.

1991-92 Joint Chairperson of the Consiglio Grande e Generale Edda Ceccoli, San Marino (1.10.-31.3)  

As Captain Regent she was Head of State, Government and Parliament for a six-month period jointly with a man. She is member of the leadership of Partito Democratico Cristano Sammarinese. And from around 2000 Particular Secretary of the Secretary of State of Health.

1991-94 Speaker of the Riksdag Ingegerd Troedsson, Sweden 

1976-78 Minister of Medical Services and Deputy Speaker of the Riksdag 1979-91, she was Leadership Candidate 1986 and in 1987 she became 2. Vice-Chairperson of Moderaterne, the Conservative Party. She lived (1929-2012).

1991, 1995, 2000 and 2004 President of the Bundesrat Anna Elisabeth Haselbach, Austria
2004 President of the Bundesversamling (08.07.2004)

She was member of a District Council of Vienna 1978-87, Landtag of Vienna 1987. Member of the Bundesrat since 1987, and its Vice-President 1996-99, 2000-04 and 2005-08. In July 2004 she presided over the Federal Assembly - the gathering of both chambers of the Parliament for the swearing-in of the new Federal President. (b. 1942-).

1991-92 President of the Ständesrat/Conseil des Etats/Consiglio degli Stati Josi J. Meier, Switzerland  

Member of the Kantonrat of Luzern and Member of the Ständesrat 1971-95. Also member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council and The Interparliamentary Union. She lived (1926-2006).

1991-96 Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Sybil McLaughlin, Cayman Island (United Kingdom Dependency)  

Secretary to the Commissioner 1958-64, Clerk of the Legislative and Executive Councl 1964-84, and was appointed the first Cayman Speaker. Prior to that it had been presided over by the governor. 1996-98 she was Minister of Education. 2001 she was considered for the post of Speaker again. (b. 1928-).

1991-95 Speaker of the House of Representatives the Occah Seapaul, Trindad and Tobago  

After she was named in a fraud case against a former friend and business partner in 1995, the government asked her to step down. She refused and blocked attempt after attempt to oust her by parliamentary procedures. Prime Minister Manning put her under house arrest and declared a limited state of emergency around her residence, and in the meantime she was removed with a motion of no-confidence. Afterwards Manning called an early election - and lost. Seapaul was later cleared of all charges. In September 1998 she was appointed temporary senator.

1991-94 Speaker of the Legislative Council Rosita Missick-Butterfield, Turks and Caicos Islands (United Kingdom Dependency)

Appointed to the positions of Deputy Speaker 1986-88, Member of the Legislative Council 1988-1991 and finally as Speaker. She lived (1936-2015).

1991-93 Chairperson of the Executive Board of UNESCO Maria Bernard-Meunier (Canada)

Head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Parliamentary Body.

1992-2000 Speaker of the House of Commons Betty Boothroyd, United Kingdom
1999-2000 President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth

Deputy Speaker 1987-92. In 2000 she resigned and was given the title of Baroness Boothroyd of Sandwell and became member of the House of Lords. (b. 1929-).

1992 President of Cámara de Diputados María de Los Ángeles Moreno Uriegas, Mexico
1994 President of the Permanent Commission of Congreso de la Union
1997 President of of the Cámara de Senadores
1999 President of of the Cámara de Senadores (March)
1999 President of the Commission of Congreso de la Union
1999-2000 President of of the Cámara de Senadores (November-August)

1997-98 1. Vice-President of the Senate and from May to August 1998 Vice-President of the Permanent Commission, which consists of 37 member of the Senate and Cámara de Diputados which acts as the Legislature when the two chambers are not in session. In September 1999 the tradition that the presidency of the Senate changed every month was changed, and she elected President for the remaining part of the legislative period. She had a number of posts in Government and PRI (governing party). And has been President of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District since 2002. (b. 1954-).  

1992 Acting President of the Narodno Sobranie Snejana Damianova Botoucharova-Doitcheva, Bulgaria (24.09-05.11)

Snejana Botoucharova (also spelled Snezhana Botusharova) was judge 1979-80 and then Lawyer, MP 1990-94 and vice-President 1991-94 and acted as President from September to November, Ambassador to USA 1994-98 and Judge at the European Court of Human Rights 1998-20008 and a section Vice-President FROM 2004, International Judge at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina from May 2008. (b. 1955-)

1992-93 Acting Chairperson of Sessions of the Chinese
People's Political Consultative Conference Qian Zhengying, China

Vice-Minister 1950-1952 and Minister of Water Conservancy and Power, 1952-1988. Vice-Chairperson of the CPPCC National Committees, 1988-2003. (b. 1923-).

1992-99 President of the Assambleia Dr. Anabela Fátima Xavier Sales Ritchie, Macao (Portuguese External Territory)  

MP from 1976, and she continued as member of the Legislature after Macau returned to China in 1999 as a Special Administrative Region. (b. 1949-).

1992-95 President of the Shire Council Lillian Oh, Christmas Island, Australian External Territory  

Both President of the Parliament and Chief Executive of the territory.

1992-93 President of the Parlamento Centroamericano Ilsa Díaz Zelaya (Honduras)

A former MP she became Governor of Cortés in 2002.

1992-94 European Co-President of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly Maria Luisa Cassanmagnago Cerretti (Italy)  

Former Vice-Chairperson of the European Parliament, she chaired the Assembly of the agreement between the African, Caribbean and the Pacific States with the European Union jointly with the ACP Co-President, who was a man.  

1993 Joint Chairperson of the Consiglio Grande e Generale Patricia Busignani, San Marino

As Captain Regent she was Head of State, Government and Parliament for a six-month period jointly with a man. She was President of Partito Socialista Unitario 1983-90 and later Chief of the Parliamentary Group of Socialisti per le Riforme.

1993-2001 President of the Storting Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl, Norway

2. Assistant Vice-President of the Storting (Grand Assembly) 1984-86 and 1989-90 and it's 1. Vice-President 1990-93, Minister of Church Affairs and Education 1986-88, Minister of Development Aid 1988-89. In 1999 she was appointed Fylkesmann of Buskerud with absence-of-leave until she left the parliament after the elections in 2001. (b. 1943-).

1993-97 President of the Shugi-in Takako Doi, Japan  

Before becoming President of the House of Representative, she was Vice-Chairperson 1966-86 and 1986-91 Chairperson of the Socialist Party, 1996-2003 Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party; Doi Takako is the first prominent female politician in Japan. (b. 1928-).

1993-95 Speaker of the House of Representatives Neva A. Edwards, Dominica 

An Educator and Social Worker. As speaker she was Deputy Head of State (b. 1931-).

1993-2001 President of the Zastupnièki Dom Katica Ivanisevic, Croatia  

She was the first and only leader of The house of Districts, which was abolished in the 2001 constitution and therefore was terminated at the end of its mandate in April. (b. 1933-).

1993 President of the Senado Lucia Carrasco Xochipa, Mexico (December)

Under-Secretary of the Senate in December 1997 and 
April and October 1999.

1993-94 President of the Nationalrat/Conseil national/Consiglio nazionale Gret Haller, Switzerland

In 1992-93 Vice-President of the National Council, 1994-95 Ambassador to the Council of Europe and 1995 Candidate for the post of Federal Councillor (Minister). (b. 1947-).

1993-96 Speaker of the House of Representatives 
Zaida Hernández Torrés, Puerto Rico, American 
External Territory

Chair of the San Juan NPP Municipal Committee 1995-97 and an Appellate Court Judge 1998-2008. (b. 1953-).

1993-98  President of the Conseil Regional Margie Sudre-Demaiche, Réunion (French External Territory)

1995-97 Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs for the Francophonie concurrently with holding the post of President of Regional Council. (Born in Viet Nam in 1943-)  

1993-95 Chairperson of the Executive Board of UNESCO Dr. Attiya Inayatullah (Pakistan)

1980-87 Minister of Population, 1999-2000 Member of the National Security Council (Supreme Civilian Governing Body) and since 2000 Minister of Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education and prior to 1999 Representative to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

1994-2004 President of the Senate Millicent Percival, Antigua and Barbuda  

Involved in various international and humanitarian actions.

1994-2004 Speaker of the House of Representatives Dame Bridget Harris, Antigua and Barbuda  

Also known as Brigdette. In 2001 she was appointed Dame Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of the Nation. She was appointed to the post, the first female MP was not elected until 2004.

1994-95 President of Asemblea Nacional Gloria Salguero Gross, El Salvador  

In 1982 she was 2. Secretary of the Constituent Assembly, since 1996 President of the Party Directorate of ARENA. Appinted Presidential Commissioner of Governability in 2004.

1994-96 President of Cámara dei Deputati Irene Pivetti, Italy  

Since 1999 President of Union of Democratic European Reformers (b. 1963-).

1994-95 and 1997-98 President of Congreso de la República Arabella Castro Quinoñez de Comparini, Guatemala  

1999 she was vice-Presidential candidate.

1994-2003 Speaker of the Eskukunta/Riksdag Riitta Uosukainen, Finland  

1991-94 Minister of Education. 1999 Presidential candidate. (b. 1941-)

1994-95 President of Cámara de Diputados Carmen Lavria, Venezuela


1994-95 President of the Asemblea Legislativa Balbina Herrera Araúz, Panamá 

Mayor of San Migel 1984-89, MP 1989-99, 1999 President of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico, PRD, Deputy Party Leader 1999-2008 until she became Party President again Party President again and won the primaries to become candidate for the May 2009-elections, which she eventually lost, Minister of Housing 2004-08. (b. 1955-).

1994-2002 Speaker of the Riksdag Birgitta Dahl, Sweden  

1982-86 Minister of Energy in the Ministry of Industry, 1986-89 Minister of Environment and Energy and 1989-90 Minister of Environment. (b. 1937-).

1994-95 Chairperson of Bose Levu Vakatura Adi Samanunu Cakobau Tolakuli, Fiji

As Minister of Fijian Affairs and Regional Development she was ex-officio Chairperson of the Great Council of Chiefs.  Ambassador to Malaysia, Thailand etc. 1998-2006. In 2000 she was the preferred candidate for the post of Prime minister by the group who initiated a coup against the elected government, but has later been cleared of any personal involvement in the coup. Minister without Portfolio from 2006. (b. 1940-).

1994-2004 Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Frene Noshir Ginwala, South Africa  

Former ANC-Representative in London. The (only) deputy speaker of the Assembly was Mrs. Baleka Mbete-Kgositsile, and she succeeded Dr. Ginwala in 2004. (b. 1932-).

Pa Arkiri

1994-2002 President of the House of Arkiri Pa Tapaeru Upokotini Marie Arkiri, Cook Island (Free Association with New Zealand)  

Pa Maria Napa succeeded her mother Pa Tapaeru, who was also President of the House of Ariki, as the Takitumu Paramount Chief or Queen in 1990. Known as Pa Ariki, She resigned as President after her 6 brothers and sisters contested her selection as Chief, but were finally confirmed as the rightful holder of the title in 2004. (b. 1947-).

1994-98 Chairperson of the Staten Lucille A. George-Wout, The Netherlands Antillies (Dutch External Territory)  

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee of Household Affairs 1998-99, Minister of Interior, Labour and Social Affairs 1999-2001 and Governor of Curaçao from 2013. (1950-).

1994-95 Chairperson of the Lógting Marita Petersen, Faeroe Islands (Danish External Territory)

A former teacher and chair of the Teacher's union she was Minister of Justice, Education Culture and Church Affairs 1991-93 and in 1993-94 Premier Minister (Løgmanður) and Minister of External Relations, the Underground, Administration and Public Wages,  Chairperson of the Social Democrats 1993-96 and 1998-2001 substitute member of the Danish Folketing. She lived (1940-2001).

1995 President of the Cámara de Senadores Maria Guadalupe López Bretón, Mexico  

Vice-President of Cámara de Diputados the L and LIII legislature. Vice-President of the Senate 1994, and 
Under-Secretary of the Senate September 1998 and June 1999

1995-96 Chancellor of the Siema Ilga Kretuše, Latvia

As Chairperson of the Assembly she was Deputy Head of State.

1995-96 President of Congreso de la República Martha Chavez Cosso de Ocampo, Peru  

Secretary of the Council of Ministers 1994, Chairperson of the External Affairs Committee and 1994-95 Spokesperson of Nueva Mayoria Cambió 90, she was suspended from the Congress 2002-05 due to an allegations that she had taken a bribe. Parliamentary Leader of Nueva Mayoría from 2005.

1995-2001 Speaker of the Yefedereshn Mekir Bet Almaz Meko, Ethiopia 

1975 Cadre in Mass Organizations, Social Worker in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Member of Oromo People's Democratic Organization. In 2001 she left her post as Council of the Federation and defected because of the oppression of her ethnic group, the Oromo People. She was a popular figure in the government and had even been tipped by some senior officials to succeed the President when he finished his term in 2001. (b. 1962-).

1995-96 President of the Assembly of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference Rosemarie Kuptana (Canada)  

Radio and Television Broadcaster, 1986-89 Canadian Vice-President of ICC, 1991-95 President of the Inuit Tapirisat, the Political Representation of the Inuits. She resigned as President of ICC for health reasons. Mother of four children. (b. 1954-).

1996-2002 President of the Senate Margaret Reid, Australia
2000-01 President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth

Between 1982-96 Deputy Chief Whip of Liberal Party in government and opposition and Deputy President 1995-96. The Deputy President was Senator Suzanne West. Margaret Reid in the period 1997-2002. (b. 1935-).

1996-98 Speaker of the House of Representatives Dr. Miriam Spiteri Debono, Malta  

She was Trade Union Leader when the Labour Government picked her as Speaker of the House, which she was not a member of until then. 

1996-2000 Speaker of the Nationale Assemblee Marijke Indradebie Djawalapersad, Suriname  

MP for the Progressive Reform Party, VHP from 1987, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairperson of Basispartij voor Dehmocratie en Vernieuwing, BVD, Leader of Naya Kadam (New Choice) 2000-03, Deputy Leader of Unie van Progressieve Surinamers (UPS) from 2003. Not re-elected to parliament in 2005. (b. circa 1951-).

1996-97 President of the Provisorial Legislative Council
1997-2008 President of the Legislative Council Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, Hong Kong (First under UK then under China)  

Member of the Executive Council 1984/1989-92 and member of the Chinese People's Congress from 2008. (b. 1945-).

1996-99 President of the European Council Leni Fisher (Germany)  

Member of the German Bundestag for CDU since 1976 and 1995-96 Vice-President of the European Council. 

1996-2007 President of the Senate the Syringa Marshall-Burnett, Jamaica 

Senate Vice-President 1991-96. Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Advanced Nursing Education at the University of the West Indies. (b. 1936-).

1997-2002 Speaker of the House of Representatives Violet Neilson, Jamaica

1986-89 Parliamentary Secretary of Production, Development and Planning, 1989-91 of Health and in 1991-97 Deputy Speaker of The House of Representatives. Deputy Speaker of the House 1991/95-1997. She did not run for reelection.

1997-2001 Marshall of the Senat Prof. Alicja Grzeszkowiak, Poland

A Professor in Penal Law, she was active in the Solidarity Alliance since 1980. She chaired the Senate Constitutional Committee in 1989-1991; she was the Deputy Speaker of the Senate in 1991-1993; member of the Polish delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in 1989-1997; deputy President  of the Christian - Democrats of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in 1992-1997. As President of the Senate she ranks third in the hierarchy after the State-President and Sejm-Marshall. (b. 1941-).  

1997-98 President of the Nationalrat/Conseil national/Consiglio nazionale dr.iur. Judith Stamm, Switzerland  

Member of the Grosser Rat in Luzern 1971-84 and of the National Council 1983-99. (b. 1934-).

1997-2002 Speaker of the House of Representatives Rome Italia Johnson, Bahamas  

Worked in the insurance industry 1977-92 and was the first female President of the Life Underwriters Association of the Bahamas. MP 1992-2002 and 1992-97 Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives. (b.1954-).

1997 Acting Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha Najma Heptulla, India (24.07-21.08)
1999 Acting Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha (April-May)
1999-2002 President of the Council of the Interparliamentarian Union, IPU
2002 Acting Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha (27.7-19.8)

Deputy Chairperson of the Upper House 1985-86 and again 1988-2004, and in this capacity she acted as Chairperson when the office holder, the Union Vice-President and ex-officio Chairperson Krishnan Kant acted as the Country’s President, and after his death, in 2002, she was officiating chairperson until the inauguration of his successor, who had already been elected. Secretary General of Congress (I) 1986-87 and Party Spokesperson 1986-87 and 1998. In 1997 she was close being nominated as vice-President of the nation, but the premier backed someone else. She was Acting President of IPU (July-October) before being elected to the post for a three-year period. Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2007, Union Minister of Minorities 2014-16 and apponted Governor of Manipur in 2016. (b. 1940-).

1997-98 President of the Legislature Lorraine Ledee Berry, US Virgin Islands (US External Territory)  
2005-06 President of the 26th Legislature

Senator 1982-2006, Marjory Leader of the Democrats 1989-90 and chairperson of various committees in the Senate. Vice-President of the Legislature 2004-05 - and in office from 1. Januar-31. December. (b. 1949-).


1997 Speaker of the Assembly Elma Gabriyelyva, Nagorno-Karabakh, De-facto Independent Rpublic in Azerbaijan

The Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan declared its independence in 1992.

1997 President of Nordic Council Berit Brørby Larsen
2005-09 President of the Odelsting (Norway)

Berit Brørby was Vice-President of the Council 1994-97 and again 1998-2006 and Deputy Presidnet for 2007, Deputy chairman of the Norwgian Labour Party parliamentary group 1996-1997 and Vice-President of the Storting 2001-05. The Lagting and the Odelsting was abolished in 2009. (b. 1950-).

1997-99 President of the Assembly of the Association of Pacific Legislatures Carlotta McCarthy Leon Guerrero (Guam)

She was Senator in Guam from 1994. (b. 1955-).

1998-2002 Chairperson of the Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven, The Netherlands

Member of the Second Chamber for the Labour Party, PvdA 1982-2004, and chairperson of a number of committees. From 2002 Parliamentary and in 2002 Acting Party Leader of PvdA. She lost the elections for party leader in November 2002, Deputy Parliamentary Leader 2002-04, and from 2004 Commissioner in the Provincial Government of Zuid-Holland. (b. 1943-).

1998 President of the Senate Beatriz Elena Parades Rangel, Mexico (September)
2000 President of Parlamento Latino Americano
President of the Permanent Commission of the Congress
2001-02 President of the Cámara de Diputados

President of the State Legislature of Tlaxca 1977, Subsecretary of Agrarian Reform 1982-85, Governor of Tlaxcala 1987-92, Ambassador to Cuba 1993-94, Subsecretary of Political Affairs 1994 and Subsecretary of the Interior 1994-97, Vice-President of the Permanent Commission of the Congress 2002, Candidate for the post of Chief of Goverment of the Federal District (Mayor of Mexico) in 2006, President of Partido Revolucionario Institutional, PRI, from 2007. (b. 1953-).

1998-2001 President of the Senate 
2001-08 Speaker of the House of Representatives Elizabeth Usher de Zabaneh, Belize

After the resignation of Sylvia Flores, she was appointed Speaker of the House by the government, who then nominated Sylvia Flores as Senate President.

1998-2001 Speaker of the House of Representatives
2001-03 President of the Senate Sylvia Flores, Belize

Former Mayor of Dangriga and from 2003 Minister of Defence and National Emergency Management.

1998-2000 President of the Senát Libušé Benešová, Czech Republic

Libuse Benesova was Deputy Chairperson of the Rightwing Liberal Party HDZ. During the 2000-senatorial elections she lost her seat in the senate. (b. 1948-).

1998-99 President Cámara de Diputados Ixora Rojas Paz, Venezuela  

MP and Women's Secretary of the Secretary of the Acción Democratica (Socialist) and 1997-98 Vice-President of the Parliament.

1998-99 Speaker of the Legislative Council Emily A. Saunders, Turks and Caicos Islands (United Kingdom Dependency)

Minister of Education 1994-99 and MP until 1999.

1998 Acting President of the Congreso de la República Edith Mella do Cespedes, Peru

1. Vice-President 1997-98 and took over the leadership of the Congress for most of the year because of the President’s illness.

1998 Acting Presiding Officer of the Senate Diana Mahabir-Wyatt, Trinidad and Tobago

An independent senator 1991-2001, she was named acting President for a couple of weeks during a period when both the President and deputy President of the Senate were absent from the country. She was active within human rights, Labour rights and rights of minorities and women.


1998-2000 President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Helle Degn (Denmark)  

In 1971-75 and 1977-2000 Danish MP for Social Democrats, 1981 Chairperson of the Education Committee 1982-87 Chairperson of the Equality Council, 1993-94 Minister for Development, 1994-2000 Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Folketing, 1994-2000 Vice-President of the Socialist International's Women's Section, 1995-98 Vice-President the OSCE Assembly and 2000-03 Commissioner of Democratic Development and Human Rights of the of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. (b. 1946-).

1998-99 Chairperson of the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly Laima Liucija Andrikienė (Lithuania)

1991 Vice-Minister of Trade, 1992-93 Kancleris of The Simas (Secretary General of the Parliament) 1997-98 Minister of European Affairs and 1998 of Industry and Trade. In 1999 she was founding member and became leader of Homeland People’s Party, a breakaway Faction of the Homeland Union (b. 1958-).

1998-2000 President of the European Economic and Social Committee Beatrice Rangoni Machiavelli, European Union

An Italian member of the Radical Party and feminist, she chaired the EESC, which is a non-political body that gives representatives of Europe's socio-occupational interest groups, and others, a formal platform to express their points of views on EU issues. Its opinions are forwarded to the larger institutions - the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament. It thus has a key role to play in the Union's decision-making process.

1999 and 2008 Joint Chairperson of the Consiglio Grande e Generale Rosa Zafferani, San Marino

Director in the Department of Finance, Budget and Programs before she was elected to the Consiglio Grande e Generale in 1998. Secretary of State of Health, Social Security and Provision 2002-04, Secretary of State of Public Education, University and Cultural Institutions from 2004 and 2005-06 also in charge of Internal Affairs. (b. 1960 in USA).

1999-2000 President of the Nationalrat/Conseil national/Consiglio nazionale Trix Heberlein, Switzerland  

Trix Heberlein-Ruff was Member of the Cantonal Council of Zürich 1979-1991 and member of the National Council 1991-2003 when she was elected to the Council of the States. (b. 1942-).

1999-2004 Chairperson of the Council of Provinces Naledi G.M. Pandor, South Africa

1994-98 ANC Deputy Chief Whip of the National Assembly. 1998-99 Permanent Deputy Chairperson of the Council, Minister of Education 2004-09, Minister of Science and Technology 2009-12 and Minister of Home Affairs from 2012. (b. 1954-)

1999-2000 President of Congreso de República Martha Hildebrandt Pérez Trevino, Peru

2. vice-President 1996-97 and was re-elected as President of the Congress for a second period in July 2000 but was removed from office after President Fujimori was forced to announce his resignation. 

1999-2002 President of the Senado Esperanza Aguirre y Gil de Biedma, Spain  

1983-87 President of Partido Popular of Madrid, 1991-96 Deputy Mayor of the City of Madrid for Environment and 1996-99 Minister of Education and Culture. President of the Government of the Autonomous Community of Madrid 2003-12. She is married to Fernándo Ramirez de Haro y Valdés, 15th Count de Murillo. (b. 1952-).

1999-2002 President of  Cámara de Diputados Lia Rafaela Alburquerque Castro de Gonzáles, The Dominican Republic

MP for Partido Reformista Social Cristiano since 1986. Consul General in Hamburg in Germany 1994-97 and in Amberes in Belgium 1997-98. (b. 1947-).

1999-2012 Speaker of the National Assembly Ntlhoi Motsamai, Lesotho
? Chairperson of the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum
2015- Speaker of the National Assembly of Leshoto


Deputy Speaker 1996-99.

1999-2009 President of the Asembleia Legislativa Susana Chou Vaz da Luz, The Special Administrative Region of Macau (China)

Susana Chou is also known as Chou Kei Jan. She was MP 1976-2009. (b. 1941-)

1999-2002 President of the European Parliament Nicole Fontaine (France)

Vice-President of the Parliament 1984-99. French Minister of Industry 2002-04. (b. 1942-).

1999 President of the Nordic Council Gun Hellsvik (Sweden)

Swedish Minister of Justice 1991-94.

1999-2001 Chairperson of the Executive Board of UNESCO Sonia Mendieta de Badaroux (Honduras)

Also known as Sonia Canales Gonzales de Mendieta, Vice-Minister of Culture 1982-86, in the period 1986-92 successively Ambassador to Guatemala and to Mexico, 1989 Vice-Presidential Candidate of the Liberal Party, 1992-93 Minister of Culture, Tourism and Information and later Ambassador The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Parliamentary Body.

1999 President of the World Health Assembly Dr. Maria de Belém Roseria (Potugal)

Maria de Belém Roseria Martins Coelho Henriques de Pina was Portugese Minister of Health 1995-99 and of Equality 1999-200. The World Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body for WHO. It generally meets in Geneva in May each year, and is attended by delegations from all 192 Member States.

1999, 2002 and 2004 President of the Parlamento Amazónico María Eugenia Jaramillo Hurtado (Colombia)

Member of the Cámara de Representantes in Colombia. The Amazonian Parliament is the parliamentary assembly of the cooperation between Bolívia, Brasil, Colômbia, Equador, Guiana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

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