Female Heads of Parliamentary Bodies

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership

This is a list of the first women to preside over parliamentary bodies - mainly in their capacity as vice-chairpersons.
Also see Women Chairs of Parliaments

1913-21 Vice-Chairperson of the Citizen's Representation Avilda Harboe Hoff, Copenhagen, Denmark

1917-18 Member of the Presidium of the 4th Extraordinary Soviet Congress, USSR
1920-21 Member of the Executive Committee of the 8th and 9th All-Russian Soviet Congress Aleksandra Nikolaevna Kollontaj
In 1917 Peoples' Commissioner of Social Aff
airs, 1923-24, 1927-30 Ambassador to Norway, 1926-27 to Mexico, 1930-40 to Sweden.

1919-23 Chairperson Substitute of the Presidium of the City Council of Vienna Amalie Seichel, Austria
She lived (1876-1952)

1920 Chairperson of the Constituting Session of the Constituent Seimas Gabriele Petkevièaietė, Lithuania (15.5.20)
Possibly in the capacity of the oldest member, she chaired the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly pending Possibly in the capacity of the oldest member, she chaired the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly pending the election of a President the same day. 5 of the 149 members of the Assembly were women

1922 President of Municipal Council Rosa Torres, Merida, Mexico
In Yucatan women had suffrage 1922-24.

1922-28 Vice-President of the Legislature Mary Ellen Spear Smith, British Columbia, Canada
1928 Acting President

1923 Acting Speaker Sarah Lucille Turner, Missouri, USA

1923-28 Secretary of the Burgerschaft Adele Reiche geb. Cordes, Hamburg, Germany

1925-33 Secretary of the Presidium of the Reichstag Christine Teusch, Germany
In 1919 she was member of the Nationalversamlung, 1920-33 of the Reichstag for Zentrum, 1946-66 member of the Landtag (Assembly) and 1947-54 Minister of Culture in the State of Nordrhein-Westphalen. She lived (1888-1968)

1927-33 Secretary of the Burgerschaft Paula Henningsen geb. Kuntze, Hamburg, Germany

1929-39 Deputy Chairperson Eveline Lowe,  London City Council, United Kingdom
1939-49 Chairperson

1929-33 2. Vice-Chairperson of Borgerrepræsentationen Karen Braae, Copenhagen, Denmark

1929-33 Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Dr. Muthulakhimi Reddi, Madras, India

1930 and 1935-37 Vice-President of the Assembly of the Leauge of Nations Clotilde Apponyi (Hungary)
Ex Officio as Chairmen of Committees

1932-33 President-by-Age of the Reichstag Clara Zetkin, Germany
Communist, 1918-20 Member of the Landrat of Würtemberg, Member of the Reichstag 1920-33. She lived (1857-1933)

1933 Vice-President of the Assembly of the Leauge of Nations Kerstin Hesselgren (Sweden)
Ex Officio as Chairmen of Committees

1937-39 Vice-President of the Cortes Dolores Ibuérra Gomez, Spain
1977 President-by-Age
For many years leader of the communist party in exile. She lived (1899-1982)

1933 Speaker of the Legislature Ivy Maude Baker Priest, Utha, USA

1937-40 Deputy Speaker Begum Aziza Rasul, ...., India

1937-41 Deputy Speaker Anasuybai Kale, CP and Bavar Assembly, India

1940 President of the Senate, Lt. Governor Mathilda R. Wilson, Michigan, USA

1943-45 2. Vice-Chairperson of Folketinget Inger Gautier Schmidt, Denmark
1947-50 1. Vice-Chairperson and President-by-Age



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