Micronesia Ministers

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Federated States of Micronesia (Female Suffrage 1964 to Congress of M.) 1947-86 Part of the UN Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands, Self Rule 1979, Independent 1990 (But the Northern Mariana Islands remained a American Pacific Territory)

Also see Micronesia External and Micronesia Parliament

1995-98 Attorney General Andrea Hillyer

2007 Cabinet Member, Chief Public Defender Beauleen Carl-Worswick
Federal Assistant Attorney General 1992-94, Assistant Attorney General of the Yap State 1995, Court Staff Attorney for the Supreme Court 2008-10 and appointed Supreme Court Judge in 2010.

07 Secretary of Justice Marstella E. Jack
Assistant Attorney General of the Pohnpei State 2002-04
, and Federal Assistant Attorney General 2004-05.

2007 Designate Secretary of Justice Dana Wesley Smith

2007- Secretary of Health and Social Affairs Vita Akapito Skilling

2012- Secretary of Justice April Dawn Skilling


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