Mali Ministers

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Republic of Mali/République de Mali
(Female Suffrage 1945/56) 1958 an autonomous republic within the French Community, independent 1960

Also see Mali Heads of State

1965-69 Minister of Social Affairs and Health Sominé Dolo

1969-74 Secretary of State of Social Affairs Marian Inna Sissoko Cisse

1974-? Minister of Industrial Development and Tourism Lamina Feira

1980-85 Minister of Information and Telecommunication Gakou née Natou Niang
1985-88 Minister of Social Affairs and Health
1988-91 Minister of Information and Telecommunication

1988-89 Minister of Labour Diallo Lalla Sy

1991-92 Minister of Environment and Rural Development Sy Maimouma Ba

1991-92 Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Women Sy Oumar Louise Sidebé

1991-92 Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Cissé Mariam Kaïdama Sidibé
1992 Minister of Agriculture and Environment
2002 Minister of Rural Development
2011-12 Premier Ministre
Executive Secretary of the intergovernmental Interstate Committee on the Fight Against Desertification in the Sahel 1993-2000, Special Counselor to the President 2001-02 and President of the administrative council of Mali's government Tobacco corporation 2003-11. She was deposed as chief of government in a military coup together with the president. (b. 1948-).

1992-93 Minister of Education Fanta Camora Diallo

1993-94 Minister of Employment and Cottage Industry, Vocational Training  and Private Initiatives Promotion
1994-97 Minister of Cottage Industry and Tourism
1997-98 Minister of Industry, Trade and Cottage Industries
1998-2000 Minister of Youth Fatou Haïdara

1993 Minister, Commissioner for the Promotion of Women Diakate Fatoumata N’Diaye
1993 Minister of Industry, Handicrafts and Tourism
1997-99 Minister of Health, The Elderly and Solidarity
1998 Minister of Youth
2000-02 and 2002-
04 Minister of Social Development, Solidarity and the Elderly

1993 Deputy Minister of Budget and Government Spokesperson Bakay Kogniba Traoré

1994-95 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malians Abroad & African Integration Sy Kadiatou Sow
2000 Minister of Town Planning and Housing
Governor of the Capital District of Bamako
1993-94. (b. 1955-).

1998-2000 Minister of Culture and Tourism Aminata Dramane Traoré

1998-2002 Minister of Promotion of Women, Child and Family Affairs Diarra Afoussatou Thiérro

1998-2002 Minister of Communication Ascofaré Oulematou Tamboura

1998-2000 Minister of Relations with Political Institutions and Parties Hassane Barrey

2000-02 Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport Toure Alimata Traore

2000-02 Minister of Health Traore Fatoumata Nafo

Second in cabinet 2002.

2000-02 Minister of Labour and Professional Training Makan Moussa Sissoko

2000-02 Minister of Cottage Industry, Handy-Crafts and Tourism Zakyatou Oaulett Halatine

2000-02 Minister of the State Building, Housing and Ground Tax Bouaré Fily Sissoko

2000-02 Minister of Culture Pascal Baba Coulibaly Sidibé Mariam Kaïdama

2002 Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family Bah Odettte Yattara

2002-04 Minister of Health Kéita tou N'Diaye (Second in Cabinet)
2002-07 Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family Berthé Aïssata Bengaly

2002-04 Delegate-Minister of Labour and Pubilc Works charged with Employment and Professional Training
2004-11 Minister of Employment and Professional Tranining
Diallo M'Bodji Sène

2004-07 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Fanta Sylla

2004-07 Minister of State Domains and Real Estate Affairs Soumaré Aminata Sidibé

2004-07 Minister of Health Maïga Zeinab Mint Youba

2007-11 Minister of Cattle and Fisheries Diallo Madeleine Bâ
2011-12 Minister of Health

2007-08 Minister of Economy,  Industry and Commerce Bâ Fatoumata Néné Sy

2007-09 Minister of Basic Education, Alphabetisation and the National Languages Sidibé Aminata Diallo
Presidential Candidate in 2007 and 2013. (b. 1947-).

2007-11 Minister of Promotion of Women, Children and the Family Maiga Sina Damba

2007-11 Minister of Communication and the New Technologies Diarra Mariam Flantié Diallo

2007-11 Minister of Housing and Urbanism Gakou Salimata Fofana

2007-11 Minister charged with Relations with Institutions and Government Spokesperson Diabaté Fatoumata Guindo

2009-12 Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Siby Ginette Bellegarde

2011-12 Minister of Industry, Investments and Commerce Sangare Niamoto Ba

2011-12 Minister of Promotion of Women, Children and the Family Konare Mariam Kalapo

2012-13 Minister of Malians Abroad and African Integration Traoré Rokia Guikine (Djiguiné)

2012-13 Minister of Family, Women and Children Alwata Ichata Sahi

2012 Minister of Handicrafts, Culture and Tourism Diallo Fadima Touré
Minister of Housing, Urbanism and and Land Affairs

2013 Minister of Employment and Professional Training Dr. Diallo Déidia Mahamane Kattra

2013 Minister of the Family, Promotion of Women and Children Alwata Ichata Sahi

2013 Minister of Cattle and Fish Diane Mariame Kone

2013-15 Minister of Economy and Finance Bouare Fily Sissoko
Former World Bank executive.

2013- Minister of Women's Promotion, the Family and Children Sangare Oumou Ba

2013-15 Minister of National Education Jacqueline Nana Tongola

2013-15 Minister of Handicraft and Tourism Berthe Aisata Bengaly

2014- Minister of Culture N'Diaye Ramatoulaye Diallo

2015 Minister of Commerce and Industry Diarra Raki Tarra
2015-16 Minister of Employment and Civil Service

2015- Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Guardian of the Seals Sango Aminiata Malllé
2015- Minister of Health and Public Hygiene Marie-Madeleine Togo

2015- Minister of Women's Promotion, Children and Family Sangare Oumou Bah

2016- Minister of Scientific Research Aissata Founè
Also known as Assétou Founè Samaké Miga

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