Mali Heads of State

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Heads of State of Mali
(Female Suffrage 1945/56) 1958 an autonomous republic within the French Community, independent 1960

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1218 Politically Infuential Queen Sassouma Bassé of Mande
When her son, Dankaran Touman, was placed on the throne of Mande after the death of his father, King Niani, they forced his younger brother, Suadjata and his mother, Sogolon Kédjou into exile, but they were deposed by King Soumaroro of Sosso (in Ghana) soon after. Suadjata became the first emperor of the Mali Empire as Mari Djata I in 1234 uniting the 12 Kingdoms.

1341-45 Politically Influential Empress Kossi
Became the spearhead of the opposition to her ex-husband, Emperor Souleyman (1341-45) and launced an unsuccesful coup against him, but he managed to supress the opposition.

Around 1345 Joint Ruler Empress Bendjou
When the noble ladies refused to show her the
customary respect since she was of common origin, her husband, Souleyman, engaged in a battle with his ex-wife, Kossi, and her relatives as a refelection of a greater struggele for politial power which escalated into a minor civil war - which he won, and she was able to take her customary place as joint ruler with the emperor.


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