Lithuania Parliament

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Parliament of Lithuania/ Lietuva
Independent 1918-40 and 11.3.90/6.9.91 (Female suffrage 1918)

Also see Lithuania Ministers

Till 1992 Supreme Council = Auksiavsiogi Taryba, afterwards Seimas

1920 Chairperson of the Constituting Session of the Constituent Seimas Gabriele Petkevičaietė (15.5.20)
Possibly in the capacity of the oldest member, she chaired the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly pending
the election of a President the same day. 5 of the 149 members of the Assembly were women

1959-67 Member of the Presidium O.A. Yrgelayvichienė

1965 Vice-Chairperson  E.V. Kazakavskienė

1965 Member of the Presidium S.I. Shevelykova

1975-89 Vice-Chairperson Iadviga Greichiuvienė

1975-89 Vice-Chairperson Elena Markiavienkenė

1976-85 Vice-Chairperson Leokadija Diržinskaitė-Piliušenko
Vice-President 1959-69 Deputy Premier in charge of Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs 1960-76. Her name is also written as Leokaida Ivozovna Dirginskaitė-Pihusenko or Pilyushenko. She was a Candidate Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party 1960-62, Vice-Chairperson of the Presidium of the Lithuanian Supreme Soviet 1976-85. (b. 1918-)

1985-90 Vice-Chairperson Vanda Klikunienė

1989-90 Vice-Chairperson Kasda Kuikumienė

1989-90 Member of the Presidium Danutė Baltusienė

1989-90 Member of the Presidium Zina Suiredova

1989-90 Member of the Presidium Broné Šlevienskienė

1989-90 Member of the Presidium Valentina Vyšniauskaitė

1992-93 Kancleri (Secretary General) Lamina Andrikienė
Deputy Minister of Trade in 1991 and 2000 President of the Baltic Assembly

1999-2000 Vice-Chairperson Rasa Juknevičienė

2008-09 First Deputy Speaker Irena Degutienė
2009-12 Speaker
2012-13 First Deputy Speaker
2013-16 Deputy Speaker
Former Minister and Acting Prime Minister.

2008-13 Deputy Speaker Virginija Baltraitienė

2013-16 Speaker Loreta Graužinienė
Also Vice-President of the Labour Party and Presidential Candidate in 2009 (b. 1963-)

2016- Deputy Speaker Rima Baškienė


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