Iran Ministers

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Islamic Republic of Iran/ Jomhuri-e-Islami-e-Iran
(Female suffrage 1963)An ancient Kingdom became an Islamic Republic in 1979

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1965-68 Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Farrokhrou Parsa
1968-71 Minister of Education
Also known as Farokhroo, she was an educator, who
became a member of the Iranian parliament, the Majlis, in 1963. She was executed by the Islamic regime for corrupting women with Western ideas and values. Her mother was the founder of the first Iranian journal for women. She lived (1922-80).

1976-79 Minister for Women's Affairs Mahnoz Afkhami

1976-79 Deputy Minister of Social Affairs Safi Asfia

Circa 1995-99 Presidential Advisor on Women’s Affairs Shahla Habibi

1997-2005 Vice-President and Minister of Environmental Protection Prof. Dr. Masoumeh Ebtekar
(b. 1961-)

1997-? Deputy Minister of Culture Aasam Nuri

1997-2005 Presidential Advisor on Women’s Affaris Zahra Shojayi  

2005-09 Vice-President and Head of the Environmental Protection Organisation Fatemeh Vaez Javadi
Until her appointment she was paleontologist teaching at the University of Shiraz. She is also known as Fatemeh Vaez Javadi

2005-09 Cabinet Member and Director of the Center for Women's Participation and Presidential Advisor on Women’s Affairs
2009-13 Vice-President for Science and Technology Dr. Nasrin Soltankhah
Member of the Theran City Council since 2003.

2009-12 Minister of Health Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi
She was the first female cabinet minister since 1979.

2009 Designate Minister of Welfare and Social Security Fatemeh Ajorlou
Her nomination was rejected by the Parliament.

2009 Designate Minister of Education Sousan Keshavarz
Also rejected.

2009-13 Vice-President for Juridical Affairs Fatemeh Bodaghi

2009-13 Vice-President and Head of National Youth Organization Farahnaz Torkestani

2013- Vice-President for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh
MP 2004-008 and Vice-Chair of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee.

2013- Presidential Advisor for Women's Affairs Parvin Dadandish

2013- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Spokesperson for the Ministry Marziez Afkham
Worked in the minstry since 2000. (b. 1965-)

2017 - Laya Joneydi, Vice President

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