India Parliament

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Republic of India/ Bharat
Independent 1948 (female suffrage 1947)

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Rajya Sabha/ Upper House
Lok Sabha / House of the People

1953-54 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Violet Alva
1962-69 Deputy Chairperson
1969 Acting Chairperson (3.5-20-7)
In 1957-62 Minister of State for Home Affairs. The Vice-President is ex-officio Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha and vacates this position when he/she acts as President. In this case the Deputy Chairperson acts Chair of the R.S.
In 1969 she resigned after Indira Gandhi backed another than her as Vice-President of the Nation. She died one week later.

1956-57 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Sharda Bhargava

1957-58 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Savitry Dui Nigam (née Nigam)
She was member 1952-62 and lived (1919-85)

1959 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Maya Devi Chettry

1965-67 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Tara Ram Chandra Sathe

1982-84 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Dr. Sarojini Mahishi

1982-85 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Dr. Smt. Najoma Akbouvali Heptulla
1985-86 Deputy Chairperson
1986-88 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha
2004 Deputy Chairperson
1997 Acting Chairperson (24.7-21.8)
1999 Acting Chairperson (April-May)
1999-2002 President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union, IPU

2002 Acting Chairperson of RS (27.7-19.8)
Vice-Chairperson of the COmmonwealth Parliamentary Association in 1987 (as the first woman), Secretary General of Congress (I) 1986-87 and Party Spokesperson 1986-87 and 1998.In 1997 she was close being nominated as vice-President of the nation, but the premier backed someone else.In 2002 she was Officiating Chairperson after the death of the Chairperson and Vice-President of the Nation, who died a couple of weeks before his successor was to be inaugurated. Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2007 and Union Minister of Minorities from 2014. (b. 1940-).

1983-85 and 1999-2004 Member of the Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha Margaret Alva
MP since 1974. Minister of State a number of times, held high party offices and is Governor of since 2009.

1985-87 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Kanak Mukherjee

1986-88 Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Pratibha Devisingh Patil
1987 Acting Chairperson of Rajya Sabha (27.07-02.09)
Member of the Government of Maharashtra 1967-78 and 1982-85, Congress Leader and Leader of the Opposition 1979-80. Deputy Chairperson of the Union Upper House, the Rajya Sabha 1986-88 and Acting Chairperson in 1987, when the incumbent was elected President, Governor of Rajasthan 2004-07 and State President from 2007. Married to Devisingh Shekhawat, a former Mayor of Amravati. (b. 1934-).

1989-91 and 1993-97 Member of Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha Geeta Mukherjee
She has been an activist of the Communist Party since 1946. She lived (1924-2000)

1990-98 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Swaraj Sushma
She qwas chairperson of the Home Affairs Committee, 1996 and 1998 she was Union Minister of Information, 1998 Chief Minister of Delhi, since 2004 Chairperson of the Home Affairs Commitee of the Rajya Sabha and Foreign Minister from 2014.

1990-91 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Jayanthi Natarajan

1993-97 Director General of the Rajya Sabha V.S. Rama Devi
From 1997 Lt. Govoner of Pondincherry

1994-98 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Saroj Khaparde
Minister of State

1994-97 Member of Panel of Vice-Chairmen of Rajya Sabha Kamla Sinha
In 1997-98 Minister of State of External Affairs.

1994-97 and 2006-14 Member of Panel of Vice-Chairmen of Rajya Sabha Jayanathi Natarejan
Minister of State
of Civil Aviation and of Parliamentary Affairs 1997-98 (b. 1954-)

1996-97 and 1998-99 Member of Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha Prof. Rita Verma
She was Whip of the BJP Parliamentary Party in 1998 and from 1999 Union Minister of State

2004-14 Member of the Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan
2014- Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Chairperson of the Social Justice and Empowerment Committee, Union Minister of State 1999-2002

2004-06 Vice-Chairperson of Rajya Sabha Sarla Maheshwari

Member of the Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha Krishna Tirath
Minister for Social Welfare, Labour and Employment in the State Government of Delhi 1998-2003, Deputy Speaker of the Delhi Assembly 2003-04 and Minister of State with independent charge of Women and Child Development.

2009-14 Speaker of Lok Sabha Meira Kumar
Former diplomat, MP from 1985,
General-Secretary, All India Congress Committee 1990-1992 and 1996-1999 and Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment 2004-09 and Minister for Water Resources in 2009. (b. 1945-).

2009-14 Member of the Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha Girija Vyas

2014- Member of the Panel of Chairmen of Lok Sabha Dr. Ratna De (Nag)


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