Guinea Parliament

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Parliament of Republique da Guinée/Guinea

Also see Guinea Ministers

1964-71 Vice-President of the Assemblée Nationale Jeanne Martin-Cisse
Ambassador to the United Nations 1972-76 and Minister of Social Affairs 1976-84.

1999-2004 4. Vice-President of of the Assemblée Nationale Hadja Mariama Kolenkè Baldé
2004-09 2. Vice-President

1999-09 Secretary of of the Assemblée Nationale Hadja Kouta Oularé

2004-09 1. Secretary of the Assemblée Nationale Jeanne-Claude Wilkinson

2010-  President of the National Transition Council Rabiatou Serah Diallo
The Secretary General of the Workers Confederation, she was one of the two candidates which received the same number of votes when the opposition decided on who to nominate as Prime Minister. The Military Junta nominated the man and instead she became head of the interim legislative body composed of 101 Guineans from civil society, political parties, religious groups as well as members of the ruling junta's council during the period of transition until the first democratic elections since 1958. (b. 1949-).


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