Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Republic of Guinea/République de Guinée
(Female Sufrage 1946/56) A former French colony became independent 1958

Also see Guinea Parliament

1961-68 Secretary of State for Social Affairs Camara Loffo

1976-84 Minister of Social Affairs Jeanne Martin-Cissé
Deputy President of Assemblée Nationale 1964-71 and Ambassador to the United Nations
1972-76. (b. 1926-).

1984-88 Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Mariama Dielo Bary

198?-90 Secretary of State for Pre-Universitary Education  and Vocational Training
1990-92 Minister of Education
1994-97 Minister of Secondary Education Hadja Achïa Bâh Diallo

1992-94 Minister of Trade, Transport and Tourism Nathenien Camara

1992-94 Secretary of State for Women and Children Makalacutee Kamara
1994-96 Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Forests
Normally known as Makale Kamara.

1994-96 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Joséphine Leno Guilano       
Member of the Transitional Committee for National Recovery
1992-96. Her surname is both written Leno and Lenaud.                

1994-96 Minister of Women and Childhood Affairs Yvonne Condé
Member of the Transitional Committee for National Recovery 1992-96

1996-99 and 2000-
01 Minister of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women and the Child Djene Saran Daraba
2006 Minister of Commerce, Industry and Small and Medium Sized Entreprises

1996-97 Minister of Youth, Sports and Civil Education
Hadja Silla Koumba Diakité
1999-2000 Minister of Youth, Sports and Civil Education
2001-06 and 2006-09 Minister of Tourism, Hotel-Business and Artisans

1999 and 2001-02 Minister of Commerce, Industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Mariama Déo Baldé

1999-2000 and 2001-06 and 2006- Minister of Social Affairs, Women’s Promotion and The Child Bruce
Hadja Mariame Aribot

1999-2001 Minister of Public Health Dr. Kandjoura Drame

2000-02 Minister of Foreign Affairs Haja Mahawa Bangoura Camara
Ambassador to  USA in 1995 and later to the United Nations. Her official title was Minister to the Presidency charged with Foreign Affairs and an alternative version of her name is Camara Hadja Mahawa Bangoura

2000-06 and 2006-09 Minister of Energy and Hydraulics Dioubaté Hadja Fatoumata Binta Diallo
2014- Minister of Industry, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Promotion of the Private Sector

2004-06 and 2006-09 Minister of Information Hadja Aïssatou Bella Diallo
2006 Appointed
Minister of Social Affairs, Women’s Promotion and The Child
Former Director General of the Télévision Guinéenne. In 2006 the ailing president approved a government-reschuffle but cancelled it the following day and fired the Prime Minister.

2005-06 Minister of Foreign Affairs Sidibé Fatoumata Kaba
2006-08 Minister of International Cooperation
Former Director of the Foreign Ministry and Ambassador to Nigeria 2002-05.

2006 Appointed Minister of Health Dr. Hadja Fatou Sikhé Camara

2006 Appointed Minister of Environment and Forests Christine Sagno

2007-08 Minister of Labour and Employment Pierette Tolno

2008-09 Minister of Administrative Reform and Civil Service Makale Traore

2008-09 Minister of Health and Public Hygiene Dr. Mariam Beavogui

2008-09 Minister of Social Affairs, Women, and Children's Promotion Germaine Mangue

2008-09 Minister of Tourism and Hotel Industry Bah Maimouna Diallo

2009-10 Minister of Universities, Technical, Vocational and Civic Education Hadja Aicha Bah
Former Director of Unesco, she became member of the military government after a coup d'etat.

2009-10 Minister of Tourism, Hotels, and Artisans Dr. Leonie Koulibaly
Former Director at the Ministry of Defence.

2009-10 Minister of Women's Promotion and Childhood Hadja Makoura Sylla

2009-10 Minister of Decentralization Mariam Sylla
Previously Deputy Director of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

2010-11 Minister of State for Public Service, Administrative Reform, Labor and Employment Penda Diallo

2010-11 Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Zenab Saifon Diallo

2010-11 Minister of National Solidarity, the Promotion of Women and Children Nanfadima Magassouba

2010-11 Minister of Microfinance, Informal Sector, Employment Youth and Women Employment Mariame Béavogui

2010-11 Minister of Tourism, Hotels and Handicrafts Sy Mariame Diallo

2011-14 Minister of Tourism, Hotels and Handicrafts Hadja Mariame Baldé

2011-14 Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Sized Entreprises Hadja Ramatoulaye Bah

2011-12 Minister of Labour and Civil Service Fatoumata Tounkara

2011-12 Mister of Social Affairs, Promotion of Women and Childhood Nanténin Chérif

2011-12 Minister Hadja Diaka Diakité
2012-14 Minister of Social Affairs, Promotion of Women and Childhood

2012-14 Minister-Delegate of Social Affairs Mimi Koumbassa

2014- Minister of Agriculture Jacqueline Sultan

2014- Minister of Sports Domani Doré

2014- Minister of Environnement, Water and Forests Kadiatou Ndiaye

2014- Minister of Social Action, Women's Promotion and Childhood Camara Sanaba Kaba
Presidential Councillor of Women from 2011.




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