East Germany Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Democratic Republic of Germany/Deutsche Demo
kratische Republik (DDR)/ East Germany
(Female suffrage 1918) Soviet Occupied Zone 1949-53, Sovereign state 1953-89, 1989 Reunited with the Federal Republic of Germany

Also ses East Germany Heads of State and East Germany Parliament

1949-1958 State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Labour Friedel Malter
Born as Frieda Raddünz she lived (1902-2001)

1949-52 State Secretary for People's Education Else Zaisser
1952-53 Minister of People's Education
1953-54 Secretary of State for People's Education
Member of the People's Chamber of 1950-54 and lived (1898-1987)

1950-59 State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Health Jenny Matern
Deputy Minister President and Minister of Welfare in the Free State of Sachsen 1945-47. Jenny Matern geb. Pickerodt lived (1904-60).

1951-58 Member of the Council of Ministers and President of the National Bank Greta Kukhoff
She became President of the National Bank in 1950 as the first woman in the world to hold this position. Active in foreign affairs after 1958. She lived (1902-81)

1953-68 Minister of Justice Dr. Hilde Benjamin
In 1947-53 Vice-President of Supreme Court, 1968-79 Professor of Law in Potsdam. She lived (1903-89)

1953 Member of the Council of Ministers and Chairperson of the State Commission for Trade and Supply Elli Schmidt
Leader of the SED-Women's Union 1947-53. She lived (1908-1980)

1953-54 State Secretary of Inner-German Trade Eleonore Staimer
1954-58 Vice-Minister of Inner-German Trade
Secretary of the Communist Parliamentary Group of The Landtag of Prussia In 1923-30, Ambassador to Yugoslavia 1958-69. She was daughter of DDR President Wilhelm Pieck, and lived (1906-98)

1953-54 Acting Minister of Trade and Supply Dr. Margarete Wittkowski
1954-61 Vice-Chairperson of the State Committee for Planning

1961-67 Vice-Chairperson of the Council of Ministers
in charge of Trade, Supply, and Production of Consumer Goods
-74 President of the National Bank
74 (†) Member of the Council of Ministers in charge of Coordination of Supply, Production, Shopping and Distribution of Consumer Goods for Daily Needs, External Depths and Balance of Payment
Known as Grete she was of Jewish origin she studied and lived in Switzerland, France and United Kingdom since 1932, she worked with the Soviet Occupation Administration 1952-58, Member of the Volkskammer 1952-58 and 1963-67. She lived (1901-74)

1958-63 Vice-Minister of People's Education Magot Honecker
1963-89 Minister of People's Education
Wife of the State and Party Leader Honecker. She lived (1927-2016).

1964-68 Vice-Minister of Internal Trade Elfriede Wagner
(b. 1914-?)

1967-88 Vice-Minister of Light Industry Erika Frölich-Lieberwirth

1969-79 Vice-Minister for Universities Prof. Dr.jur. Edith Öser
Born Arenz (b. 1930- ).

1972-86 Vice-Minister of Health Dr.med Anneliese Troedmann

1988-89 State Secretary for Finances and Prizes Uta Nickel
1989-90 Minister of Finance and Prizes
Former Councillor of Finance of Leipzig. As Finance Minister she was Member of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers. (b. 1941-)

1989 Minister of People's Education Helga Labs

1989-90 Alternate Minister President and Minister of Economy Prof. Dr. Christa Luft
Deputy Parliamentary Leader of The Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) in the Federal Assembly (Bundestag) 1994-2002. (b. 1937-)

1989-90 Minister of Labour, Wages, Environment and Water Hannelore Mensch
City Councillor and Secretary of the Magistrate of Berlin 1973-78, 1. Deputy Mayor of East Berlin 1978-89 and Member of Presidium of The Volkskammer (People's Chamber) in 1989. (b.1937-)

1989-90 Minister without Portfolio by Premier Minister Tatiana Böhm

1990 Minister of Trade and Industry Sybille Reider
b. 1949)

1990 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Regine Hillebrandt
From 1991 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in Brandenburg 1991-99. She lived (1941-2001)

1990 Minister of Youth and Sport Cordulla Schu
b. 1959)

1990 Minister of Family and Women Christa Schmidt
b. 1941)

1990 Vice-Minister of Finance Herta König


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