Egypt Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Arab Republic of Egypt/ Al-Jumhuriyat Misr Al'-Arabya
(Female suffrage 1927/56) 1517 Part of the Osman Empire until the early 19th century, 1914-22 a British Protectorate, 1922-53 an independent Kingdom 1922 and a republic since 1953. 

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1962-65 Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Hikmat Abu-Zaid/Zeid

1965-71 Vice-Minister of Education Dr. Karimah Al-Sa’id

1971-78 Minister of Social Affairs and Insurance Dr. Aisa Rateb M. Soad
Extraordinary Ambassador in Foreign Ministry in 1978, Ambassador to Denmark 1979-81, to West-Germany 1981-84 and afterwards Professor at Cairo University. (b. 1928-).

1978-96 Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Amal Osman 'Abd al-Raheim Osman
1996-97 Minister of Social Security and Minister of State for Social Affairs (Third in the Cabinet)
Deputy Speaker of Majlis al-Sha’ab, the People’s Assembly 1997-2005. (b. 1934-).

1993-98 Minister of State for Scientific Research Prof. Venice Kamal Gouda, Ph.d
(b. 1934-)

1996-97 Minister of Economy and International Co-operation Dr. Nawal ‘Abd al-Moneim al-Tatawi
She was the first female bank director in the Arab world  

1992-93 Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Political Affairs Dr. Mirvat Fahmy Muhanna El-Tallawi
1997 Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs
From 1988-91 Ambassador to Austria and UN in Wien (Vienna) and 1993-97 to Japan. From 2000 Under-Secretary General of UN.  

1996-2001 Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs Fayza Abul-Naga
04 Minister of State of Foreign Affairs
2004-12 Minister of International Cooperation
2011 Minister of Planning
Fayza Mohamed Abul Naga
was Aide to the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs 1981-91, worked in the UN 1992-96, ambassador to UN in Génève 1999-2001, She was career-diplomat upon her appointment. As Minister of State she was member of the cabinet. (1951-).

1997-98 Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Dr. Nadia Rida Makram Ebeid
1998-99 Minister of Higher Education and Minister of State for Scientific Research Affairs
1999-2002 Minister of State for Environmental Affairs

1999-2005 Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs Prof. Dr. Aminah Hamzah Mahmoud Al-Guindi
Member of the Shoura Assembly, The Senate.

Circa 1999-? Vice-Minister of International Economic Relations Magda Shahin  
Former Ambassador to Greece.

2005-11 Minister of Manpower and Immigration Aicia Abdul Hady
Her full name is Aicha Abdel Hadi Abdel Ghani, and she is the first veiled woman in the government.

2006-? Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Shadia Faraj
Ambassador, she is in charge of American Affairs.

2006-? Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Relations Fatma Al-Zahraa Etman
Also known as Othman she is former Spokesperson of the Ministry.

2006-08 1. Under Secretary of State of Electricity and Energy Dr. Elham Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim
2008-12 Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy of the African Union
(b. 1950-)

2011 Minister of Trade and Industry Samiha Fawzi Ibrahim

2011 Minister of State for Family and Population Moshira Khatab

2011 Minister of Immigration Georgette Kalini
MP for the former opposition Wafd party

2011-13 Minister of Social Insurance and Social Affairs Nagwa Husain Ahmed Khalil

2011-12 Minister of State for Scientific Research Nadia Zakhary
2012-13 Minister of Scientific Research
The only Coptic Christian member of the government 

2013-14 Minister of Environment Laila Rashed Iskander
2014- Minister of Urban Development
One of several Cotic Christian members of the government

2013-15 Minister of Information and Information Technology Dorreya Sharaf El-Din
Also known as Durriyah Sharaf Al Din, she was a TV Journalist and former 1. Undersecretary of the Information Ministry, heading the satellite channels division.

2013-14 Minister of Health Maha El-Rabat

2014-15 Minister of International Cooperation Naglaa el-Ahwany

2014- Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly

2015 Minister of Population Hala Youssef

2015- Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram

2015- Minsiter of International Cooperation Sahar Nasr

2016- Minister of Investment Dalia Khorshid

2016- Deputy Minister of Planning for Monitoring Nihal Magdy Al-Mogharbel


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