Central African Heads

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Female Heads of State in the Central African Republic/ République Centrafricaine/ Bę-Afrîca/Afrique Centrale

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Circa 1878-circa 1900 Queen Natélégé of the Kingdom of Bangassou (Nzakara-Bandia Kingdom).
She belonged to the Bandia ruling family and married her cousin Sultan Bangassou. The first woman of her people to be acclaimed Chief. She lived (circa 1855-circa 1900).

1976-79 Politically Influential Empress Catherine of the Central African Empire
Born as Catherine Denguiade married Jean-Bédel Bokassa in 1964. She was crowned Empress Catherine by Emperor Bokassa I on 4 December 1977. She had seven children with Bokassa who were all appointed princesses and princes of the Central African Empire: Reine, Saint-Sylvestre, Dieu-Béni, Marguerite, Lucienne, Saint-Jean and Jean-Bédel. Her son Jean-Bédel (b. 1973) was made crown prince and heir of the Central African Empire by Emperor Bokassa I on 4 December 1977.

1975-76 Deputy Head of State, Premier Ministre Élisabeth Domitién (1.1.75-7.4.76)
She acted as President on various occasions when President Bokassa was abroad. Also vice-President of the ruling Social Evolution Movement of Black Africa (MESAN).
She lived (1925-2005).

2014-16 Acting Head of State Catherine Samba-Panza
Businesswoman and corporate lawyer. Appointed Mayor of the capital Bangui in 2013 by the former interim government before she was elected Transitional Head of State. (b. 1954-)


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