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Female Ministers of the Central African Republic/ République Centroafricaine/ Bê-Afrîca/Afrique Centrale (Female Suffrage 1946/56 and again 1986) The former French Colony of Ubanghishari became the Central African Republic within the French Community 1958 before becoming independent 1960, 1976-79 the country was an Empire

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1970 Minister for the Plan and Cooperation Marie-Mathurine Silinghia
1970 Minister for the Plan and National Guidance
1970-71 Minister of International  Cooperation

1970 Secretary of State to the Presidency in charge of Social Affairs
1970-71 Minister of Social Affairs  
1975 Minister-Delegate to the Presidency in Charge of Social Affairs Marie-Josephe Franck Zane-Fe Touam-Bona
She was first married to Antonio Franck (who also was a Minister of the Government) then she got divorced (some time between mid-1972 to 1975) and then married again to André Zani-Fe Touam-Bona (who also was a Minister of the Government.) She was an independent MP from 1993 until her death (d. 2001).

1975-76 Premier Ministre Élisabeth Domitién (1.1.75-7.4.76)
As Premier Minister she was also Deputy Head of State and acted as President at occasions when President Bokassa was abroad. Also vice-President of the ruling Social Evolution Movement of Black Africa (MESAN) 1975-79.A cousin of Jean Bedel Bokassa, 1966-76 Chief of State and 1976-79 Emperor of the Central African Empire. She was sacked and placed under house arrest for having criticized Bokassa's plans to become a monarch. After his fall she was imprisoned and tried in February 1980. She later became an influential businesswoman in  Bangui, Married to the chief of the Mobaye Canton-Mayorship.
She lived (1925-2005).

1975-79 Minister of Finance Marie-Christine Gbokou
On October 4th-8th 1976 she led the Central African Republic
delegation to a IMF and World Bank meeting in Manila, Philippines.

1975-79 Secretary of State to the President in Charge of Vehicular Traffic and State Machinery and for the Car-Fleet of the Government Marie-Charlotte Aguide Fayanga

1976-78 Minister of Trade and Industry Marie-José Fastile Maitonga

1978-? Secretary of State for Social Affairs Angeline Songomali
Her sister, Marie-Joseph Songomali, was Minister of Culture 1999-2001.

1979 Minister of Trade, Industry and Transport Marie-Josée (Josephe) Kossi-Maythongol
She led Central African Empire delegation to the UNCTAD summit hold in Manila, Philippines (May. 7th-Jun. 1st 1979).

1981-83 Secretary of State for Budget Cecile Koyaga

1988-90 Secretary of State for Social Affairs Genevievè Goyemido
1990-93 Minister of Health and Social Affairs

1991-93 Secretary of State for Social Affairs Antoniette Tegueoere

1993 Minister of Post and Telecommunication Domenique Vidakoua

1993 Minister of Social Affairs and Women Jeanne-Marie  Ruth Rolland
She worked as a state social monitor 1966. Then she was elected President of  the Red Cross. Under President Kolingba she was jailed because of her political ideas, in August 1987 a Special Jury for Political  matters condemned her to a 3 year's imprisonment. She was released in 1989, but she was arrested again in December 1989 after refusing to make way for a Presidential retinue. Then she was handcuffed and taken into a promilitary camp "National Security Company". She was finally released in April 1991.
1992-96 Leader of Parti Republican de Centroafrique and MP 1993-98
and Presidential Candidate in 1993. She lived (1937-95).

1993-96 Minister of Social Affairs and Women Marie-Noëlle Andet-Kayara
1996-97 Minister of Ru
ral Promotion

1993 Secretary of State for Education, Research and Technology
1993-95 Minister of Education
1995-96 Secretary General of the Government Simone Bodemou

1995-97 Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs Domenique Gueremmatchi

1996-97 Minister of Public Health Céline Farra-Frond

1997-99 Minister of Health and Population Fernande Djengbo

1997-99 Minister of Family Promotion, Social Welfare and National Solidarity Élaine Mokodokpo

1997-2001 Secretary of State of National Solidarity Albertine Mbissa

1999-2001 Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Juliette Nzekou

1999 Minister of Family Promotion, Social Welfare, National Solidarity and the Handicapped
2005-06 Minister of Tourism and Handcraft Anne-Marie Ngouyombo
In October 2005 she was suspended together with 2 other ministers for a 3 months period
after a fraud probe into salaries of state employees

1999-2001 Minister of Family Promotion, Social Welfare, National Solidarity and the Handicapped Rachel Déa Nambona

and 2003 Minister of Tourism Natalie-Constance Gounébana
2001-03 Minister of Minister of Arts and Culture 
03 Minister of Environment, Water Resources, Forestry, Hunting and Fisheries
(b. 1963-).

1999-2001 Minister of Culture Marie-Joseph Songomali Toungovala  
Her sister,
Angeline Songomali, was Secretary of State for Social Affairs in 1978. (b. 1954-).

2001-03 Minister of Social Affairs, Promotion of Women, Children and Disabled Françoise Ibrahim née N’doma

2003 Minister-Delegate of the Francophonie Marguérite Kofio

04 Minister of Family, Social Affairs and National Solidarity Léa Doumta-Koyassoum
Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Good Government
Minister of Public Health and Population
Also known as Koyassoum née Doumta, she is Secretary General of the Parti de l’Unité nationale (PUN). Vice-President of the National Transitional Council from 2013 and Acting President in 2014.

2003 Minister of Commerce, Industry and Promotion of the Private Sector Hyacinthe Wodobodé
2003-04 Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Good Government

2004-09 Minister of Family and Social Affairs Marie-Solange Pagonéndji N'dackala
2009-11 Minister of Development, Tourism and Artisans

2005-06 and 2008- Minister of Commerce, Industry and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Beatrice-Emilie Epaye

2006 and 2009- Minister-Delegate of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and the Francophonie Ambroisine Kpongo
In 2006 she was in office 31. January-5. February

2006-08 Minister of Tourism Yvonne M'boïssona'
2008-09 Minister of Water, Forests, Hunting, Fisheries and Environment
President of Union pour un mouvement populaire de Centrafrique, UMPCA, and member of Convergence Kwa Na Kwa, she is the sister of former President François Bozizé.

2006-08 Minister of
Commerce, Industry and Promotion of the Private Sector Rosalie Koudounguéré
President of Organisation des femmes Centrafricaines

2006-07 Minister-Delegate of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Francophonie Marie-Reine Hassen

2007-08 Minister-Delegate of Economy and International Cooperation charged with International Cooperation
2008-09 Minister-Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic, charged with Regional Development

Imprisoned during Bokassa 1974-76, forced to marry him 1976-78 and later married Guy Darlan. She is daughter of Clément Hassen, a former Secretary for the President of the Republic and highranking civil servant.

2008-09 Minister of Touristic Development and Artisants
Bernadette Sayo
2009-11 Minister of Social Affairs, National Solidarity and Family

2011-13 Minister of Technical, Vocational Education and Training Dibrine Sall
2013 Minister-Delegate of Primary and Professional Education

2011-13 Minister of Primary, Secondary Education and Literacy Gisèle Nam

2011-13 Minister of International Cooperation, Regional Integration and Francophonie Dorothére Aimée Malenzapa

2011-13 Minister of Social Affairs, National solidarity and Gender Promotion Pétro Koni Zezé née Zarambaud Marguérite

2011-13  Minister of Rural Development, Tourism, and Craft Industry Sylvie Annick Mazoungou

2011-13 Minister of Small and Medium Size Entrerprises, the Informal Sector and Single Window Development Albertine Agoundoukoua Mbissa

2013 Minister of Rural Development Dorothée Malenzapa
In office from February to April, after the president was removed in a coup d'etat.

2013 Minister of Health, Population and the fight against HIV/Aids Marie Madeleine Nkouet
2013 Minister of Housing and Habitations

2013 Minister of Social Affairs, National Solidarity and the Promotion of Genders Marie Madeleine Moussa Yadouma

2013 Minister-Delegate of Foreign Affairs, Integration and the Francophonie, charged with the Centrafricains Abroard Anne Victoire Yakoussoube

2013-14 Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, the Francophonie and Centralafricans Abroad Léonie Banga-Bothy
Her official name is Me. Banga-Bothy née Mbazoa

2013-14 and 2015- Minister of Rural Development Marie Noëlle Andet Koyara
2014- Minister of State
2014-15 Minister in charge of Public Works, Equipment and Planning
2015 Minister of State in charge of National Defence, Restrcuturing of the Armies, vetrans and Victims of War

2013-14 Minister of Social Affairs, National Solidarity and Gender Affairs Mazangue Blay-Eureka Lucile

2014-16 Acting Head of State Catherine Samba-Panza
Businesswoman and corporate lawyer. Appointed Mayor of the capital Bangui in 2013 by the former interim government before she was elected Interim President. (b. 1954-)

2014 Minister of Justice Isabelle Gaudeuille
2014- Minister of Water Drilling, Hunting and Fishing

2014- Minister of Economy, Planning and International Development Florence Limbo

2014-15 Minister of Water Drillings and Tourism Yacinthe Touhoue

2014- Minister of Public Health, Population and Humanitarian Action Marguerite Samba Maliavo

2014- Minister of Education Gisèle Bédan

2014 Minister of Communication and National Reconciliation Antoinette Montaigne née Moussa

2014 Minister of Commerce Gertrude Zouta
2015- Minister of Commerce, Industry and Small and Medium Sized Entreprises

2014-15 Minister of Reconciliation, Political Dialogue and the Promotion of Civic Culture Jeannette Détoua

2014- Minister of Social Affairs and Humanitarian Action Eugénie Yarafa 

2015- Minister of Water Drillings and Fisheries Isabelle Guadeille

2015- Minister of Public Works Odile Zitongo

2015- Minister of Reconciliation, Political Dialogue and the Promotion of Civic Culture Florence Lydie Ndouba

2015 Minister of Rural Development Theotine Ballowe

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