Belarus Ministers

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Female Ministers of Belarus/ Respublika Belarus (Female Suffrage 1918) The Grand Duchy of Kiev was incorporated in Russia and was independent 1918-22 and 1991

Also see Belarus Heads of State and Belarus Parliament

1938 Head of the Republic, Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet Nadezhda Grigoryevna Grekova (25.-27.07)
1943-46 Deputy Chairperson of the Council of People's Commissars and Minister of Food Industry
Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic 1938-47 and as such Head of the Republic in 1938 before that position was taken over by the Chair of the Presidum, Member of the Central Audit Commission of the All-Union Communist Party 1939-52 and 1. Deputy Minister of Food Industry of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic 1949-52. She lived (1910-2001).

1938-? Public Commisar of Education Evdokiya Ilinichna Uralova  

1970-85 Deputy Premier Minister for Culture Nina Leonovna Snezhkova
Former Secretary of the Mogilev Okomol (City Administration)
and Head of the Culture Department of the Communist Party. She lived (1926-2008)

1975-circa 78 Vice-President of the Presidium of the Supreme Council Soviet Zinaida Mikhaylovna Bychkovskaya
1976-77 Acting Co-Chairperson of the Presidium of the Supreme (27,12-28.2)
She acted jointly with a man.

1980-circa 90 Minister of Food Industry Ionna A. Stavrovskaia

1990-91 Minister of Social Affairs Tamara Fyodirovna Krutovitsova

1993-2001 Minister of Social Security Olga Bronislavovna Dargel (Volha Darkel)

1995-97 Minister of Health Inessa Mikailovna Drabyshevskaya

1996-97 Cabinet Member and Chairperson of the National Bank Tamara D. Vinnikova
In 1999 she disappeared after a period in House Arrest

1997-2001 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina
Nikolaevna Mazai
Chargé d’Affaire 1992-94 and 1994-97, Ambassador to France 1996-97 also to Spain until she was posted in Canada in 2001 Canada.

Circa 1998-? Vice-Minister of Education and Culture Tamara Korostelyova

Circa 1998-? Vice-Minister of Social Affairs Lyudmila Vladimirovna Bachilo

Circa 1998- Vice-Minister of Health Larisa Sokolovskaya

2001-03 Minister of Labour and Social Security Antonina Petrovna Morava
Her name is also trancribed Antonina Morova.

2002-05 Minister of Health Ludmila A. Postoialko
She lived (1941-2007)

Around 2002-04 Deputy Minister of Taxes Anna Konstantyvna Deiko
2004-14 Minister of Taxes and Duties

2007 13 Deputy Ministers

2012- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alena Kupchyna
Ambassador to HUngary and Slovenia 2006-12.

2014- Deputy Prime Minister Natallia Ivanaŭna Kačanava
Natalya Ivanovna Kochanova was chairperson of Novopolotsk City Executive Committee 2007-14

2014- Minister of Information Lilia Ananich

2014- Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Marianna Shchetkina


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