Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
USA Local Elective Office until 2008

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Superintendent of Public Instruction

1893-1894 Laura J. Eisenhuth (D-I), North Dakota
Eisenhuth was the first woman in the nation to be elected statewide.

1895-96 Emma B. Bates (R), North Dakota

1895-98 Estelle Reel (R), Wyoming

1899-1905 Helen Grenfell, Colorado

1899-1903 Permeal French (D), Idaho

1903-07 Mae L. Scott (R), Idaho

1905-09; 1921-23 and 1927-31 Katherine L. Craig (R), Colorado

1907-11 S. Belle Chamberlain (R), Idaho

1909-11 Katherine M. Cook, Colorado

1911-13 Helen M. Wixson, Colorado

1911-1915 Grace M. Shepherd (R), Idaho

1911-1914 Rose A. Bird Maley (D), Wyoming

1913-1921; 1923-1927 Mary C. C. Bradford, Colorado

1913-1928 Josephine C. Preston (NP), Washington

1915-1918 Edith K.O. Clark (R), Wyoming

1915-1917 Bernice McCoy (R), Idaho 

1917-1923 Ethel E. Redfield (R), Idaho 

1917-1932 May Trumper (R), Montana 

1919-1922 Elizabeth Wooster (R), Kansas 

1919-1926 Minnie J. Nielson (R), North Dakota 

1919-1934 Katharine A. Morton (R), Wyoming

1921-1923 Elsie Toles (R), Arizona

1923-1927 Elizabeth Russum (R), Idaho

1923-1926 May E. Francis (R), Iowa

1923-1926 Isabel Eckles (D), New Mexico

1927-1932 Bertha R. Palmer (R), North Dakota

1927-1929 Mabelle M. Lyman (R), Idaho

1927-1938 Agnes Samuelson, Iowa

1929-1933 Myrtle R. Davis (R), Idaho

1931-1947 Inez Johnson Lewis (D), Colorado

1931-1934; 1943-1946 Georgia L. Lusk (D), New Mexico

1933-1948 Elizabeth Ireland (R), Montana

1937-1951 Mildred Bray (D), Nevada
Bray was initially appointed to fill a vacancy and was subsequently elected.

1939-1946 Esther L. Anderson (R), Wyoming

1939-1954 Jessie M. Parker, Iowa

1939-1942 Grace J. Corrigan (D), New Mexico

1941-1956 Pearl A. Wanamaker (NP), Washington

1947-1954 Edna B. Stolt (R), Wyoming

1947-1950 Nettie S. Freed (R), Colorado

1949-1956 Mary M. Condon (D), Montana

1955-1962 Velma Linford (D), Wyoming

1957-1968 Harriet Miller (D), Montana
Miller was a Republican; she switched parties in 1964.

1965-1969 Sarah Folsom (R), Arizona
Folsom died while serving in office in 1969.

1969-1976 Dolores Colburg (D), Montana

1973-1981 Barbara S. Thompson (NP), Wisconsin

1975-1986 Carolyn Warner (D),  Arizona

1977-1980 Georgia Ruth Rice (D), Montana

1979-1991 Lynn Simons (D), Wyoming

1984-1987 Alice McDonald (D), Kentucky

1987-1995 C. Diane Bishop (D), Arizona

1989-1997 Judith Billings (NP), Washington

1990-1999 Norma Paulus (NP), Oregon

1991-? Sandy Garrett (D), Oklahoma

1991-1995 Diana J. Ohman (R), Wyoming
Secretary of State in 1995-99.

1993-? Suellen K. Reed (R), Indiana

1995-2001 Lisa Graham Keegan(R), Arizona

1995-2003 Delaine Eastin (NP non partisan?), California

1995-2003 Judy Catchpole (R), Wyoming

1995-1999 Anne C. Fox (R), Idaho

1997-?Theresa Bergeson (NP), Washington

1999-2006 Marilyn Howard (D), Idaho

2001-? Linda McCulloch (D), Montana

2001-05 Elizabeth Burmaster (NP), Wisconsin

2002-? Kathy Cox (R), Georgia

2003-? Susan Castillo (NP),  Oregon  

2004-? June St. Clair Atkinson (D), North Carolina

State Treasurer

1926-1932 Grace B. Urbahns (R), Indiana
Urbahns was initially appointed to fill a vacancy caused by the death of her husband; she was subsequently elected.

1929-1932 Berta E. Baker (R), North Dakota
State Auditor in 1933-1956.

1930-1933 Emma Guy Cromwell (D), Kentucky

1933-1945 Myrtle P. Enking (D), Idaho

1945-1947 Hazel Dean (R), South Dakota
was appointed to fill a vacancy caused by death.

1945-1947; 1955-1959 Ruth G. Moon (D), Idaho
Moon died while serving in office in 1959. Marjorie Ruth Moon is her daughter.

1947-1952 Lela D. Painter (R), Idaho
Painter died while in office in 1952.

1949-1952 Alta E. Fisher (R), Montana

1951-1954 Sibyl Pool (D), Alabama

1944-50 Secretary of State.

1951-1954;1967-1970 Minnie A. Mitchell (R), Wyoming
State Auditor in 1955-1966.

1952-1955 Margaret Gilbert (R), Idaho
Gilbert was initially appointed to fill a vacancy caused by death; she was subsequently elected.

1952-1955 Pearl Frances Runyon (D), Kentucky

1954-1956; 1961-1964 Edna J. Hinman (R), Montana

1957-1959 Vera G. Davis (R), Delaware

1957-1958; 1961-1968 Dena A. Smith (R), Wisconsin
Smith was initially appointed to fill a vacancy caused by the death of her husband. She was subsequently elected in 1960. Smith died while serving in office.

1958-1959 Bertha I. Hill (R), Nebraska
Hill was appointed to fill a vacancy caused by the death of her husband.

1959-1966 Annabelle Smith Everett (D), Delaware

1959-1962 and 1967-1974 Agnes Baggett (D), Alabama
State Auditor 1955-1958

1960-1963; 1968-1971 Thelma L. Stovall (D), Kentucky

1960-1964; 1968-1972 Evelyn E. Gandy (D), Mississippi
Commissioner of Insurance in 1972-1976 and Lt. Governor in Lt. Governor.

1961-1964; 1969-1976 Grace McCalmont (D), Pennsylvania
Auditor General in 1965-1968.

1963-1986 Marjorie Ruth Moon (D), Idaho

1963-1967 Mary Texas Hurt Garner (D), Alabama
Secretary of State 1955-1958 and State Auditor in 1959-1962.

1963-1980 Nancy Johnson Hall (D), Arkansas
Secretary of State in 1961-62.

1967-1974 Ivy Baker Priest (R), California

1967-1970 Virginia Blue (R), Colorado

1968-1987 Mary Evelyn Parker (D), Louisiana
Parker retired in January 1987.

1968-1969 Madelyn Davidson (D), Vermont
Davidson was appointed to fill a vacancy.

1969-1972 Bernice Asbridge (R), North Dakota

1970-1971 Julia Swearingen (R), Colorado
Appointed to succeed state treasurer Virginia Blue who died in office.

1971-1972 Emily Womach (D), Delaware

1971-1982 Gertrude W. Donahey (D), Ohio

1973-1976 Mary D. Jornlin (R), Delaware

1973-1976 Hollis G. Connors (R), Montana

1975-1978 Melba Till Allen (D), Alabama

1975-1977 Stella B. Hackel (D), Vermont

1975-1990 Joan Finney (D), Kanasas
Governor in 1991-1995. Finney was the first woman to defeat an incumbent governor.

1976-1979; 1984-1987 and 1992-1996 Frances Jones Mills (D), Kentucky

1979-1986 Annie Laurie Gunter (D), Alabama

1979-1982 Shirley Wittler (R), Wyoming

1981-2003 Jimmie Lou Fisher (D), Arkansas

1981-1986 Kay A. Orr (R), Nebraska
Governor 1987-1991. Orr was the first Republican woman to be elected governor in any state and the first woman to run against another woman for a gubernatorial post.

1983-1999 Janet C. Rzewnicki (R), Delaware

1983-1994 Mary Ellen Withrow (D), Ohio
Withrow was appointed U.S. Treasurer in March 1994.

1983-1987 Patty D. Cafferata (R), Nevada

1983-1990 Ann Richards (D), Texas
Governor 1991-1995.
She lived (1933-2006).

1987-1995 Gail S. Schoettler (D), Colorado

1987-1989 Elizabeth Whitney (D), California
Appointed to fill a vacancy.

1987-1995 Mary L. Landrieu (D), Louisiana
Landrieu simultaneously won a special election to complete an unexpired term and a regular election.. Since
1997 U.S. Senator.

1987-1999 Lydia Justice Edwards (R), Idaho

1987-1995 Marjorie O'Laughlin (R), Indiana

1989-1997 Catherine Baker Knoll (D), Pennsylvania
2003 Lieutenant Governor.

1991-1995 Kathleen Brown (D), California

1991-1995 Cathy S. Zeuske (R), Wisconsin

1991-1999 Sally Thompson (D), Kanasas

1991-1993 Kay Bailey Hutchison (R), Texas
U.S. Senator
since 1993. Hutchison initially won a special election to fill an unexpired term; she was subsequently re-elected.

1991-1995 Dawn E. Rockey (D), Nebraska

1991-1995 Claudette Henry (R), Oklahoma

1993-2004 Kathi Gilmore (D), North Dakota

1993-1996 Martha Whitehead (D), Texas
Whitehead was initially appointed to fill a vacancy.

1993-1999 Nancy J. Mayer (R), Rhode Island

1995-2003 Lucy Baxley (D), Alabama

1995-2007 Judy Baar Topinka (R), Illinois
Candidate for Governor in 2006.

1995-1999 Joyce Brinkman (R), Indiana  

1996-? Susan F. Dearey, Virginia
An appointive office in the state.

1997-? Barbara H. Hafer (R), Pennsylvania
Auditor General in 1989-1997.

1999-? Denise Nappier (D), Connecticut

1999-2003 Shannon O'Brien (D), Massachusettes

1999-2003 Carol Johnson (DFL), Minnesota
DFL indicates Democratic Farmer Labor, which is the name of the Democratic party in Minnesota.

1999-2007 Cynthia Lummis (R), Wyoming

2001-2003 Carol Springer (R), Arizona
State Auditor in 1999-2001.

2001-05 Nancy Farmer (D), Missouri

2001-04 Lorelee Byrd (R), Nebraska

2003-? Kay Ivey (R), Alabama

2003-? Lynn Jenkins (R), Kanasas

2004-08 Sarah Steelman (R), Missouri
Ran in the Republican Governor Primary in 2008

2004-? Kelly Schmidt, (R) North Dakota

2005-07 State Treasurer Jennette Bradley, Ohio
She is Lt. Governor and Director of Commerce 2003-05.

2007-? Martha Shoffner (D), Arkansas

2007-? Cary Kennedy (D), Colorado

2007-? Alex Sink (D), Florida

2007-? Kate Marshall (D), Navada

2007-08 Robin Wiessmann (D), Pennsylvania

2007-? Dawn Marie Sass (D), Wisconsin

State Auditor

1930-50 Ana Frohmiller, Arizona
Candidate for Governor in 1950. Lived (18911971)

1933-1956 Berta E. Baker (R), North Dakota
State Treasurer in 1929-1932.

1955-1958 Agnes Baggett (D), Alabama
State Treasurer in 1959-1962 and 1967-1974.

1955-1966 Minnie A. Mitchell (R), Wyoming
State Treasurer in 1951-1954 and 1967-1970

1956-1959; 1970-1975 Mary Louise Foust (D), Kentucky

1957-1959 Fay Albee (R),  South Dakota

1959-1962 Mary Texas Hurt Garner (D), Alabama
State Treasurer in 1963-1967 and Secretary of State 1955-1958.

1959-1961 Harriet Horning (D),  South Dakota

1961-1963 Betty Lou Casey (R),  South Dakota

1961-1964 Dorothy Gardner (R), Indiana

1963-1966; 1975-1982 Bettye Frink (D), Alabama

1967-1974 Melba Till Allen (D), Alabama
State Treasurer in 1975-1978.

1968-1970 Trudy Slaby Etherton (R), Indiana

1969-1978 Alice Kundert (R), South Dakota
Secretary of State in 1979-1987.

1971-1978 Mary Aikins Currie (D), Indiana

1981-1995 Julia Hughes Jones (R), Arkansas
Jones was a Democrat; she switched parties in October 1993

1983-1990 Jan Cook (D), Alabama
Public Service Commissioner since  1991.

1984-1987 Mary Ann Tobin (D), Kentucky

1984-1999 Margaret Kelly (R), Margaret Kelly (R)
Kelly was initially appointed to fill a vacancy and was subsequently elected..

1985-1992 Andrea Bennett (R), Montana
Bennett was first elected under her maiden name of Andrea Hemstead. Montana's state auditor also serves as the insurance Commissioner.

1987-1994 Ann G. DeVore (R), Indiana

1995-1999 Patsy Duncan (R), Alabama

1995-2003 Judi Dutcher (DFL), Minnesota
DFL indicates Democratic Farmer Labor, which is the name of the Democratic party in Minnesota.  

1995-96 Gail M. Chase, Maine
Appointed to the office. Only the position of Governor is an elective office in the state.

1999-2003 Susan Parker (D), Alabama

1999-? Claire McCaskill (D), Missouri
In 2004 she was unsucessful Democrat candidate for Governor, loosing narrowly to the Republican candidate.

1999-2001 Carol Springer (R), Arizona
State Treasurer in 2001-2003.

1999-2005 Connie Nass (R), Indiana

1999-2007 Kathleen Witek (R), Nebraska

2001-05 Elizabeth M. Ready (D), Vermont

2003-07 Beth Chapman (R), Alabama

2003-07 Patricia Awada (R), Minnesota

2003-? Betty Montgomery (R), Ohio
Attorney General in

2004-? Crit Luallen (D), Kentucy
Her official name is
Eugenia Crittenden Blackburn "Crit" Luallen
2007-? Samantha Shaw (R), Alabama

2007-? Rebecca Otto (DFL)
, Minnesota

2007-? Susan Montee (D), Missouri

2007-? Mary Taylor (R), Ohio

2007-? Rita Meyer (R),

Public Service Commissioner

1955-1970 Sibyl Pool (D), Alabama
Secretary of State in 1944-50 and State Treasurer in 1951-1954.

1971-1980 Juanita W. McDaniel (D), Alabama
McDaniel resigned in February 1980.

1973-1979 Paula F. Hawkins (R), Florida
Hawkins resigned in March 1979.

1981-1986 Jane Eskind (D), Tennessee

1991-? Jan Cook (D), Alabama
State Auditor in 1983-1990.

1993-? Susan E. Wefald (R), North Dakota

1995-1999 Sara Kyle (D), Tennessee

1997-? Ann Boyle (D), Nebraska

2003-? Angela Elizabeth Speir (R), Georgia

2007-? Susan D. Parker (D), Alabama
State Auditor 1998-2002

Corporation Commissioner

1981-1984 Diane McCarthy (R), Arizona

1981-1988 Norma Eagleton (D), Oklahoma

1984 Marianne Jennings (R), Arizona
Jennings was appointed to fill a vacancy.

1985-1986 Sharon Megdal (D), Arizona
Megdal was appointed to fill a vacancy.

1985-1999 Marcia Weeks (D), Arizona

1995-1997 Gloria Tristani (D), New Mexico

1997-2007 Denise Bode (R), Oklahoma
Bode was initially appointed and was subsequently elected.

2003-? Kristin K. Mayes (R), Arizona

Attorney General

1985-1987 Arlene Violet (R), Rhode Island

1986-1993 Mary Sue Terry (D), Virginia
Terry resigned in January 1993 to run for governor.

1988-1990 Clarine Nardie Riddle (D), Connecticut
Riddle was appointed to fill a vacancy.

1991-1995 Susan Loving (D), Oklahoma
Loving was appointed to fill a vacancy.

1991 Mary Stallcup (D), Arkansas
Stallcup was appointed to fill a vacancy for a very brief time

1991-1999 Gale A. Norton (R), Colorado
Since 2001
Secretary of the Interior in USA Cabinet.

1991-1995 Bonnie Campbell (D), Iowa 

1991-2003 Frankie Sue Del Papa (D), Nevada

1993-2003 Christine O. Gregoire (D), Washington
Governor from 2004.

1993-2001 Jan Graham (D), Utah

1993-1997 Pamela Carter (D), Indiana

1993-2001 Heidi Heitkamp (D), North Dakota
Tax Commissioner 1986-1993. Heitkamp was initially appointed and subsequently elected to fill an unexpired term

1995-? M. Jane Brady (R), Delaware

1995-2003 Carla J. Stovall (R), Kansas

1995-2003 Betty Montgomery (R), Ohio
State Auditor since 2003.

1999-2003 Janet Napolitano (D), Arizona
Governor since 2003.

1999-2003 Jennifer Granholm (D), Michigan
Governor since 2003.

1999-2007 Patricia Madrid (D), New Mexico

2000-2001 Karen Freeman-Wilson, Indiana

2003-?  Lisa Madigan (D), Illinois

2003-2007 Peg Lutenschlager (D), Wisconsin

2007-? Martha Coakley (D), Massachusetts

2007-? Lori Swanson (D),  Minnesota

2007-? Catherine Cortez Masto (D), Nevada

State Controller or Comptroller

1991-1995 Dawn Clark Netsch (D), Illinois

1995-2003 Kathleen Connell (D), California

1995-? Nancy Wyman (D), Connecticut

1995-1999 Loleta A. Didrickson (R), Illinois

1999-2004 Kathy Augustine (R), Nevada

1999-2007 Carole Keeton Strayhorn (R), Texas
Railroad Commissioner in 1994-1999. Independent Candidate for Governor in 2006.

2007-? Donna M. Jones (R), Indiana

2007-? Kim Wallin (D), Nevada

2007-? Susan Combs (R), Texas

Commissioner of Insurance

1972-1976 Evelyn E. Gandy (D), Mississippi

1960-1964 and 1968-1972 State Treasurer. Lt. Governor 1976-1980.

1993-? Donna Lee Williams (R), Delaware

1993-2001 Deborah Senn (D), Washington

1995-2002 Kathleen Sebelius (D), Kansas
Governor since 2003.

2003-? Sandy Praeger (R), Kansas

2007-? Kim Holland (D), Oklahoma

Commissioner of Education

1987-1993 Betty Castor (D), Florida

Railroad Commissioner

1927-1934 Mamie Eaton Greene (D), Florida
Greene was initially appointed to fill a vacancy caused by the death of her husband; she was subsequently elected.

1991-1992 Lena Guerrero (D), Texas
Guerrero was appointed to fill a vacancy.

1994-1999 Carole Keeton Strayhorn (R), Texas
Strayhorn won a special election to fill an unexpired term. State Controller since 1999.

2005-? Elizabeth Ames Jones (R), Texas

Superintendent of Education

1991-1999 Barbara Nielsen (R), South Carolina

1995-2003 Linda Schrenko (R), Georgia

1999-? Inez Tenenbaum (D), South Carolina

2003-? Kathy Cox (R), Georgia

Secretary of Agriculture
1999-2007 Patty Judge (D), Iowa
Lt. Governor 2007.

State Printer

1957-1960 Lily M. Washabough (D), Kansas

Commissioner of Elections

2000-? Suzanne Haik Terrell (R), Louisiana
Candidate for U.S. Senator in 2002.

Register of State Lands

1931-1951 and 1956-1957 Lucille May Grace (D), Louisiana
Grace was initially appointed to fill a vacancy caused by the death of her father; she died while serving
in office in 1957.

1952-1955 and 1960-1975 Ellen Bryan Moore (D), Louisiana

Public Registration Commissioner

1999-2001 Lynda Lovejoy (D), New Mexico

Commissioner of Labor

1979-1995 Mary Wendy Roberts (D), Oregon

1995-2007 Brenda Reneau Wynn (R), Oklahoma

2001-? Cherie Killian Berry (R), North Carolina

Commissioner of Agriculture

1989-1997 Sarah Vogel (D), North Dakota

1999-? Susan Combs (R), Texas

2001-2003 Meg Scott Phipps (D), North Carolina

Tax Commissioner

1986-1993 Heidi Heitkamp (D),  North Dakota
Heitkamp was initially appointed and subsequently elected to fill an unexpired term.
Attorney General 1993-2001.

Auditor General

1965-1968 Grace McCalmont (D), Pennsylvania
State Treasurer 1961-1964 and 1969-1976.

1989-1997 Barbara H. Hafer (R), Pennsylvania
State Treasurer since 1997.

Public Utilities Commissioner

1975-1980 Norma Klinkel (D), South Dakota

1977-1982 Char Fischer (R), South Dakota

1989-2001 Laska Schoenfelder (R), South Dakota

1997-2003 Pam Nelson (D), South Dakota

Commissioner of Lands

1993-2001 Jennifer Belcher (D), Washington  

Commissioner of Charities and Corretions 

1907-14 Kate Bernard, Oklahoma
She lived (1875-1930).

2007-? Public Reguation Commissioner Carol K. Sloan, New Mexico


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