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Sweden Parties

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1953-56 Group Leader of the Social Democrats in the Upper Chamber Amalia Johansson f. Johansson

1958-63 Group Leader of the Bondeförbundet in the Upper Chamber Gärda Svensson f. Svensson
She was member of the First Chamber 1945-63. The party later changed its name to Centern. (b. 1895-)

1967-76 Vice Chairperson of Folkpartiet Liberalerna (People's Party the Liberals) Cecilia Nettelbrant
Deputy Speaker of the Riksdag

1970 1st. Deputy Group Leader of the Labour Party 
1971-73 3rd. Deputy Group Leader
1974-76 3rd. Deputy Group Leader Astrid Kristensson née Zetterstrand
Later Governor of Kronoborg Län. 

1971-86 Vice Chairperson of Center Party Karin Söder
1986-87 Chairperson

1975-82 Vice Chairperson of Folkpartiet Kerstin Anér

1977-78 Deputy Group Leader of Moderata Samlingspartiet (Moderate Ralley) Ingrid Sundberg

1979-82 Deputy Group Leader of Center Partiet Britta Hammarbaeken

1982-ca.85 Group Leader of the Socialdemokraternar Lilly Hansson

1983-? Vice Chairperson of Center Partiet Birgit Friggebo
187-88 Political Secretary in the Riksdag
1989-91 Party secretary
1990-91 Group Leader

1982-85 Vice-Group Leader of Folkpartiet Kerstin Ekman

1984-86 Co-Spokesperson of the Miljöpartiet (Environmental Party) Ragnhild Pohanka
The first co-leader of the party after its foundation. (b. 1933-)

1986-88 Co-Spokesperson of the Miljöpartiet  Eva Goës

1988-90 Co-Spokesperson of the Miljöpartiet Fiona Björling
Professor in Slavic Languages

1990-92 Co-Spokesperson of the Miljöpartiet Margareta Gisselberg

1991-94 Party Secretary of The Social Democrats Mona Salin
2007-11 Party Chairperson
Minister of Labour 1990-91, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Equality 1994-95, designated to take over as Party Leader and Premier Minister, but had to resign from politics because of irregular - but legal - use of the state-credit cards for private use 1996, Minister for Infrastructure (Industrial Development, Small Enterprises, Regional Development and Science) in the Ministry of
Industry, Employment and Communication (Assisting Minister of Industry) 1998-2000, Minister of Labour, Communication, The Estonia-Catastrophe, Integration and Minorities and Urban Development in the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communication 2002-04, Minister of Democracy, Urban Policies and Integration in the Ministry of Justice 2000-02, Minister of Equality 2003-04 and Minister for Sustainable Development (Infrastructure, Housing, Energy and Environmental Questions) 2004-05. Candidate for Prime Minister in 2010. Mother of 3 children. (b. 1957-)

1992-99 Joint Spokesperson of the Miljöpartiet Marianne Samuelsson
1995-99 and 2000-06 Joint Group Leader

1993-2003 Chairperson of Vänsterpartiet (Left Party) Gudrun Schyman
2006- Spokesperson of Fi
She had to resign because tax-evasions. 2005 founder and leading member of
Feministiskt initiativ - a Feminist Party.

1993-94 Vice Chairperson of Nya Demokrati (New Democracy) Vivianne Franzén
1994-97 Chairperson

1993-2001 Vice-Chairperson of Folkpartiet Eva Eriksson
1995-96 Acting Leader

1994 Group Leader of Nya Demokrati Harriet Collander
1994 Chairperson

1994-98 Group Leader of the Social Democrats Marie-Lis Lööw

1994-98 Group Leader Kristlige Demokratiske Samhällspartiet Elisabeth Fridén

1995-97 Chairperson of Folkpartiet Maria Leissner
In 1995 she had absence of leave for a couple of months after her partner and son was killed in a traffic accident. In 2000 appointed ambassador in the Foreign Ministry and posted in Guatemala in 2001 with accreditation also to El Salvador. 

1996-99 Party Secretary of the Social Democrats Ingela Thalén
Minister of Labour 1987-90, Minister of Social Affairs and Health 1990-91, Minister of Social Affairs and Health 1994-96,                  
Minister of Social Insurance in the Ministry of Social Affairs (Assi
stant Social Minister) 1999-2002. (b. 1942-)

1997 Group Leader of Folkpartiet Anne Wibble

1997-2000 Group Leader of Folkpartiet Isa Halvorsson

1998-2001 Vice Chairperson of Centerpartiet Maud Olofsson
2001 Acting Chairperson
2001-11 Chairperson

1999-2002 Co-Spokesperson of the Miljöpartiet Lotta Nilsson Hedström

2001-08 Group Leader of The Social Democrats in Riksdagen Britt Bohlin Olsson
Governor of Jämtland Län from 2008.

2001-06 Group Leader of Centern Åsa Torstensson
Minister of Infrastructure from 2006. (b. 1958-).

2001-10 Joint Group Leader of Miljöpartiet Helena Hillar Rosenqvist
(b. 1946-).

2002-11 Co-Spokesperson of the Miljöpartiet Maria Wetterstrand

2003-04 Joint Acting Leader and 1. Vice-chairperson of Vänsterpartiet Ulla Hoffman
After the resignation of Gudrun Schyman she and Ingrid Burman took over as Vice-Chairs and Acting Leaders in a troika with the Party Secretary Pernilla Zethreaus. (b. 1942-)

2003-04 Joint Acting Leader and 2. Vice-chairperson of Vänsterpartiet Ingrid Burman
The three women will act as leaders until the scheduled party-congress in February 2004. (b. 1953-).

2004-09 Party Secretary of the Social Democrats Marita Ulvskog
Minister of Civil Affairs 1994-96
, Minister of Equality 1995-96 and Minister of Culture and Church Affairs 1996-2004 and MEP from 2009. Mother of two daughters born 1975 and 1995. (b. 1951-).  

2005- Leader of Min Geaidnu/Mijá Gäjnno/Mijjen Geajnoe Sara Larsson
The name of the Sami party means "Our Way" She is member of the Sami Executive. (b. 1977-)

2005-10 Group Leader of Folkpartet libaralerne Anna Grönlund Krantz
(b. 1971-).

2006-10 Joint Group Leader of Miljöpartiet Mikaela Valtersson
2010-11 Group Leader
Candidate for Joint Party Leader in 2011.

2006-10 Group Leader of Vänsterpartiet Alice Åström
2006-11 Vice-Chairperson of the Party
Was not reelected to the Parliament in 2010.

2010-14 Party Secretary of Moderaterna Sofia Arkelsten
MP from 2007. The Deputy Party Secretary was Gunilla Sjöberg (b. 1976-).

2010-14 Party Secretary of Folkpartiet Nina Larsson
MP from 2006. (b. 1976-)

2010- Party Secretary of Kristdemokraterne Acko Ankarberg Johansson

2010- Group Chairperson of Moderaterna Anna Kinberg Batra
2014-15 Acting Party Leader
2015- Party Leader
MP 2001-02 and from 2006. (b. 1970-)

2010-11 Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Centerpartiet Annie Lööf
2011- Party Leader
MP from 2006. (b. 1983-)

2011-16 Co-Spokesperson of Miljöpartiet Åsa Romson
Deputy Premier and Minister of Environment 2014-16.

2011- Party Secretary of Social Democrats Carin Jämtin
2012 Acting Party Leader
Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Council and Leader of the Opposition 2006-11 and Acting Chairperson in 2008
and a former Minister. Acting Leader after the resignation of the party chair after 10 months in office.

2011-12 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democrats Carina Moberg
MP 1994-2012. She lived (1966-2012)

2012-15 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Kristdemokraterne Emma Henriksson
2015- 2. Vice-Party Chair

2014- Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of the Greens Maria Ferm
2014- Party Secretary of Folkpartiet Maria Wallgren Arnholm
Minister of Equality 2013-14

2015- Chairperson of Kristdemokraterne Ebba Busch Thor
Municipal Councillor of Uppsala 2010-15. (b. 1987-)

2016- Co-Spokesperson of the iljöpartiet de Gröna Isabella Lövin
Member of the European Parliament 2009-14 and Minister for International Development Cooperation 2014-. (b. 1963-)

2016- Party Secretary of Miljö Partiet Amanda Lind


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