Swaziland Parliament

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Swaziland Parliament

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The supreme authority in the Country is vested in the Swazi National Council - Libandla, which is headed by the King and Queen Mother. The Legislature consists of the Senate House of Representatives

1981-85 Joint Chairperson of the Libandla Queen Mother Dzeliwe Shongwe of Swaziland
After the death of her husband, King Sobhuza II she was regent for one of his sons,and as such also Co-Chair the Swazi National Council or Upper House. She lost the title of Queen Mother in 1985. (b. circa 1927-).

1985- Joint-Chairperson of the Libandla Queen Mother Ntombi laTfwala of Swaziland 
Emakhosikati (Queen) Ntombi was one of the youngest wifes of Sobhuza II, and mother of the future king Mswati II. After the former Queen Mother Regent, Dzeliwe, was removed, she was installed as Queen regent in late October, As Queen Mother she is Deputy Head of State and co-Chairperson of the Swazi National Council, together with the king. (b. circa 1950-).

2003-06 Deputy President of the Senate Chief Gelane Zwane

2006 Acting President of the Senate (February-March)
2006- President of the Senate

Acting Chief of koNtjingila  in the Shiselweni region from 2004. Perhaps Acting President of the Senate when the former President became Foreign Minister and later elected to the post.


2003-2008 Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly Trusty Gina

2004 Acting Speaker of the House of Assembly (11. March-11. May)
2006 Acting Speaker of the House of Assembly (26.10-03.11)

On 11 May  2004 she lost the elections for the post of Speaker.


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