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Romania Parties

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1944-56 Secretary General of the Communist Party Ana Pauker
Foreign Minister and other posts

1990-? Leader Alianta Civica Ana Blandina
As Member of the Council of the National Salvation Front, she became Joint Collective Head of State in December 1989, when the office of President became vacant after the execution of Ceausescu.

2003 Leader of the Senate Group of Partidul Naţional Liberal Norica Nicolai
2003-07 Vice-Leader of the Senate Group
2007-? Party Vice-Chairperson
State Secretary of Labour and Social Protection 1997-2000 and President of the Economic and Social Council from 2000, Vice-President of the Senate 2000-04 and from 2007. (b. 1958-).

2014- President of the People's Movement Elena Udrea
Mnister 2008-12 and candidate for the leadership of the Democratic Party in 2013. (b. 1973-)

 2014-16 Leader of the Liberal party chairman Alina Gorghiu
Alina-Ștefania Gorghiu has been MP from 2008 and was Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies in 2012. Resigned as party leader after heavy defeats in 2016. (b. 1978-).


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