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Portugal Parties

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1976-? Leader of the Workers Party of Socialist Unity Carmelinda Maria dos Santos Pereira
In 2005 she failed to register her candidature in 2006 because she did not collect the minimum number of signatures. She is the founder of the party.

1985-89 Co-President of Os Verdes (The Greens) Maria Amelia do Camo Mota Santos
1989-? Leader Os Verdes

1985-87 Co-Leader of Partido Renovador Democrático (Democratic Rennovation) Dr.Manuela Eanes

1995-? Leader of the Parliamentary Group of Partido Popular Maria José Pinto da Cunha Avilez Nogreira Pinto

1995-2005 Leader of Parliamentary Group of Partido Ecológico/Os Verdes Isabel Maria de Almeida e Castro
Known as Isabel Castro.

1998-99 Vice-President of Partido do Socialisto Democrático Maria Ferreira Leite
2008-09 President of the Party
Also member of the government on several occations.

2005- Leader of the Parliamentary Group of Partido Ecológico/Os Verdes Heloísa Apolónia
Her full name is Heloísa Augusta Baião de Brito Apolónia

2011-14 President of the socialist Partido Socialista Maria de Belém
2014 Acting Secretary General (Party Leader)

Minister of Health 1995-99 and Minister of Equality 1999-2001.


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