Panama Parties

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Panama Parties

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1979-84-? President of Partido Revolucionario Democratico (Democratic Revolution) Berta Torijos de Arosemena
The party was Marxist-Christian Democrat (!)

1989-90 Parliamentary Leader of ? Mireya Guevara Falles

1990- Leader of Partido Arnulfista (now Panameñista) Mirea Moscoso
1994- Leader of Alianza Democrática
She was Presidential Candidate 1994 and was President 1999-2004. The party later changed

1992-? Leader of Movimento Social Cristiano Gloria Moreno [de López]

Circa 1994- Vice-President of Partdo Solitaridad Doc. Marisin Villalaz de Arias
Former Mayor of Panama City.

Circa 1999 and 2008- President of Partido Revolucionario Democrática, PRD Balbina Herrera
1999-2008 Deputy Party Leader
President of the Legislative Assembly 1994-95 and President of Partido Revolucionario Democrática, Deputy Party Leader 1999-2008 until she became Party President again and won the primaries to become candidate for the May 2009-elections, which she eventually lost. Minister of Housing 2004-08. (b. 1955-).

Circa 1999-? Leader of Movimento Liberal Republicano Nacionalista Delia Cárdenas
Former Minister and from around 2001 Superintendent of Banks.

Circa 1999- Leader of Movimento Papa Egoró Gloria Young



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