Palau Local Leaders

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Palau Local Leaders

Also see Balau/Palau Ministers


1992-circa 96 Governor Theodosia Blailes, Angaur State

1992-2000 Lt. Governor Sabina Andrew, Hatohobei State

2000-04 and 2016 -Governor Laura I. Ierago, Sonsorol State
The second time her name was Laura I. Miles

2006-15 Governor Victoria Ngiratkakl-Kanai, Airai State

Governor Akiko C. Bedor-Sugiyama, Ngardmau

2007- Governor Leilani Ngirturong Reklai, Aimeliik State
A businesswoman, she is sister of Aimeliik Delegate Kalistus Ngirturong and defeated her cousin, Abina Etpison, who has been Delegate through many years.

2010-12 Governor Romana Anastacio, Ngchesar

2011-14 Governor Maria Gates-Meltel, Angaur (Ngeaur)

2014-15 Governor Francesca Ruluked Otong, Ngatpang
Member of the State Legislature.

2015 Acting Governor Jacqueline Victor, Hatohobei (Hatobohei)

2015- Governor Huana Kyoshi Nestor, Hatohobei (Hatobohei)

2016- Governor Ilolang Sisca Vogt, Ngeremlengui

Executive Officer

Until 2007 Francesca R. Otong, Ngatpang
She won 3 consecutive elections (March, May, August) for the first elected Governor of the state but failed to get the majority of the registered voters as the amended State Constitution demands, so no Governor was eleced. Until 2007 the Governor of Ngatpang was appointed by the chiefs of the State and until then the top elective office was that of the Executive Officer, and she served in this office for several years - the last time (Sep 2006) she ran unopposed.


Speakers of Legislatures

Before 1996 Speaker of the State Legislature Lorenza Olkersiil, Ngiwal State

Before 1996-? Speaker of the State Legislature Julia Franz, Ngeremlengui State

After 1996 Speaker of the State Legislature Myory Simeon, .....

2000-? Speaker of the State Legislature Rosania Victor, Hatohobei State

2002-06 Speaker of the State Legislature Victoria Ngiratkakl-Kanai, Airai State
Also known as Vicky Kanai, she was elected governor in 2006.




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