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Pakistan Parties

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In 1977 Leader of PNA Begum Naseem Wali Khan
She was married to Khan Abdul Wali Khan, who was President of the party. She was Provincial President of the Party in Peshawar in 2001 still, and provincial President of the Alliance for Restoration of Democracy

1979-93 Leader of Pakistan People's Party Nusrat Bhutto
Took over the leadership together with her daughter, Benazir, when her husband, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was executed.

1986-93 Co-Leader of PPP Benazir Bhutto
1993-2007 (†) Leader of PPP
1997-2007  (†) Leader of the Opposition
Prime Minister 1988-90 and 1993-96. After she was killed by a suicide bomb, her 19 year old son, Bilawal Bhutto was named Party Chairman with his father,
Asif Ali Zardari as Co-Chairman and Acting Leader. She lived (1953-2007).

1999- Chairperson of Pakistan People's Party Saheed Bhutto (PPP-SB) Ghinwa Bhutto
The widow of Benazier Bhutto's murdered brother, Mir Murtazad Bhutto. Born in Lebanon, she was barred from contesting in the 2002-elections on the grounds of not possessing an university degree.

1999-2000 Leader of Loyalist Wing of the Muslim League Kulsoom Nawaz
She took over the leadership of the party after her husband. Premier Nawaz Sharif was ousted by a military coup and convicted for corruption. Another branch wanted to elect a new leader. They were sent into exile in Saudi Arabia in 2000 and returned in 2007.

Until 2013  (†)
Senior Vice-President of Pakistan's Movement for Justice party
Zahra Shahid Hussain
She was assasinated. (d. 2013)


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