Nederlandse Antillen Parties

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Nederlandse Antillen Parties

Also see Netherlands Antillies Ministers

1971-77 Vice-President of Nationale Vokspartij/Partido Nashional de Pueblo, PNP Lucinda E. da Costa Gomez-Matheeus
Various Ministerial Posts and acting Premier 1977.

1983-97 and 2002-04 Leader of PNP Maria Ph. Liberia-Peters
Premier 1984 and 1988-93.

1994-(99) Leader of The Democratic Party of the People (PDP) Millicent de Weever

1996- Leader of Demcratisch Partij-St. Maarten Sarah Wescott-Williams
Councillor in the Government of St. Maarten 1995-2009 and Government Leader

1997-99 Parliamentary Leader of Movement for New Antilies Magda Martina (Curacao)

1997-2002 Leader of PNP Mr. Suzanne Carmelia-R÷mer
Premier 1993 and 1998-99.

1998- Leader of Sint Eustatius Alliance Ingrid Whitfield-Houtman
She was commissioner 1999-2003, but after 2003 the party was not even represented in the local assembly.

1999- Chairperson of Sabha Unity Party Carmen Simmonds

2003-10 Leader of the People's Progressive Alliance Gracita Arrindell in Sint Maarten
The party is based at the island of St. Maarten, 2010 she resigned as leader and joined the United People's party. President of the first Parliament Sint Maarten from 2010.

Around 2003-? Leader of ORDU Mr. Josephine A.M. Bakhuis-Trinidad

Around 2003-? Chairperson of PNP Lelia Pieternella-Pieters Kwiers

2004-10 Leader of PNP drs. Ersilia de Lannooy
Minister of Finance from 2002 and Acting Minister of Education in 2003.

2005-12 Leader of De Partido Antia Restrukturß (PAR) Emily de Jongh-Elhage
Commissioner of Public works and Public Housing of Curašao 1998-99, Commissioner of Education, Sport and Cultural Affairs 1999-2002, Minister of Education and Culture of the Netherlands Antillen and Commissioner of Public Enterprises and Public Housing 2004-05. Minister President of the Netherlands Antilles 2006-10. In 2010 her party was the largest in the assembly of the future land of Curašao but a number other parties formed a government.

2010- Leader of Movishon Antia Nobo (MAN) Eunice Eisden in Curašao


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