Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
"The Kurdish Regional Government"
Was established as an "international protectorate" in the Northern Part of Iraq in 1991 in the aftermath of the Golf War.

1996-99 Deputy Minister for Reconstruction  Nazaneen Muhammad Wasu
1999-2003 Minister for Public Works and Housing
2003-06 and Minister for Housing and Reconstruction
2006- Minister of Municipalities
Also known as Nazanin Mohammad Waso. (b. 1959-).

1999 Minister of Municipalities Kafia Kareem

1999-2003 Minister of Reconstruction and Development Nasreen Mustafa Sadiq
Minister in the central government of Iraq from 2003.

2000-04 Minister of Education Nermin Othman
Minister of Women's Affairs in the Iraqi Government from 2004.

2006-09 Minister for Martyrs and Victims of Anfal Chnar Saad

2009-14 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Asos Najib Abdullah
A former judge.

2014- Minister of Municipalities Newroz Mawlood Amin

Last update 20.07.14