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North Korea Parties

.....2004- Chairperson of Chondoist Chongu Party Ju Mi Jong
Also spelled as Yu Mi Yong and the party is a sattelite of the Communist Korean Labour Party. She is also Chairperson of the Consultative Council for the Reunification of the Tangun Nation from around 1997.

Around 1998 Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party Pak Chong Ac

Around 1998 Alternate Member of the Politburo Chong Kyong Hui

Around 1998 Alternate Member of the Politburo Kim Boh Shi

2010- Member of the Pulitburo of the Communist Party Chang Song-taek
She has held a wide range of important Worker's Party positions including being a member of the Central Committee.
Her promotion to four-star general makes Kim Kyung-hee the first North Korean woman ever to achieve such status. Her name was listed ahead of her son, Kim Jong-un's appointment, state media reported. Analysts say she was possibly being positioned to oversee the transfer of office from her brother to her young nephew, and may have acted as a guardian during his rise to power.



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