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Ireland Parties

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1917 President of Cunnanna mBa Countess ConstanceMarkievicz
1918 President of Sinn Feín in Dublin
She was the first Cabinet minister in the Provisoric Government, and in 1918 first MP in the House of Commons in United Kingdom, but did not take her seat. 

1926 Member of the Executive of Fianna Fáil Hanna Shelly-Skeffington

1954-57 Chief Whip of Labour Maureen O'Carroll
TD 1954-57. Among her 11 children is the comedian Brendan O'Carroll. She lived (1913-1984)

Circa 1957-ca.63 Vice-President of Fianna Fáil Senator Margaret Pearce

1979-81 Deputy President of Fianna Fáil Maire Geoghegan-Quinn
The first female member of government in Ireland

1981-82 Leader of Fine Gael in the Senate Gemma Hussey
Held various ministerial posts

1988-89 Chief Whip of the Progressive Democrats Mary Harney
1989-93 Deputy Leader
1993-2006 Leader
2007-08 Acting Party Leader
inister of State of Environment 1989-92, Deputy Premier/Tánaiste 1997-2006, Minister of Enterprise, Employment and Trade 1997-2004,
Minister of Health and Children and from 2004. Became Acting leader in 2007 after the elctions left both the leader and deputy leader outside the parliament. 40 year old
Senator Fiona O'Malley lost the bit to become her succeessor the party's only other (male) senator. (b. 1954-)

1989-90 Chairperson of Labour Niamh Breathmooh
1990-92 Vice-Chairperson
Minister of Education

1992-2001 Co-ordinator of the Green Party Mary Bowes

1993-2001 Deputy Leader of Fianna Gail Nora Owen
Former Minister.

1992-94 President of the Workers' Party/Pairtína nOibm Marian Donnelly

1994-98 Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Left Party Tríona Dooney
She later joined Labour, and lived (1952-2001).

1994-2002 Deputy Leader of Fianna Fáil Mary O'Rourke
2002-07 Leader of the party in the Senate
She held a number of Ministerial Posts and also candidate for the party leadership in 2002. (b. 1937-).

1993-97 Leader of Labour in the Senate Jan O'Sullivan
Held various ministerial posts.

2001-11 Deputy Leader of the Green Party Mary White
Minister of State and Member of the Dail from 2007-11.

2002-07 Deputy Leader of Labour Liz McManus
2007 Acting Leader

MP 1992-2011,
Minister of State of Environment and Local Government 1994-97, and acted as leader after the resignation of the previous leader. (b. 1947-).

2006-07 Deputy Leader of the Progressive Democrats Liz O’Donnell
Whip 1993-97, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs for Overseas Development Assistance and Human Rights 1997-2002 and Minster of State to the Government in 2006. MP until 2007. (b. 1956-).

2007-14 Deputy Leader of Labour Jane Burton
2014-16 Leader

Held several government posts and became Deputy Premier in 2014. Candidate for the Deputy Leadership in 2004. (b. 1949-).

2007-11 Leader of Fine Gael in the Senate Frances Fitzgeral
Held various ministerial posts

2009- Deputy Leader of Sinn Féin Mary Lou McDonald
Fomer MEP and MP from 2011.

2011- Leader of Labour in the Senate Ivana Bacik
2011-16 Deputy Government Leader

2011- Deputy Leader of the Green Party Catherine Martin

2014-16 Leader of Renua Ireland Lucinda Creighton
Former Minister of State and member of parliament, TD until 2016.

2015- Joint Leader of the Social Democrats Róisín Shortall
Former Minister of State

2015- Joint Leader of the Social Democrats Catherine Murphy

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