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Hungary Parties

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1956 Leader of a Social Democratic Party Kéthly Anna
1956-ca.76 Leader of the party in exile

1989-94 Chairperson of the Social Democrats Petrasovits Anna

1990-92 Parliamentary Leader of Democratic Forum Barsi Etelka

1990-94 Vice-President of Hungarian Democratic Forum Dobos Krisztina
Deputy State Secretary of Public Education and Culture 1977-circa 1990.

1993- Chairperson of the National Party for Hungarian Mothers Sokaray Toll Agnes

1995- Chairperson of Hungarian Interests Party Király Izabella

1994-98 Deputy Leader of the Parliamentary Group of the Hungarian Socialist Party 
1998-2000 Vice-President of the Hungarian Socialist Party
Lamperth Mónika 
She was appointed as Minister of Interior in 2002

1999-2010 Chairperson of the Hungarian Democratic Forum Dr. Dávid Ibolya
MDF is a Liberal Party. She was Minister of Justice from 1998. In 2006 she lost her seat as the party only got one MP elected (b. 1954-).

2002-10 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Faction of the Hungarian Socialist Party Lendvai Ildikó
2009-10 Party Chairperson
MP from 1994. (b. 1946-).

2006-10 Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Fidesz ldikó Pelczné Gáll
Vice-President of the Parliament 2009-10 and MEP from 2010.

2010- Chairperson of the Social Union Dr. Szili Katalin
She was Political State Secretary of Environment 1994-98 and is Vice-Chairperson of the Social Democrats. Vice-President 1998-2002 and President of the National Assembly 2002-09,
the governing party's Presidential Candidate in 2009 and candidate for Mayor of Pecs in 2009. In 2010 she founded a the new party, the Social Union. (b. 1956-)


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