Female Heads of Mission until 1950

Female Heads of Mission - Ambassadors, Envoys, Minister-Plenipotentiaries - until 1950

1633-34 Catarina Stopia, Swedish Representative accredited to Moscow
The Swedish Council of State credited her as Envoy after the death of her husband, Johan Möller av Liljenhagen, and she completed a negotiation regarding trade relations with Russia. The next woman to be ambassador was Alva Myrdal, who was head of mission to India, Burma, Nepal and Sri Lanka 1951-55, India 1955-66 and Disarmament Ambassador 1961-66.

1919-20 Diana Agabeg Apcar, Armenian Counsul to Japan

1918 Rosika Schwimmer, Hungarian Plenipotentiary Minister to Switzerland
1923-24 Aleksandra Kollontaj, Soviet Envoy to Norway
Ambassador to Mexico 1926-27, to Norway 1927-30 and Sweden 1930-40

1924 Elena Vacaresco, Romanian Ambassador to the Leauge of Nations

1930 Irene Parlby, Canadian Delegate (Ambassador) to the League of Nations

1933-36 Ruth Bryan Owen Rhode, American Minister-Plenipotentiary and extraordinary and Envoy, Denmark
Before 1949, Florence Jaffray Hurst Harriman, was Minister and Envoy to Norway 1937-40, Esther Dalia Canin, was Minister and Envoy to UNESCO 1946-51 and in 1949 Eugenie Moor Anderson was Appointed Ambassador to Denmark, a postion she held until
1953 She was Ambassador to Bulgaria

1941 Palma Guillén, Mexican Minister to Colombia

1945-49 Prof. Isabel Aurva Vallejo, Paraguayan Ambassador to Brazil
Ambassador to USA 1949-50

1947-? Carmen Vidal de Senoret, Chilean Envoy/Minister to The Neterlands
She was married to the envoy to United Kingdom

1948-49 Golda Meir, Israeli Ambassador to the Soviet Union
Later minister of Labour, Foreign Minister and Prime Minister
1948-49 Vijaya Lakshimi Pandit, Indian Ambassador to the Soviet Union
Ambassador to USA 1949-51, Mexico 1950-51, United Kingdom 1954-61 and Ireland and Spain 1958-61. In 1953 she was President of the General Assembly of the United Nations as the first of only 3 women (The next two: Angie E. Brooks in 1969 and Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa in 2006)

1948 Ida Gramcko, Venezuelan Ambassador to the Soviet Union

1949-54 Stela Dmitrova Blagoeva, Bulgarian Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Finland
She lived (1887–1954)

1949-55 Bodil Begtrup, Danish Envoy to Iceland
Ambassador to Iceland 1955, to the Council of Europe 1956-59, to Switzerland 1959-68 and to Portugal 1968-73

1950-71 Minerva Bernardino, Ambassador for the Dominican Republic to the United Nations
Ambassador to The Netherlands 1971-76

1950-55 Josephine McNeill, Irish Ambassador to The Netherlands

United Kingdom

1973-77 Eleanor Emery, Botswana
High Commissioner

1976-83 Dame Anne M. Warburton, Denmark
1983-87 United Nations in Génève

1987-90 Veronica Sutherland, Ivory Coast
The first female British Ambassador ot be married.