Guyana Parties

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Guyana Parties

Also see Guyana Ministers

1950-93 Secretary of People's Progressive Party, PPP Janet Jagan
1993- Co-leader of the party
Various ministerial posts, Prime Minister 1997 and President 1997-99. She lived (1920-2009).

1962-70 Chairperson of People's National Congress Winifred Gaskin

1994-98 Secretary General of People's National Congress Pat MacKenzie

Around 2003- Vice-Chairperson of PNP Deborah Backer
Former Senator and at present MP.

Until 2005 Leader of the Working People's Alliance
2006-11 () Vice-Chairperson of The Alliance for Change Shiela Holder
Her party merged with a number of other parties to form an alliance. Prime Ministerial Candidate in 2011 until she had to resign for health reasons. She lived (1946-2011)


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