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Achaye (Achaia)

Until 1331 Princess Mahaut de Hainault
Also Princess of Morée. Daughter of Prince Florenz de Hainault de Achaye et Morée etc. and married to Louis de Bourgogne and lived (1293-1331)


1281-95 Dame Marthe

1295-98 Dame Isabelle

1555-73 Duchess Jeanne
Queen Juana III of Navarra, was daughter of Henri II, King of Navarra, Count of Foix, Bigorre and Vicomte de Béarn, Count of Périgod and Vicomte de Limoges, Seigneur and duke of Albert and Marguerite, Duchesse d'Alençon et Berry, Comtesse de Rodez, d'Armagnac, du Perche, Porhoët, de Fezensac, de L'Isle-Jourdain, Pardiac, Viscomtesse de Lomagne, Fezenzaguet, de Brulhois, de Cressey, d'Arvilliers and Baronne de Castelnau, de Crusade, de Montmiral and Dame de Flêche et de Baugé.

1572-1604 Sovereign Duchess Catherine de Bourbon de Navarra of Albret, Comtesse d'Armagnac and Rodez
1577 Lieutenant-général of Béarn
1582-92 Regent of Béarn
She succeeded her mother, Juana III of Navarra in some of her fiefs, and was also Princess of Navara and "Madame France" through her father, Antoine de Vendome. She was heir presumptive to the throne of Navarre, the County of Béarn, the Co-Principality of Andorra and the Duchy of Donnezan. Her brother, King Henri III of Navarra, became Henri IV of France in 1589 and two years after her death she had a son. She was married to Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Bar, who was succeeded by his daughter by the second marriage, Nicoläa. Cathrine had no children, and lived (1559-1604).



1070-82 Dame Mabile
Succeeded father

1219-20 Dame Alice

1415-? Regent Countess Dowager Marie de Bretagne
For son Jean V le Beau (1409-76 (killed))

1525 Countess Marguerite d'Orléans
She lived (1492-1549)

1525-49 Princess Françoise
Also Princess Alençon and Duchess of Beaumont in succession to brother. She was daughter of Rene, Duc d'Alençon and Marguerite de Lorraine.  She first married Francois d'Orléans, Duke de Longueville and then Charles IV de Bourbon, Duke of Vendome and Count Soissons.  She was mother of 13 children, and lived (1490-50)

1559-66 Countess Chatherine de' Medici

1675-96 Elisabeth d'Orléans, Duchess de Angoulême and Alençon.


1746-82 Marchioness Suzanna Ceville d'Aumale
Both her parents died 1746. She lived (1740-82)


1181-1208 Countess Mahaut (Mathilde)
Succeeded father

1202-45/46 Countess Isabelle
She was daughter of the Pretender Ademar Tailleper
, and married to King John of England.

1202-05 Regent Countess Alice
For daughter

1496-1531 Countess Louise de Savoie
Title of  Duchess since 1515, Duchess d'Anjou (1516), Duchess de Bourbon 1523-27), Duchess de Touraine (1528). Daughter of Philippe II de Savoie and Marguerite de Bourbon, married to Charles d'Orléans (1492-1549) and she lived (1476-1531)

1582-1619 Duchess Diane de Valois
Also Duchess of Etampes, she was  Governor of  Limousin
1593-96 and 1605-19 of the Bourbonais. Illegitimate daughter of Henri II and Diane de Portiers. She lived (1538-1619)

1653-96 Duchess Marie Françoise de Valois
The only surviving legitimate cild, she succeeded father, Louis Emanuel (1596-1653), whose grandfather was illegitimate son of Charles IX. She married Los de Lorraine, Duc de Joyeuse (d. 1654). She did not have any children and lived (1632-96)

1696-1713 Duchess Françoise de Nargonne
She was the widow of Charles de Valois, Duc d'Angouleme (1573-1650) and took over the Duchy after the death of his son,
Louis Emanuel and granddaughter, Marie Françoise de Valois. Françoise ived (1621-1713).


1290-99 Marguerite de Sicile (Anjou-Napoli)
Also Countess of Maine. Daughter of Charles II le Boiteux de Sicile, King of Sicily, Jerusalem and Napoli and married to King Charles I of France. She lived (1273-99)

1515-31 Louise de Savoie
Also Duchess of Angoulêne, Bourbon and Touraine. She lived (1476-1531)

1619-39 Countess Marie de' Medici
She was regent of France 1610-17 and Governor of Normandie 1612-19. She lived (1573-1642)


1039-44 Regent Dowager Duchess Agnes de la Bourgogne
For Guillaume VII (1039-58)

1137-1204 Duchess Regnant Eleanore de Poitiers
Also Duchess of Gyuenne. 
1190-94 Regent of England


1245-49 Countess Mascarose I
Succeeded brother

1249-55/56 Countess Mascarose II
Succeeded mother


1180-90 Countess Isabelle de Hainault
Daughter of Baudoin VII of Flanders and Hainault and Marguerite I d'Alsace. She married Philippe II Auguste, King of France, and lived (1170-90)

1302-29 Comtesse Mathilde
Dame de Conches. She married Othon IV de Bourgogne, and was succeeded by daughter.

1329-30 Jeanne de Bourgogne
Succeeded mother, Mathilde. Married to Philippe V de Poitou, King of France and Navarra, and was succeeded by Marguerite in Artois and Jeanne in Bourgogne. 

1330-82 Marguerite de France, 
Married Loedewijk II de Crecy, Count of Flanders. 

See Holland for successors


1511-36 Dame Marthe

1573-93 Dame Marguerite


1708-23 Sovereign Princess Anna Henrietta Julia zu Pfalz-Simmern
Also known as Anne-Henriette de Bavarie, she inherited the principality after the death of her grandfather, the last duke of Mantua Carlos III, who used the tite of Carolus Gonzaga dux Nivernensis et Rethelensis, Dei gratia princeps supremus Archensis. She was daughter of Anna Maria of Gonzaga, and married to the Prince de Condé. Arches was considered part of the kingdom in 1789 when the Estates General were called, and its residents elected a representative to what became the National Assembly. She lived (1648-1723).


1180-96 Countess Havoise

1239-52 Countess Jeanne
Succeeded father Simon de Darmmatin, Count of Ponthieu

1260-62 Regent Dowager Countess Isabella de Devon
For son, who was also count of Holderness, Sipton and Cockermouth in England. In 1262 she succeeded her brother as Dame of Isle of Wright. Her last daughter died in 1274, and after her death in 1293 the county  reverted to the crown.

1342-87 Countess Blanche
Succeeded father

1452-76 Countess Marie d'Harcourt
Succeeded father as Countess of Aumale and sister as Countess of Harcourt in 1456.

1631-38 Duchess Anne de Lorraine
Succeeded brother. She lived (1600-38)

1659-1724 Duchess Marie-Jeanne
Daughter of Charles Amédée and succeeded uncle.


Around 920 Dame Ava

1332-60 Contess Regnant Jeanne I
Also Countess of Boulogne, succeeded father, Jean II le Bon, Duke of Normandie and Boulogne, King of France (1350-64). She lived (1326-60)

1404-1424 Countess Regnant Jeanne II
Also Countess of Boulogne, succeeded father, and married to Jean d'Anjou, Duke de Poitiers and Berry and Auvergne. She lived (1378-142

1400-34 Sovereign Duchess Marie d'Anjou
1414-34 Regent  of Bourbon
1416 Sovereign Duchess de Montpensier
Also known as Marie de Berry, she was daughter of Jean d'Anjou, Count de Poitiers, Duc de Berry, d'Auvergne and Jeanne d'Armagnac, and was married to Louis de Châtillon, Count de Dunois, Philippe d'Artois, Count d'Eu and finally to Jean I, Duc de Bourbon (1410-15-34), and regent during his imprisonment in England. He was succeeded by his son, Charles I (1401-34-56). She lived (1367-1434).

1424-37 Sovereign Countess Marie I of Auvergne
1424 Sovereign Countess of Boulogne
The granddaughter of Robert VII (circa 1282-1314-25), she succeeded her relative, Jeanne II (1404-24), and was succeeded by husband, Bertrand I de la Tour and then by son, Bertrand II. She lived (1376-1437).

1426-36 Dauphine Jeanne
Countess of Clermont-en-Auvergne and Sancerre. Daughter of Berauld III, count of Clermont and Boulogne and Gabrielle de la Tour, Heiress of Auvergne. She married Louis de Bourbon, who was count of Clermont, Sancerre and Montpensier. No children.

1501-24 Countess Regnant Anne de Bourbon
Succeeded father

1524-89 Countess Regnant Catharina de Medici
Regent of France from 155... She was also Countess of Boulogne and
Urbino. Succeeded  parents Madeleine and Lorenzo II de Medici, Comte of Urbino, married to Henri II de France. She lived (1519-89)

1606-65  Countess Regnant  Marguerite
Succeeded husband 


Circa 956 Adélaide Wéra de Chalon 
She was Countess of Auxerre and Chalon as the daughter of Gilbert de Chalon and Ermengarde II de Bourgogne. She first married to Robert I de Vermandois (circa 910-967) comte de Meaux, comte d'Auxerre et de Chalon and secondly Lambert de Chalon (ca.930-979) comte de Chalon et d'Autun (circa 945). Her sister, Liégarde inherited Bourgogne. Adélaide Wéra lived (circa 928-89)

1031-79 Countess Adélaïde de France
Daughter of King Robert II (972-1031). Married to Renaud I de Nevers. She lived (1003-79)

1079 Countess Adele de France
Sister of Adélaïde. Married Richard III de Normandie and Baudoin V de Flanders. She lived (1009-79) 

1175-81 Regent Dowager Countess Mahaut de Bourgogne
For son Guillaume V, who was succeeded by sister, Agnès.

1181-92 Countess Regnant Agnès de Donzy
Also Countess of Nevers and Tonnerre. Daughter of Gu
y I de Nevers and Mahaut de Bourgogne. Married to Pierre II de Courtenay. 

1219-1255 Countess Regnant Mahaut I de Courtenay
After the death of her mother, Agnes, her father, Pierre de Courtenay, Count de Namur 1212 and Emperor of Constantinople 1217,  kept control over Nevers until 1299 and over Auxerre and Tonnerre until his death in 1219. She was married to Baron Hervé V de Donz, who died 1222.

1257-62 Countess Regnant  Mahaut II de Bourgogne
Countess of Nevers and Tonnerre, Dame de Bourbon, Baroness de Donzy et Perche-Gouet. She was daughter of Yolande de Châtillon,
succeeded her great-grandmother, Mahaut I, and lived (1249-62)

1262-90 Sovereign Countess Alix de Bourgogne
The youngest daughter of Mahaut II and succe she was joint ruler with husband Jean I de Châlons, sire de Rochefort (1243-76-90-1309), who was succeeded by their son, Guillaume de Châlon-Auxerre, after her death. Alix lived (1251-90).

(1266-83 Countess Agnès de Dampierre
Also Countess of Nevers and Tonnerre, Dame de Bourbon, daughter of Yolande de Châtillon, who was daughter of Agnès de Donzy, and sometime reigning C
ountess. )

1402-25 Countess Bonne d'Artois
Countess d'Eu, d'Auxerre, de Mâcon, de Vermandois, d'Amiens, de Ponthieu et de Boulogne. She was the second wife of Philippe de Bourgogne (1389-1415), count of Nevers and Donzy, and lived (1396-1425)



1033-93  Countess Regnant  Sophie
Succeeded father of Henri I de Lorraine and Count of Bar.

1344-52 and 1356-59 Regent Dowager Countess Jolanta van Flanders-Cassel
Only daughter and heir of Count Robert van Flandern-Cassel (died in 1331). First married to Heinrich IV, Count of Bar (circa 1312-44) and in 1352 Philippe d’Évreux, Comte de Longueville (1336-63). Her son, Eduard II of Bar, lived (1344-1352). Her second son was Robert I of Bar. In 1352-56 she fought for the regency with her sister-in-law, Jeanne. She was Sovereign Countess of Cassel, Marle, Nogent, Bourbourg, Montmirail and Allauye in Belgium 1331-1395, and lived (1324-95).

1352-1356 Regent Jeanne de Bar
The daughter of Count Henri III of Bar, she was regent for her nephew Robert. She fought for the regency with her sister-in-law, Jolanta van Flanders-Cassel. She had been married to John de Warenne, 8th Earl of Surrey until an annullement in 1315. Her mother was Eleanor of England, daughter of king Edward I of England, and she lived (1295-1361).


1047-? Dame Azeka

1218-23 Countess Petronille

Until 1561 Jacqueline-Marguerite de Longwy
She was the first wife of Louis de Bourbon, Duc de Montpensier, Prince de La Roche-sur-Yon and Dauphin d'Auvergne. 


1170-73 Viscountess Marie
Also Countess de Bigorre, Viscomtesse d'Oloron, Brulhois et Gabarret in succession to brother, and reigned together with husband, Guilllaume I de Moncarde and son Gaston IV le Bon (1173-1215)

1290 Viscountess Marguerite 
Succeeded father

1577 Lieutenant-général Catherine de Bourbon de Navarra
1582-92 Regent of Béarn (France)
Sovereign Duchess of Albert, Comtesse d'Armagnac and Rodez
1572-1604 in succession to her mother, Juana III of Navarra, and was also Princess of Navara and "Madame France" through her father, Antoine de Vendome. Sister of King Henri III of Navarra, wo became Henri IV of Frane in 1589. She was married to Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Bar, who was succeeded by his daughter by the second marriage, Nicoläa. Cathrine had no children, and lived (1559-1604).


Until 1574 Countess Marie de Clèves-Nevers
Also Marquise de l'Isle. Daughter of Francois I de Clèves, Duke of Nevers. 1574 she  married Henri I de Bourbon, Prince de Conde, Duc d'Enghien. Succeeded by daughter, Catherine de Bourbon, Marquise d'Isles (1574-95). Marie lived (1553-74). 

Circa 1595-99 Duchess Gabrielle d'Estree
She was the mistress of Henri IV of France. She lived (1571-99)


Until 1425 Viscomtesse Marie Chamillartin
She married Pierre d'Alençon, Comte du Perche and d'Alençon


1328-92 Blanche de France
Daughter of Charles IV, Count de La Marche and King of France and Navarra (1295-1328) and his third wife, Jeanne d'Evereux (1310-71). Blanche lived (1228-92) and married Philippe duc d'Orléans, Count de Valois et Beaumont (d. 1375)

1525-50 Duchess Françoise d'Alençon of Beaumont
Also Princesse d'Alençon. Succeeded brother, Charles IV, who had no children with his wife Marguerite d'Orléans-Angoulême, Duchesse de Berry. Married to François d'Orléans, Duc de Longueville and to Charles IV de Bourbon, Duc de Vendôme. She lived (1490/91-1550). Her sister Anne d'Alençon was Dame de la Guerche and married to Guillaume Paléolouge, Marquis de Monferrato. 


1265-73 Baroness and Dame Isabelle


109.. Heiress N.N.
Her husband, Gilon de Sully, succeeded her brother Entienne, and was succeeded by son-in-law

1098 Heiress N.N.
Her husband, Eudes Arpin de Dun (King of France 1101) succeeded her parents.

Circa 1498-1505 Duchesse Jeanne de France
Married to Louis II, Duc d'Orléans and later King Louis XII of France. They divorced in 1498 and she retired to Bourges, where she founded a convent. She was daughter of king Louis XI, king of France (1423-83). Jeanne lived (1464-1505)

1516-49 Duchesse Marguerite d'Orléans-Angoulême
Daughter of Charles d'Orléans and Louise de Savoie. Married to Charles IV d'Alençon. She lived (1489-1525)

1550-74 Duchess Marguerite de France
Daughter of Francois I of France and Duchess Claude de Bretagne, married to Emmanuel-Philibert, duc de Savoie. She lived (1523-74) 


´1080-96 Countess Beatrix I
Succeeded brother

1127-36 Countess Beatrix II
Daughter of Beatrix I

1178-90 Countess Beatrix III Stephanie
Succeeded father

1190-1251 Countess Petronille
Also Viscomtesse de Marsan. Succeeded mother, who had defended her right.

[1251-55 Countess Alix de Montfort
Daughter of Petronille and arried to Joudain de Chabannais and succeeded by daughter, Laure, and lived (1216-1255)

1255- Laure
Daughter of Alix. (b. 1246-).]

1283-84 Countess Constance
Succeeded brother
 Raymond de Turenne


Around 850 Heiress Richildis

1095-96 Regent Countess Adelaide de Normandie
1102-22 Regent Dowager Countess 
First regent during her husband's participation in the crusade and later regent for son. She was daughter of William the Conqueror of England. 

1218-30  Countess Regnant  Marguerite
Succeeded the son of her brother

1230-41  Countess Regnant  Marie d'Avesnes
Dame d'Avesnes, Leuze, Guise, Landrechies et Trélon, in succession to brother. She was daughter of Gauthier, Seigneur d'Avesnes, and married to Huges, seigneur de Châtillon, Count de Saint-Pôl and Seigneur de Crécy.  

1279-83  Countess Regnant Jeanne
Also Countess of Chartres, de Dunois, Dame de Châtillon, d'Avesness and de Crécy. Succeeded father, and married Pierre I comte d'Alençon. (d. 1291)

Until 1404 Countess Marie 
Countess of Blois and Guise. Married to Louis de France, Duke d'Anjou, King of Napoli and Sicilia, Duke of Touraine, after he was adopted by Jeanne I de Napoli. (1339-84). 

1677-1749 Mademoiselle de Blois Françoise Marie de Bourbon.
Illegitimate daughter of Louis XIV and Madame de Montespan. She married Philippe II, duke d'Orléans and regent of France 1715-23. She lived (1677-1749)

Boisbelle-Henrichemont (in Berry)

1382-? Sovereign Marie de Sully, Dame de Sully et Craon
The daughter of Louis, seigneur de Sully (d. 1382) and Isabeau, Dame de Craon,
she first married Guy VI de La Tremoille, Count de Guines in 1382. He died in Rhodesin 1398 and secondly to Sire Charles I d'Albret, Count de Dreux, Baron de Sully, constable of France, who was killed at Agincourt in 1415.

Sovereign Princess Marie d'Albret, Countess de Rethel
The daugter of Jean d'Albret, Sire d'Orval etc. (d. 1524) and Charlotte de Bourgogne, Countess de Rethel (1474-1500). Married Charles de Cleves, comte de Nevers in 1528. She lived (1491-1549)

1564-1601 Sovereign Princess Henriette de Nevers
Countess of Rethel from 1549. Daughter of Marie's son Duke François I de Nevers (1516-39-61), she married Louis of Gonzaga, and their son, Carlo II, Duke of Nevers-Rethel, Duke of Mantova and Monferrato etc., sold Boisbelle and Sully in 1597 to Maximilien de Béthune. Her sister Catherine was countess d'Eu and Marie Comtesse de Beaufort. Henriette lived (1542-1601)


Circa 1125-35/51 Countess Mahaut I
Succeeded father Eustache III

1159-69 Countess Marie
Daughter of Mahaut I, succeeded brother

1173-1214 Countess Ide de Flanders
Daughter of Marie, succeeded father, Mathieu d'Alsace

1214-61 Countess Mahaut II
Countess Dammartin. Succeeded mother, Ide de Flanders, and married to Philippe, count de Clermont-en-Beauvais et de Mortain, Aumale and Dammartin et Boulogne by the right of his wife after their marriage in 1216. After his death in 1234 their daughter, Jeanne, became Countess of Boulogne and their son, Aubry, count of Dammartin. Mahaut (d. 1261)

1234-52 Countess Jeanne de Boulogne
Daughter of Countess Mahaut II, she married Gaucher de Châtillon, seigneur de Montjay. No children. She lived (1219-52)

1332-60 Countess Jeanne
Also Countess d'Auvergne. She was married to Valois, Count of Guyenne, King 1350-65) She lived (1326-60)

1422 Countess Marie de Montgascon

1422-25 Countess Bonne d'Artois


1171-1218 Regnant Mahaut
Succeeded father

1249-88 Dame Agnès de Dampierre
Inherited the title when her father, Archambault IX de Dampierre, was killed in Cypres. Her mother, Yolande de Châtillon-sur-Marne was heir to the Counties of Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre but died in 1254, seven years before her mother Mahaut I, and therefore the counties were inherited by Agnès' sister, Mahaut II in 1257. Agnès was first married to 1248 Jean de Bourgogne, seigneur de Bourbon (d. 1267) and 10 years later to Count Robert II d'Artois. She was succeeded by her only daughter Beatrix de Bourgogne (1257-1310), who married Count Robert de Clermont. Agnès lived (circa 1237-88).

Dame Beatrix de Bourgogne
Daughter of Dame Agnes de Bourbon who married Jean de Bourgogne in 1247.  Succeeded mother as Dame de Bourbon-Charollais and lived (1257-1310)

1414-34 Regent Dowager Countess Marie de Berry
For Jean I (1410-15-34)

1503-21  Duchess Suzanne de Bourbon
Countess d'Auvergne, and Duchess de Bourbonnais. Succeeded father Pierre II de La Marche, Count of Bourbon (1488-1503)

1698-1720 Maria Anna de Bourbon-Condé Conti
She was daughter of Francis-Lois de Condé, Duke of Conti and Marie-Therese de Conti. She was fourth in line for the Stuart-throne of England and Scotland. Maria Anna lived (1666-1732)

Circa 1732-1800  Madame de Bourbon Princess Marie-Adélaïde de France
The daughter of Louis XV, she lived (1732-1800)

The Bourbonnais

1503-21 Duchess Suzanne de Bourbon
Duchess de Bourbon, Countess d'Aubergne. Daughter of Pierre III de Bourbon de Beajou and Anne de France, Viscomtesse de Thouars, Regent of France. Married to Charles III de Bourbon-Montpensier, Duke of Bourbonnais. She lived (1491-1521)

1605-19 Governor Diane de France, Duchesse d'Etampes et d'Angoulême
Also Governor of Limousin 1593 -96.


1070-1111 Countess Ide d'Artois
Her son, Godefroi IV was count.

Bourgogne (Burgundy)

Until 942 Heiress Ermengarde II of Basse-Bourgogne. 
The daughter of Richard le Justicier, Duke of Bourgogne (952), she married her cousin married Gilbert de Chalon (circa 900-56), count d'Atun, Chalon, Beaune et Dijon in 938. Mother of  two daughters who devided the inheritance. Liégarde became Duchesse de Bourgogne and Adélaide Countess d'Auxerre etc. Ermengarde lived (circa 905-42).

Around 956 Duchess Liégarde de Vergy of Bourgogne
She was daughter of Ermengarde and her husband, Eudes of France. Th
ey did not have any children.

1148-84/85 Countess Beatrice I
Daughter of Renaud III, and succeeded uncle, and married Friedrich I Barbarossa, German King and Holy Roman Emperor (1152-90). 

1200-05 Countess Palatine Jeanne
Succeeded father, Othon I. Unmarried, and lived (1191-1205). Succeeded by sister, Jeanne.

1205-31 Countess Palatine Beatrice II
Succeeded sister, Jeanne, and married Oton II de Meronie

1248-79 Countess Alix
Daughter of Beatrice II, she succeeded brother Othon III, and married to Hugues Chaolon. 

1303-21 Regent Dowager Countess Mahaut d'Artois 
She was Countess d'Artois 1302-29.And widow of Othon IV (1226-1303), she was regent for daughter, Jeanne I. 

1303-30 Countess Jeanne I
Also Countess of Artois (1329-30). Married to Philippe V, Count de Poitou, King of France and Navarra, and lived (1293-1330).

1330-47 Countess Jeanne II de France
Also Countess of Artois. Daughter of Jeanne I. Her sister, Marguerite was Countess d'Artois. Married to Eude IV, Duke of Bourgogne. 

1349-50 Regent Dowager Duchess Jeanne
Countess d'Auvergne. Married to
Duke Philippe de Bourgogne, Comte de Bourgogne and d'Artois and Auvergne and later to King Jean II of France. She lived (1326-60)

1361-82 Countess Marguerite I de France
The Daughter of Jean II of France and Jeanne de Boulogne et d'Auvergne. Marguerite was also Duchess-consort of Flanderen and Countess d'Artois, Auxerre, Gien, Rethel, Charolais, d'Auvergne, Estamps, Nevers.

1382 Countess Marguerite II (of the County of Bourgogne wich had changed name to Franche Comté)
Also Countess of Flanders etc from 1384. Succeeded grandmother and father, Louis de Mâle.

1477-82 Duchess Maria
Also Duchess of  Gelders, Limburg, Jülich, Luxembourg, Brabant, Quilon, Bar and Franche-Comté, Margravine of Higher-Elsass, Breisgau, Lower-Elsass and Antwerpen, Countess of Flanders, Hainault, d'Artois, Boulonge,  Namur, Pouthieu, Picardie, d'Eu, Vermandôis, Charolais, Macon, Montbeliard, Zutphern, Nevers and Rethel  and Baroness d'Ilês, Bar-sur-Seine etc.

1493-1530 Countess Marguerite III
Also Countess of Artois, Bourgogne, Charolais. She was daughter of Maria of Burgundy and Maximillian of Habsburg, and also Governess of the Netherlands. 


Circa 1591-94 Titular Duchess Charlotte de la Mack
Also Princess of Sedan, Jametz and Ravcourt. Succeeded by husband, Henri de la Tour. The duchy today is held by the Dukes of Rohan, via succession trough female lines. 


1281-... Countess Jeanne de Dreux
Daughter of Robert IV de Dreux and Beatrix de Montfort. Married to Count Jean IV de Roussy and Jean de Bar, Seigneur de Puisaye. 

Bretagne (Brittany)

1040-57 Regent Dowager Duchess Berthe de Chartres
For Conan II

1148-56 Hereditary Duchess Berthe II

1066-72 Hereditary Duchess Havoise de Rennes of Bretagne
She was daughter of Allain III , and became heir to the Duchy after the death of her brother, Conan II. Her husband, Hoël Caignard, Count
de Cornouaille was Duke by the right of his wife until 1184.

1171-87/1201 Duchess Regnant Constance 
Succeeded father Conan IV. Her first husband Geoffrey II Plantagenet was duke 1181-86. Their daughter, Eleanor Plantagenet was Maid of Bretagne but became Countess in her own right of Richmond (1185-1208-41). Constance's second husband was Ranulph de Blundeville, 4th Earl of Chester. They divorced in 1199. She then married Guy Viscount de Thouras with whom she had the daughter Alice de Thuars.
She lived (1161-1201)

From 1171 Possible Regent Dowager Duchess Margaret of Huntingdon
Countess of Herefort, for daughter Constance. 

1203-21 Duchess Regnant Alix de Thouars
After her half-brother, Arthur, was assasinated, she was placed on the throne of Bretagene. She was daughter of Duchess Constance and her daughter, Gui de Thouars, who was duke-regent during her minority until 1213. Her husband, Pierre I de Dreux, Count of Penthièvre and Richmond was Duke by the right of his wife until 1221 and after her death during the minority of their son, Jean I until 1237.
She lived (1201-21).

1341-84 Duchess Jeanne "La Boiteuse".
Countess de Penthèvre, Viscomtesse de Limoges and Dame de Mayenne.
She was daughter of Guy de Bretagne, Count de Penthièvre, who died in 1331. She succeeded her uncle, Jean III of Bretagne, and married Charles de Blois, Seigneur of Châtillon-sur-Marne, who acted as duke on his wifes behalf. She lived (1319-84)

1343-45 Commander of the Montfort faction Jeanne de Flanders of Bretagne
Also known as Jehanne de Montfort, she was married to Jean de Montfort (who named himself Duke Jean IV), who took up arms against his cousin, the reigning Duchess Jeanne de Penthièvre and her husband, Charles de Blois in 1341. When he died, she organized resistance to secure the rights of her son, Jean, who later became known as the 4th. In the siege of Hennebont, she took up arms and, dressed in armour, conducted the defence of the town, urging the women to "cut their skirts and take their safety in their own hands". She even led a raid of knights outside the walls that successfully destroyed one of the enemy's rear camps. Her forces captured Charles de Blois in battle. But she became insane and died in confinement, and her son grew up in England until he returned to Bretagne in 1364 and deposed his father's cousin the following year. She was the daughter of Louis, Count of Nevers and Jeanne of Rethel and the sister of Count Louis I of Flanders, and lived (circa 1295–1374).

1488-1514 Duchess Regnant Anne de Dreux (Montfort)
She became Duchess at the age of 11, just after her land had been invaded by French troops who demanded that she should not marry without the consent of the crown. Married to Charles VIII and Louis XII of France. She insisted that Bretagne should form a separate part of the inheritance, going to a second son or daughter, or to her own heirs. Anne was a great patron of scholars, poets and artists. She lived (1476-1514)

1514-24 Duchess Regnant Claude de France
Also Duchess de Berry She succeeded her mother and was married to King Francois I of France. She lived (1499-1524)

1647-66 Governor Governor Queen Anne d'Autriche
Governor of Aunis 1636-49 and of Paris
1636-49. Also Regent of France.


1356-60 Sovereign Countess Isabella of Brienne, Lecce and Conversano, Dame de Ramerupt and Titluar Duchess of Athens
After brother, Gautier, was killed in the battle by Poitiers, she and her husband, Gautier IV d'Enghien, Seigneur de Tubize et Lembeek,  the family possessions in France and Italy. She was the only daughter of Duke Gautiers V de Brienne and Jeanne de Chatillon and succeeded. She lived (ca.1300/05-60

1394–97 Marguerite of Enghien
Succeeded her father, Louis and reigned jointly with her husband, John, Lord of Beauvoir

1608-47 Louise de Luxembourg
Also known as Louise de Brienne, she succeeded her uncle,
Charles de Luxembourg, and first married to Georges d'Amboise d'Aubijoux, secondly to Bernard V de Béon du Massés, who held high military and offices at court. The daughter of Jean de Luxembourg, comte de Brienne and Guillemette de La Marck - who again was daughter of Robert IV de La Marck, Duc de Bouillon and Maréchal de France and Françoise de Brézé, Comtesse de Maulévrier, she was mother of Charles de Luxembourg-Béon and Louise de Béon, who succeeded her as Comtesse de Brienne.

1647-? Louise de Béon
Succeeded mother, Louise de Luxembourg, who inherited the County in 1608. She held the title jointly with her husband, Henri-Auguste de Loménie, who died 1666.




1515-50 Sovereign Princess Isabelle-Louise de Bourbon
Her brother, Betrand died in 1515 as the last male of the family
. The following year she married François de Perusse d'Escars, seigneur de La Vauguyon. Their son Jean de Perusse d'Escars (d. 1595), knight of the Saint-Esprit in 1578, made comte de La Vauguyon in 1586, continued the use the title Prince de Carency

After 1595 Diane de Perusse des Cars
Daughter of François
de Perusse d'Escars (d. 1595), knight of the Saint-Esprit in 1578, made comte de La Vauguyon in 1586, continued the use the title Prince de Carency. Both her brother's died without heirs and she inherited the Princely title. She married Louis de Stuer de Caussade.

1671-93 Marie de Stuer de Caussade, Countess La Vauguyon
The daughter of Jacques, comte de La Vauguyon, marquis de Saint-Mégrin, baron de Tonneins, knight of the Saint-Esprit, she was married to
Barthélémy de Quélen, and their son Nicolas took the name of Quélen de Stuer de Caussade.

.Carcasconne and Razes

934 Heiress Arsinde
Her husband Arnaud de Comminges became count after her father, A
cfred III's death

1067-70 Countess Ermengard

1194-1203 (†) Regent Countess Adelaide de Toulouse
For Raymond Roger, who died 1209. 


1751-1821 Princess Louise Marie Adélaîde de Bourbon-Penthièvre
Her father, Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, Duc de Penthièvre, de Rambouillet, d'Aumale et de Gisors, etc., gave the property of Carigan to her. She was married to the future
Louis Philippe II d'Orléans (b. 1747-93). Her only surviving brother Louis Alexandre was Prince de Lamballe. Her oldest son Louis Philippe assumed the throne as King of the French in 1830. Mother of two other sons and two daughters. She lived (1753-1821).


.........Dame Laure de Chabanais
She was the last member of a family known since the 10th century. She married Simon de Rochechouart, lord of Tonnay-Charente

Until after 1382 DameJeanne de Rochechouart
She was married to Miles de Thouars,
Sire de Pouzages et de Tiffauges (d. 1378/79).

Until 1462 Dame Catherine de Thouars, Dame de Pouzages et de Tiffauges
The daughter of Miles de Thouars and Beatrix de Montjean, she was first married to Gilles de Retz, Sire de Rays (d. 1440) and then to Jean de Vendôme, Vidame de Chartres, and their son Jean was styled "prince de Chabanais". The principality was later sold to the family of Montesquiou-Montluc

Around 1720 Princess Angélique d'Escoubleau
The principality had passed to her father Charles d'Escoubleau, marquis de Sourdis by marriage. In married 1702 François-Gilbert de Colbert de Saint-Pouange, who styled himself marquis rather than prince de Chabanais
. They did not have any children.


12.... Lady Agnès de Chalais
She succeeded her father, Olivier de Chalais and
 married Élie de Talleyrand in the 13th century.

1757-? Marie-Françoise-Marguerite de Talleyrand, Marquise d'Excideuil, Baroness de Beauville and de Mareuil
She succeeded her father, Louis-Charles-Jeande Talleyrand, Marquis d'Excideuil and married the head of the second branch  of Talleyrand-family, Gabriel-Marie, Count de Grignols (1726-95) She lived (1727-

1883-90 Cécile-Charlotte-Marie de Talleyrand-Périgord
She succeeded her uncle, Hélie-Lois-Roger. Married to Laure-Henri-Gaston de Galard-Béarn de Brassac (d. 1893) and their son was Louis-Elie-Joseph-Henri de Galard-Béarn de Brassac, prince de Chalais, grandee of Spain. She lived (1854-90)

Chalons-sur-Saône and Beaune

956-87 Countess Adélaïde I de Chalon
Daughter of Gilbert de Chalon, she married Robert Comte de Troyes and Meaux

1075-80 Countess Adelaide II
Married to Guy II de Thiers

1203-28 Countess Beatrice de Thiers
Succeeded father Guillaume VI and Married Etienne III de Bourgogne (1170-1240). After her death in 1228, the county was inherited by son, Jean I (1190-1266)


1179-81 Regent Countess Marie de France of Blois-Champagne and Troyes
1181-87 and 1190-98 Regent Dowager Countess
She first took over the government when her husband went on prillgrimage to Jerusalem. 1180 her father died and her half-brother Philippe became king. He confiscated the dower lands of his mother Adele (also Marie's sister-in-law) and then married Isabelle of Hainaut, who had been previously betrothed to her eldest son. This prompted her to join a party of disgruntled nobles - including Queen Adele and the archbishop of Reims - in plotting against Philippe. Eventually, relations between her and her royal brother improved. Her husband returned from the Holy Land, but died almost immediately. Now a widow with four young children, she considered marrying Philip of Flanders, but the engagement was broken off suddenly for unknown reasons. After her husbands death, she acted as regent until her son, Henri II, came of age. However, he left to go on Crusade, and she once again served as regent in his absence until his death 1197 she retired to the nunnery of Fontaines-les-Nones near Meaux, and died there the following year. She was a patron of literature and maintained her own library. She was daughter of King Louis VII of France and Duchess Elenonore d'Aquitanie, her sister Alix was regent of Blois from 1191. She was mother of 4 children, and lived (1145-98).

1201-22 Regent Dowager Countess Blanca de Navarra of Champagne
Until 1229 Regent of Navarra
Also known as Blanche de Navarre. She was pregnant when her husband Thibaut III died, and she became regent for her posthumously born son Thibaut IV (1201-53). Her regency was plagued by a number of difficulties. Her brother-in-law, count Henry II had left behind a great deal of debt, which was far from paid off when Thibaut III died. Further, their son Thibaut's legitimacy was not unquestioned, and his right to the succession was challenged by Henry's daughter Philippa and her husband, Erard I of Brienne, count of Ramerupt and one of the more powerful Champagne nobles. The conflict broke into open warfare in 1215, and was not resolved until after Thibaut came of age in 1222. At that time Thibaut and Blanca bought out their rights for a substantial monetary payment. Her brother Sancho VII of Navarre was the last male-line descendant of the first dynasty of kings of Navarre, the Pamplona dynasty, and was childless and when he went into retirement ("el Encerrado") she took administration of the kingdom, though he remained king until her son succeeded him in 1234. She was the youngest daughter of Sancho VI of Navarre (who died 1194) and Sancha of Castile. She lived (1170's-1229).

1201 Pretender Philippine de Champagne-Jerusalem of Champagne
She was the younger daughter of Henri de Champagne and Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem, she claimed the county of Champagne after the death of her cousin, Thibaut, jointly with her older sister, Queen Alice of Jerusalem, and the fights over the inheritance lasted about a quarter of a century. Some of the nobles and prelates supported Philippa and her sister, others supported Queen Blanca of Castilla and her son. In 1221 both sisters seceded their claims in exchange of a large payment. But in 1227 they made a new attempt and new fights erupted. But in 1234 the inheritance was finally settled, the sisters were granted a large sum of money and Alice had the treaty confirmed by her son, Henri of Cyprus and her daughters Maria and Isabella. Philippa was married to Sire Erard III de Brienne, mother of seven children, and lived (circa 1195- 1250).

1249-71 Sovereign Countess Jeanne of Champagne (France)
Succeeded father Raymond VII and reigned jointly with son-in-law Alphonse de Valois, Count de Pouitou, the son of Louis VIII.

1274-1305 Queen Regnant Juana I of Navarra, Countess of Champagne and Brie
In Champagne she succeeded her uncle, Thibaut de Navarre, count of Champagne as Comtesse Jeanne, she was married to king Philippe V of France (1268-1314), who became king of Navarra by the right of his wife. She left him to reign in Navarra and stayed in Champagne. Succeeded by her son, Louis X, king of France and Navarra. She lived (1272-1305).


1268-1310 Countess Béatrix I of  Charolais, Dame de Bourbon et Saint-Just 
Daughter of Jean II de Charolais (d. 1268) and Agnès, Dame de Bourbon (d. 1283) and married to Robert, Clermont-en-Beauvaisis.

Around 1316-60 Countess Béatrice II de Bourbon


1515- 75 Duchess Renée de France
Also Countess of Gisoirs et de Montargis. Daughter of Louis XII and Duchess Anne de Bretagne, sister of Duchess Claude of Bretagne, and married to Hercule II d'Este, duc de Ferrare. She lived (1510-75)

Chateaudun [Dunois]

1010-? Viscountess Melisende

1260-96-? Viscomtesse Alix de Dreux
Daughter of Robert I de Dreux. (b. 1255 d. after 1296)

1302-20 Viscountess Alix II

1460-75 Viscountess Marguerite

1264-96-? Viscomtesse Alix de Dreux
Daughter of Robert I de Dreux. (b. 1255 d. after 1296)


....Lady Jeanne de Navarre, Countess de Champagne
She succeeded her uncle, T
hibaut de Navarre, count of Champagne. She was married to King of Philippe IV of France (1268-1314).

Château-Regnault or Château-Renaud (Bogny-sur-Meuse)

1564-1633 Catherine de Cleves, Comtesse d'Eu
Daughter of François de Cleves, first duc de Nevers, count of Rethel and, widow of Antoine de Croÿ, prince of Porcien, married Henri de Lorraine, duc de Guise in 1570. He was assassinated in 1588, and became lord of Chateau-Regnault jure uxoris.

1614-29 Princess Louise-Marguerite de Lorraine
Daughter of Catherine, and married in 1605 to François de Bourbon, prince de Conti, first cousin of Henri IV of France (d. 1614 without issue). In 1629, she ceeded Château-Regnault to the king of France in exchange for Pont-sur-Seine
, and 3 years later she secretly married
François de Bassompierre. The sovereignty of Château-Regnault included Linchamp, la Tour-à-Glaire, Macaucourt, Mohon, Montcy-Notre-Dame. In practice, since Château-Regnault is so small (it had 1.200 inhabitants in the mid-19th c.), the substantial prerogative was the right to mint coins and excelled in copying coins from the neighboring countries, and she minted coins with the titulature: "Louise-Marguerite de Lorraine par la grâce de Dieu princesse souveraine de Château-Regnault". She lived (1574-1631).


Duchess Hortense de Mailly-Nesle
She was the youngest daughter of the last male member of the branch of the Marquis de Nesle of the House of Mailly. After the death of her husband, the Marquis de La Tournelle, king Louis XV
appointed her as Duchess.


16... Duchess Élisabeth de Montmorency-Luxembourg,
She held the Duchy after the death of her husband, Gaspard de Coligny. After her death it was inherited by their nephew Paul-Sigismond de Montmorency


1655-63 Sovereign Duchess Marie de Rohan-Montbazon
Marie-Aimée was first married to Charles d'Albert, Duke de Luynes, the favourite of King Louis XIII and the most influential man in France. After his death she married Claude de Lorraine, Duke de Chevereuse (1578-1657) and bought the Duchy from him. In 1625 she pawed the way for a liaison between Queen Anne and the English Duke of Buckingham. The following year she was involved in a plot to kill Cardinal Richelieu together with her lover the Marquis de Chalais. When the plot was discovered Chalais executed and she send in exile in Poitou. She withdrew to Lorraine and won over Duke Charlesl IV for the anti-French coalition of Buckingham. 1628 she was allowed to return to France but in 1633 she was banned again after her lover Marquis de Châteauneuf betrayed state secrets to Spain, as it was discovered that the Queen corresponded with her Spanish relatives, Marie had to flee to Spain in 1637 and was only able to return after the death of the king and the Cardinal. Her relationship with the Queen did not survive her friendship with Cardinal Mazarin. She was again exiled after her involvement in the plot to kill but returned at the beginning of the Fronde and joined the party of the Prince de Condé. 1652 she was reconciled with the Queen and finally left the political stage. She left the Duchy to her grandson by her fist marriage, Charles Honoré d'Albert de Luynes, and lived (1600-79).


1191-98 Countess Catherine

1234-52 Countess Jeanne
Also Countess de d'Aumale. Daughter of Countess Mahaut-Mathilde de Dammartin and Boulogne and Philippe de France, Count de Clermont, Mortain, d'Aumale and Boulogne et Dammartin. Her brother, Alberic, Count de Dammartin, Clermont et d'Aumale, gave his lands to her and moved to England! She lived (1219-54).

1641-92 Countess Marie de Bourbon-Soissons
Also Countess de Soissons. Daughter of Charles de Bourbon, and lived (1606-92)

County of Coligny

1657-70 Joint Countess Henriette de Coligny
The daughters of Gaspard III, they succeeded their younger posthumously born brother, Henry-Gaspard de Coligny, duc de Coligny (1649-1657)

1657-70 Joint Countess Anne de Coligny
Her son with Georges, Herzog zu Württemberg, Léopold Éberhard de Wurtemberg, prince de Montbéliard, suceeded as comte de Coligny (1670-1723),

1723-86 Léopoldine Éberhardine de Wurtemberg,
Succeeded father, Léopold Éberhard, married to Charles Léopold de Sandersleben and succeeded by daughter, Anne Élisabeth. Lived  (1697-1786),

1786-93 Anne Élisabeth de Sandersleben
Succeeded mother
,Léopoldine Éberhardine de Wurtemberg, and married to Thomas de Pillot de Chenecey, who was created Comte et Marquis de Coligny, and succeeded by their son Charles Ignace de Pillot de Chenecey. She lived (1722-1793).


1376-1443 Countess Marguerite


1482-1546 Marie de Luxembourg, Countess of Saint-Pôl, Marle and Conversano, Dame de Condé, Bohaim and Ham
Daughter of Pierre II de Luxembourg, Count of Brienne and Saint-Pôl, Lord of Condé and Bohaim (1445-75-82), she married secondly to François de Bourbon-Vendôme (1470-95). Her oldest son was Charles, Duke of Vendôme, Count of Chartres and Soissons, Marle and La Fere and Lord of Mondoubleau, the second son was François I de Bourbon-Saint-Pôl, Duke of Estouteville, Count of St.-Pol. Marie lived (1472-

1641-92 Marie de Bourbon
After the death of her brother, Louis de  Bourbon (1604-1641) his inheritance (including Soissons and Condé) was divided between and her niece Marie d'Orléans-Longueville, heiress of  her sister Louise (1603-37) and Henri II d'Orléans-Longueville. She was married to Thomas-François de Savoie, prince de Carignan, and lived (1606-92)


1397-1400 Countess Marie

Conti (Formely spelled Conty)

....Madeleine de Mailli
Married to Charles de Roye, Count de Rouci
and succeeded by daughter.

....Eleonore de Roye
She was heiress to the county of Rouci and the lordship of Conti. She married Louis de Bourbon (1530-69), seigneur de Condé in 1551. Conti was given their younger son Louis, but he died without issue.


1161-after 1205 Elisabeth de Courtenay
Also Dame de Champignelles, Chateau-Renard de Monargis, she inherited the possessions after her fahter, Rainald I de Courtenay and brother were diisinherited. Married to Prince Pierre de France, who lived (circa 1126-79/83.

Until 1307 Dame Catherine
Titular Empress of
Constantinople. She was married to Charles I and lived (1274-1307)

1307-46 Dame Catherine de Valois
Titular Empress of Constantinople, Princess of Achaye (Achaia). Married to Philippe d'Anjou-Sicily. She lived (1301-46)

1733-1740 Sovereign Princess Hélène de Courtenay-Chevillon, Comtesse de Cézy, Dame de Bléneau
Her brother, Charles-Roger de Courtenay, died in 1730 and was succeeded by their father's unmarried uncle, Roger (1647-1733). After his death she inherited the claim to the title as the last member of the line of the Capet-family. In 1712 she had married Louis-Bénigne de Bauffremont, Marquis of Listenois, and the family has used the prince de Courtenay, as well as a number of other princely titles. Their title of prince of the Holy Roman Empire conferred in 1757 was authorized in France the same year. She lived (1689-1740).



1223-62 Countess Mahaut-Mathilde
Countess of Boulogne from 1224. She married Philippe de France, Count de Clermont, Mortain, d'Aumale and Boulogne et Dammartin. Mother of two children, Jeanne, Countess de Clermont et d'Aumale (119-52) and Alberic, Count de Dammartin, Clermont et d'Aumale. He gave his lands to his sister and moved to England! Mahaut-Mathilde lived (1202-62)

1394-1406 Countess Blanche

1420-? Countess Marie

1436-? Countess Marguerite

1500-? Countess Anne de Chabannes

Dauphine (See also Viennois)

1162-1228 Countess Beatrix
Succeeded father

1281-1301 Countess Anne
Succeeded nephew

1260/70 Regent Dowager Countess Beatrix de Savoie, Dame de Faucigny
After the death of her husband,
Guigues VII, Dauphin de Viennois, Comte d'Albon et Grenoble (circa 1225-1269/70). She lived (circa 1237-1310).


2005- Duchess Maria-Luisa Gonzalez de Andria y Elío
She succeeded her father, Manuel Gonzalez de Andria y Talleyrand-Périgord, Duc de Dino (1909-2005) the son of Louis Dreyfus y Gonzalez, Marques de Villhermosa and Félicie de Talleyrand-Périgord. In 1975 the former King of Italy recognized him as Duc de Dino, a title which had belonged to his mother's family. Her mother was María de las Mercedes Elío y González de Amezua (1909-2004)
, and she has got three younger sisters.

La Dombes

1503-22 Princess Susanne de Bourbon
After her death, her
first cousin Louise de Savoie, mother of king François Ier, disputed her husband Charles de Bourbon's right of inheritance. He saw that he would not get a fair hearing and entered the service of Charles V. On Jan 16, 1523 he was declared guilty of leze-majesty, his feudal possessions forfeited to the crown and his personal estate confiscated. Dombes was taken over by edict of January 1532.

1522-31 Princess Louise de Savoie

1608-27 Princess Marie de Bourbon
Also Duchess de Montpensier etc.  Daughter of Henri de Bourbon, who was killed and married to Gaston of France, who was Duc d'Orléans, Chartres, Valois, d'Alençon, Comte de Blois, de Monthéry et de Limours etc.. Her daughter was Anne-Marie-Louise.

1660-82 Princess Anne-Marie-Louise d'Orléans
She was also Duchess of Montpensier, Princess de Dombes, de la Roche-sur-Yon, Dauphine d'Auvergne, Duchesse de Châtellerault et de Saint-Fargeauy, Marquise de Mézières-en-Brenne, Comtesse de Mortain, de Bar-sur-Seine et d'Eu, Viscomtesse d'Auge et de Domfront, Baroness de Beaujolais and Royal Highness. Known as "La Grande Mademoiselle".  She lived (1627-93).


Ca 1000  Countess Regnant  Eve
Succeeded father

1345-46  Countess Regnant  Jeanne I de Montpensier
Succeeded father Pierre, and during her whole life-time.

1346-54/55  Countess Regnant  Jeanne II
Succeeded niece

1365-77 Co-Sovereign Countess Petronelle de Thouars
Also known as Perenelle de Thouars, she was daughter of Jeanne II (1309/9-46-54/5) and succeeded her brother, Simon, jointly with two sisters. In 1377 the three sisters sold the County to the king of France.She was first married to Amaury de Craon (d. 1373) and secondly to Clément Rouault (d. 1397) . She (d. 1397).

1365-77 Co-Sovereign Countess Marguerite de Thouars
First married to Thomas de Chemille and secondly to Guy Turpin, seigneur de Crisse, she (d. 1404).

1365-77 Co-Sovereign Countess Isabeau de Thouars
Ruled jointly with two sisters and married to Guy de Nesles (d. 1352), Ingelger d'Amboise and finally to Guillaume d'Harcourt (d 1400).



1240-52 Dame Blanche de Castille
Queen of France, she lived (1188-1252)

1272-95 Dame Marguerite
Queen of France, she lived (1221-95)

1513-14 Dame Anne
Duchess of Bretagne, Queen of France, she lived (1474-1514)

1537-65 Duchess Anne de Pisseleu
Dame 1534-37, Created Duchess jointly with husband, Jean de Brosse. She was mistress of King François, and lived (1508-80)

1553-59 Duchess Diane de Poitiers
Mistress of the king, she lived (1499-1566)

1580-82 Duchess Catherine de Lorraine-Guise
Duchesse de Montpensier, she lived (1525-96)

1582-98 Duchess Marguerite de France
Queenn of France and Navarra, she gave the duchy to Gabrielle d'Estrée in 1582. Marguerite also Duchess of a number of other areas, and lived (1553-1615)

1598-99 Duchess Gabrielle d'Estrées
Mistress of the King, Duchess de Beaufort, she lived (1573-99)

1712-18 Mille Marie-Anne de Bourbon
Widow of Louis-Joseph de Vendôme, she lived (1678-1718)

1718-1752 Mlle Louise-Elisabeth de Bourbon-Condé
Married to Louis-Armand II de Conti en 1713, and daughter of fille de Louis III de Condé, 1668-1710
et de Louise-Françoise de Bourbon
, Mademoiselle de Nantes
, 1673-1743, and lived (1693-1775)

1752-59 Louise-Henriette de Bourbon-Conti
Daughter of Louise-Elisabeth de Bourbon-Condé, and married to Louis-Philippe I d’Orléans, succeeded by son, and lived  (1726-1759)



1537-60 Duchess Adrienne II. 
Daughter of Jean III, seigneur d'Estouteville, and married François de Bourbon-Vendome, Duc d'Estouteville and Count of Saint-Pôl, and was succeeded by daughter in 1546. She lived (1512-60).

1546-1601 Duchess Marie de Bourbon-Vendome
Also Countess de Saint-Pôl. Daughter of François de Bourbon-Vendome, Duc d'Estouteville and Count of Saint-Pôl and Chaumont (1491-45) and Adrienne, Duchesse d'Estouteville (1512-60). Marie succeeded her brother, François (1536-46). She first married Jean de Bourbon-Vendome, Count de Soissons, then François  de Cleves-Nevers, Duke de Nevers, whom she divorced in 1561 and finally with Leonor, Duc de Longueville (d. 1573). Marie lived (1539-1601).


1186-1227 Countess Alix
Succeeded brother

1249-52 Countess Marie
Succeeded father

1452-83 Elisabeth
Also Countess of Nevers. She succeeded brother, Philippe, and married Jean de Clèves.

1564-1633 Countess Catherine de Clèves.
Succeeded brother, Jacque de Clèves, and reigned together with a number of co-rulers, and married to Henri de Lorraine, duc du Guise.

1627-81 Countess Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans
Also Duchesse de Montpensier (1627) and Saint-Fargeau (1627-81), Princesse des Dombes (1627-81) de La-Roche-sur-Yon (1627) and Joinville (1627-89). In 1681 she sold Eu to the duc de Maine, and lived (1627-93)



Until 1268 Baroness Agnès de Faucigny
Succeeded father, Aimone I de Faucigny

1268-1310 Baroness Beatrice de Savoie
She succeeded her parents, Pietro II, Count of Savoy, Moriana and Chablais, Duke of Aosta, Marquis of Susa and Marquis in Italia, Count of Richmond etc and Baroness Agn
ès de Faucigny, who both died in 1268. During her first marriage to Guigues VII, Dauphin de Vienne, Count d’Albon, she became known as "The Grande Dauphine". After his death in 1261, she married Gaston VII Viscount de Béarn (1225 -90). In 1309 she renounced her claims on the County of Savoy. She lived (1237-1310).


Circa 1096 Dame Azaline 

Until 1140 Dame Beatrix


1398-1412 Countess Isabelle
Also Viscomtesse de Castelbon (etc), de Marsan, du Gévaydan et de Lautrec Succeeded brother, and married to Archambaud Captal de Buch. She (d. 1212). 


Until 1129 Countess Adélaïde de Provence
Married to Armengeol IV, comte d'Urgel, and succeeded by son Guillaume III d'Urgel, who died the same year as she.

From 1209 Gersende I d'Urgel
Succeeded her father, Guillaume IV d'Urgel and married to Reiner de Sabran, seigneur de Caylar, and succeeded by daughter

Until 1242 Gersende II, comtesse de Forcalquier
Regent of Provence from 1209, she succeeded her mother, Gersende I, at a not known date, and married to Alphonse II, comte de Provence.  She lived (1180-1242).


1254-69 Baroness Jeanne

1304-15 Baroness Yolande


Until 942 Heiress Ermengarde II of Basse-Bourgogne. 
The daughter of Richard le Justicier, Duke of Bourgogne (952), she married her cousin married Gilbert de Chalon (circa 900-56), count d'Atun, Chalon, Beaune et Dijon in 938. Mother of  two daughters who devided the inheritance. Liégarde became Duchesse de Bourgogne and Adélaide Countess d'Auxerre etc. Ermengarde lived (circa 905-42).

Around 956 Duchess Liégarde de Vergy of Bourgogne
She was daughter of Ermengarde and her husband, Eudes of France. Th
ey did not have any children.

1148-84 Countess Regnant Beatrix I
Succeeded father, and lived (1140-84)

1200-31 Countess Regnant Beatrix II
Succeeded father. Married to Friedrich I von Hohenstaufen, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1155.

1248-79 Countess Regnant Alix (Adelheid)

1315-29/30 Countess Regnant  Jeanne I
Also Countess Regnant of
Artois-Flanderen. She was married to Felipe V of France

1330-47 Countess Regnant Jeanne II
Also Countess Regnant of Artois-Flanderen. She succeeded mother and was married to Eudes de Bourgogne

1361-82 Countess Regnant Marguerite I de France

1385-1405 Countess Regnant Marguerite II
Also Countess of
Flanders, Nevers and Rethel and Brabant. Daughter of Louis de Male. 

1477-82 Countess Regnant Maria de Bourgogne

1482-1530 Countess Regnant Marguerite III von Habsburg
Succeeded mother. She was also known as The Governess General Margaretha II of the
Low Countries


1813-29 Princess Anne-Delphine Papigny
She was widow of Géraud-Christophe de Michel du Roc, known as General Duroc after the revolution and grand Maréchal du Palais by Emperor Napoleon I. The princiaplity was created for her for life.



1622-84 Sovereign Princesse Anne de Rohan, Châtellenie de Guémené, Plouray and Corlay, Baroness de Montauban, Dame de Saint Maure
1660-84 Duchess of Saint-Maure
She succeeded her brother, Pierre de Rohan, who did not have any children in his two marriages. During the Fronde she participated in all the complots against Richelieu and Cardinal de Retz. In 1660 the king named her Duchess of Saint Maure. She was married to Louis VIII de Rohan, Duke de Montbazon (1598-1667), mother of a number of children and lived (1604-84)


Until 1472 Countess Isabelle de Luxembourg-Saint-Pôl
She married Charles d'Anjou, Duc de Maine, whose first wife was Corbella Ruffo, Contesse di Montalto e di Corigliano (d. 1442), Isabelle was mother of one daughter, Louise (1445-77), who was married to Jacques, Comte d'Armangnac and Duc de Nemours. 

1675-86 Marie de Lorraine
Duchess de Joinville, etc., etc.

1689 Anna Henriette Julia of Bavaria
Also Duchess de Joinville. She was daughter daughter Eduard of Pfalz-Simmern and Anna Gonzaga
and married to Henri Jules de Bourbon, prince de Condé, and wife of Henri Jules de Bourbon, Prince de Conde


Until 1441 Duchess Marguerite de Bourgogne
Daughter of Jean de Bourgogne, Duc de G. and Margareta of Bavaria. She was first married to Louis de France (1397-1415) and then to Arthur III de Montfort of Bretagne (193-1458). Marguerite lived (1393-


1452-56 Jeanne d'Harcourt
Second daughter of Jean d'Harcourt, she was first married to Jean de Rieux Baron d'Ancenis (d 1431) and secondly to  Bertrand de Dinan, Baron de Châteaubriant, Marshal of Bretagne. Succeeded by sister, Marie, who had been Countess of Harcourt since 1452. She lived (1399-1456)

1456-76 Marie d'Harcourt of Harcourt and Aumale
She was daughter of Jean VII d'Harcourt and married to Antoine de Vaudémont in 1440 whose decendants inherited the duchy of Lorraine, and the lands of the Harcourt inheritance (Lillebonne, Elbeuf, Aumale). She lived (1398-1476).



1043 Countess Alix

1334-36 Countess Jeanne
She was also Dame de Mercúur and Daughter of Jean II. first wife of Charles II de Valois, Comte d'Alençon (1297-1346).

1415-? Countess Marguerite

1485-1525 Countess Charlotte

1590-1603 Countess Gabrielle

1590-? Countess Anne


Until-1417 Baroness Marguerite
Comtesse de Vaudémont,  She married  Frédéric, younger son of the duc de Lorraine (d. 1415 at Agincourt) and  lived (1354-1417)

1675-88 Princess Marie
She succeeded her great-nephew, François-Joseph de Lorraine, duc de Guise. She was sister of Henri II de Guise and left it to Charles de Stainville, comte de Couvonges, with a remainder to the younger sons of the duke of Lorraine's younger sons and their heir males. The act was voided by the Parlement de Paris in 1689. She lived (1615-88)

1688-93 Dauphine Anne-Marie-Louise d'Orléans
Also Dauphine d'Auvergne, Comtesse d'Eu etc., etc., etc. The castle of Joinville
as well as 2/3 of the principality, passed to Mlle de Guise's half-niece, Anne-Marie-Louise d'Orléans, Mademoiselle de Montpensier (whose mother Marie was born of Catherine-Henriette de Joyeuse's first marriage to the duc de Montpensier, while Marie de Lorraine was born of her second marriage to the duc de Guise). La Grande Demoiselle died in 1693 and left most of her inheritance to her cousin the duc d'Orléans

1984- Titular Princess Micaela
She was given the title after her marriage to the heir to the headship of the French Royal Family, Prince Henri, Comte de Clermont et de Mortain, since 1999 Comte de Paris and Duc de France. She is born as Michaela Cousiño (b. 1938-).


1608-47 Duchesse Henriette-Catherine de Joyeyse
Married to Henri de Bourbon, Duc de Montpensier, de Châtellerault and de Saint-Fargeau and Prince souverain des Dombes etc., In 1647 she gave the duchy to Louis de Lorraine, the sixth son of the last count of Eu (1650-70). In 1675 her daughter, Marie de Bourbon, succeeded to the title. Henriette-Catherine lived (1585-1656)

1675-88 Duchesse Marie de Bourbon
She lived (1615-88).

1693 Duchesse Marie Elisabeth de Lillebonne
Succeeded her father, Prince de Lillebonne, married to Louis de Melun.


La Marche

1091-1116 Countess Almodis

1180-1208 Countess Mahaut (of Angouleme)
Countess d'Angouleme 1181-1208.


1213-65 Dame Emme

1412-29 Dame Anne de Laval
Her husband, Jean de Montfort Gael, took the name Guy XIII, Count of Laval.

1531-? Countess Guyonne VIII
Originally named Chatherine, she took the name of Guyonne when she succeded to the county title after her the death of her father, Guy XVI. Her mother was Charlotte of Aragon, the daughter of King Frederic of Sicily. Guyonne VIII married Claude de Rieux and had a number of daughters.

1547-67 Countess Guyonne XVIII "la Folle"
he daughter of Guyonne VIII, she was origninally named  Renée de Rieux, she succeeded her uncle Count Guy XVI. 1545 she had married Louis de Sainte-Maure, marquis de Nesle et comte de Joigny. She lived a tumultary life and converted to the Calvinist faith. Her sister, Claude de Rieux, married one of the protestant leaders François d'Andelot. She was convicted for traison by the Parliament of Paris together with two other leaders of the "poursuite de Meaux" which tried to kill King Charles IX and Queen-Mother, Catherine de Médici in 1567, their possessions were confiscated, and executed. Guyonne escaped this faith because of her mental instbility. She sought refuge in Laval and diged a few months later. She was succeeded b her sister Clude, or his son Paul, who took the name of Guy XIX he died 1586.

Le Havre

1649-61 Governor M
arie-Madeleine de Vignerot
Duchesse d'Aiguillon from 1638.


Until 1338 Chatelaine Guyotte de Lille
Married to Count Walram II of Luxemburg in Ligny, Roussy and Beauvoir (d. after 1366). She lived (ca 1275-1338)


914-34 Viscountess Hildegaire

1263-91 Countess Marie
Succeeded father Guy IV of Limoges. First wife of Arthur II de Bretagne. 

1317-28 Viscountess Isabelle de Castilla
She succeeded husband

1455-81 Viscountess Françoise
Also Countess de Périgord, Viscomtesse de Lomage and Dame d'Avesness. Daughter of Isabelle, succeeded father Gui VIII de Penthivere. Married to Alain Le Grand, Seigneur d'Albert etc. (d. 1522). Françoise (d. 1481)


1512-15 Duchess Françoise
Countess of Montgomery and de Tancarville, vicomte de Melun. mort en 1512. Daughter of François II.


978-87 Regent Dowager Duchess Beatrx von Franzien of Upper Lorraine
Not very politically active during the reign of her husband, Friederich, but after his death she took over the regency for her son, Dietrich I as "Dux" of Lotharingia. After the death of Otto II she supported the Empresses Adelheid and Theophano and the candidature of the minor Otto III against other candidates and as reward her younger son, Adalberto vas first named Bishop of Verdun and the of Metz. 985 she participated in the "Colloquium dominarum" in Metz together with Queen Emma of France, the German Empresses and her sister-in-law, Adelheid, the wife of Hugo Capets, and Heinrich dem Zänker, which settled the dispute conserning Lorraine. From teil. Die Zusammenkunft bezweckte einen Ausgleich der Spannungen und Auseinandersetzungen in und um Lothringen. For the rest of her time in office, she was very engaged in diplomatic activites with France and the Empire.

1328-32 Regent Dowager Duchess Isabella von Habsburg
For Rudolf (1328-46)

1346-6? Regent Dowager Duchess Marie de Blois
For Johann (1346-90)

1431-53 Duchess Regnant Isabelle
She reigned together with husband, Rene I de Vaudemond - king of Napoli, titular king of Sicily, Jerusalem and Sardinia, count de Guise, de Forcalquier and Provence, de Piémont,  Duke d'Anjou, de Bar and de Calabre, Marquis de Pont-à-Mosson (d.1480). She lived (1400-53)

1471-1483 Duchess Yolande d'Anjou of Haute-Lorraine
Also Countess d'Alsace, Duchess of Bar, titular Queen of Sicily, Sardegna and Jerusalem (1481-83). Succeeded brother, married to Tierry VI de Vaudemont. Succeeded by son, Rene II, duke of Lorraine (1473-1508) and Duke of Bar 1480. She and lived (1428-83)

1545-59 Regent Dowager Duchess Christine of Denmark
For Karl II (1545-1608). In 1560 she took over the claims for the Danish Throne after her sister, Countess Palatine Dorothea, with the title: Chrêtienne, By the Grace of God Queen of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, The Wends, Goths and Slavs, Duchess of Schleswig-Holstein, Ditmasken, Lorraine, Bar and Milano, Countess of Oldenborg and Balomnt and Lady of Tortana. She lived (circa 1521-90)

1624-56 Duchess Regnant Nicole
She was daughter of Heinrich der Gute, who was succeeded by Franz de Vaudemont in 1624, but abdicated after 2 months. Her husband, Karl IV was Duke 1225-34 until his abdication. France occupied the Duchy 1633-36 and 1641-75. She lived (1608-57)

1624-32 Reigning Dowager Lady Dowager Duchess Margarita Gonzaga of the Marchionate of Nomeny and the Land of Létricourt in Lorraine
After the death of her husband, Henri de Lorraine or Heinrich II, Herzog von Lothringen und Bar, she went to the French court to defend the rights of her daughter, Nicole or Nicoläa to the succession of the throne of Lorraine. She spend the last part of her life in her dowries. She was daughter of Vincenzo I. Gonzaga (1562-1612), Duke of Mantua and Montferrato and his seond wife Eleonora de' Medici (1566-1611). She lived (1591-1632).

1729-? Regent Duchess Elisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans
She was born as Princess of France, Mademoiselle de Chartres and married to Leopold Joseph, Duke of Lorraine (1679-1729). Gave birth to at least 13 children most of whom died within a few weeks. She lived (1676-1744)

1766-68 Hereditary Duchess Marie Leszczyńska of Lorraine (France)
Her father was the Polish nobleman Stanislas Leszczynski (1677-1766), who was King of Poland (1704-09) and 1733-36), Administrator of Zweibrücken ( 1709-16) and then resided at Wissembourg until he became Duke of Lorraine (1737-66) and after the death she inherited the Duchy wich became included in the domains of her husband, King Louis XV. She was a very quiet, gentle, and extremely religious person, held her own court in her chambers, receiving guests and carrying out ceremonial function and did not become involved in court intrigues and lived a quiet, peaceful existence. She lived (1703-68). 



7-1800 Joint Duchess Marie-Adélaïde de France
Held the duchy jointly with her sister. She lived (1732-1800)

1777-82 Joint Duchess
Sophie-Philippine de France
The two daughters of Louis XV held the duchy jointly. She lived (


A sovereign land in Béarn which passed to Montmorency-Boutteville by marriage in 1593. Also styled "comte souverain". 

French Duchy of Luxembourg

1616-61 Duchesse Marguerite Charlotte de Luxembourg
Also Duchesse de Ligny et de Piney and Comtesse de Tigny et Piney, and married to Charles Henri de Clermont-Tonnerre, Duc de Luxembourg et de Piny. She lived (1608-81)

1661-1701 Duchesse Regnant Madeleine Charlotte de Clermont-Tonnerre of Piney-Luxembourg
Also Princesse de Tingny, Comtesse de Ligney and Barnonne de Dangu. Daughter of Duchess Margierite-Charlotte (1616-61), and succeeded her brother, who renounced his titles after becoming  a priest. Married to François Henri de Montmorency, Comte de Bouteville et de Luxe, Titular Duc de Luxembourg. Madeleine-Charlotte-Bonne-Thérèse de Clermont  lived (1635-1701)

1705-48 Duchesse Elisabeth de Lorraine-Lillebonne de Luxembourg-Saint-Pôl.

Lyonnais et Forez

1107-09 Countess Ide-Raymonde

1369/73-82 Countess Jeanne de Bourbon

1382-1416 Countess Anne d'Auvergne



920 Heiress N.N. 
Her husband, Alberic de Narbonne, succeeded her father Raculfe (915-20)

1224-39 Countess Alix
Succeeded grandfather Gullaume, the county was occupied by France in 1224. She died 1252. 

Maguelone de Substantion et de Melguel

1132-72 Countess Beatrix


1110-26 Eremburge
She succeeded her father, Helie de la Fleche, and co-reigned with husband Foulques d'Anjou who died in 1142


1830-51 Countess Marie-Thérèse Charlotte de France
Daughter of King Louis XVI Auguste, and she was known as "Madame Royale". Married to Lois-Antoine de Bourbon, Duc d'Angoulême etc., son of King Charles X Philippe of France. She lived (1778-1851).


1569-1623 Sovereign Princess Marie de Penthièvre
She was created Princess after her father, Sebastien de Luxembourg, Duke de Penthièvre, was killed. She married Philibert-Emmanuel de Lorraine, duc de Mercoeur (d. 1602). And their daughter brought Martigues to her husband, Cécar de Bourbon-Vendome, legitimated son of Henri IV. 

1623/24-69 Sovereign Duchess Françoise de Lorraine of Mercoeur and Penthièvre, Sovereign Princess of Martigues
Daughter of Duchess Marie de Luxembourg-Saint-Pôl (1579-1602) married to Cécar de Bourbon, Duc de Vendome, the son of Gabrielle d'Estree and King Henry IV. She lived (1692-1669). 

Dowager Sovereign Princess arie Anne de Conde of Martigues
As the widow of the last Louis II Joseph, Duc de Vendôme, de Beaufort, de Mercoeur, de Penthievre et d'Etampes, etc. she sold the principality to Louis-Hector, duc de Villars in 1714.
They did not have any children, and she lived (167817178).


1529-? Baroness Renée de Bourbon-Montpensier
Given to her and her husband, Antoine, duc de Lorraine. Her son was made a prince of Mercoeur

1623-69 Duchess Françoise de Lorraine
Also sovereign Princess de Martigues. She married Cécar de Vendome, Duc de Vendome, Beaufort, Mercoeur, Penthièvre and Estampes, son of Gabrielle Estrées.  Françoise had three children, and lived (1592-1669) 


1079/80-81 Countess Adeline


Circa 1568-97 Marquise Renée d'Anjou
Also Countess de Saint-Fargeau. Married to François, Prince-Dauphin d'Auvergne, Duc de Montpensier (1582), duc de Saint-Fargeau (1572) and de Châtellerault (1582/84), who lived (circa 1542-92). She (d. 1597).


1283-1317 Sovereign Countess Guillemette de Neuchâtel
Also known as Guillaumette de Neufchâtel, she was named sole heir by her Her great-grandfather, Therry III (1205-37-87). Her father, Amédée de Neufchâte was son of Thierry's daughter, Marguerite de Montbéliard, and the Grand Sire de Neufchâtel-en-Bourgogne, Signeur de Blamont, Châtelot, Belmont et Cuisance. She married Renaud de Bourgogne and after a war of succession, they reigned jointly until her death. When he died in 1322 their mentally handicapped son, Othenin de Montbéliard, succeeded under the regency of his uncle, Hugues de Chalon as regent. Her daughter Agnes and her husband inherited the County in 1332. Guillemette lived (1260's-1317).

1332-67 Hereditary Countess Agnès de Montbéliard
Oldest daughter of Renaud de Bourgogne comte de Montbeliard and Guillemette de Neufchâtel, she was the heir to the county after her mentally handicapped brother, Othenin. She was married to Henri de Montfaucon, who was invested with the title of Count by Emperor Ludwig IV of the Holy Roman Empire in 1339. 

1397-1443 Duchess Regnant Henriette
Succeeded father


1248-1311 Countess Beatrix
Only child of Jean I de Montfort-l'Amaury and Jeanne de Châteaudun, and married to Robert IV de Dreux. Succeeded by daughter. 

1311-22 Countess Yolande de Dreux
She first married king Alexander III of Scotland and then Arthur II de Bretagne (1262-1312). She lived (1263-1322)


Circa 1140 Dame Agnès de Thiern

1156 Dame Mathilde-Mahaut de Bourgogne
Also Comtesse de Grigon. She lived (1150-1192) Daughter of Agnes. 

Until 1309 Dame Jeanne de Beajeu
She was daughter of Humbert de Montpensier, connétable de France and Isabelle Melbo, and married Jean II de Dreux, Count of Dreux, Baine, Montfort and Joigny (1265-1309). Jeanne (d. 1308)

1499-1561 Duchesse Louise de Bourbon
Also Dauphine and Duchesse d'Auvergne (1538) and Countess de Mortain (1530), Countess de Montpensier until 1539, when she was created Duchess. Daughter of Gilbert de Bourbon, Comte de Montpensier, Dauphin d'Auvergne, archiduc de Sessa, Vice-roi de Napoli (1443-99) and Claire de Gonzaga of Mantua. First married to André de Chauvigny and then to Louis de Bourbon, prince de la Roche-sur-Yon. She lived (1482-1561).

1608-27 Duchesse Marie de Bourbon
Also Duchess de Châtellerault et de Saint-Fargeau, Princesse Souveraine des Dombe etc. Daughter of Henri de Bourbon, who was killed. She married Gaston of France, who was Duc d'Orléans, Chartres, Valois, d'Alençon, Comte de Blois, de Monthéry et de Limours etc.  She lived (1605-27) 

1984- Titular Duchess Marie-Thérèse zu Württemberg
She was given the title after her divorce from the heir to the headship of the French Royal Family, Prince Henri, Comte de Clermont et de Mortain, since 1999 Comte de Paris and Duc de France. She is born (1933-)


1204-13 Sovereign Lady Marie de Montpellier
When her mother, Eudokia Komnen, a Byzantine Empress married her father, Guillaume VIII de Montpellier it was a condition that the firstborn child, boy or girl, would succeed to the lordship of Montpellier on his death. She was married to Barral de Marseille in 1192 or shortly before, but was widowed in that year. Her second marriage, in 1197, was to Bernard IV of Comminges, and her father now insisted on her giving up her right to inherit Montpellier. She had two daughters by her second husband, Mathilde and Petronille. The marriage was, however, notoriously polygamous as he had two other living wives. The marriage was annulled and she was once more heir to Montpellier. Her father had died in 1202 and her half-brother, Guillaume, had taken control of the city, but she asserted her right to it. On 15 June 1204 she married Pedro II pf Aragpm and was recognised as Lady of Montpellier and their son, Juan, was born on 1 February 1208. Her husband immediately attempted to divorce her, hoping both to marry Maria of Montferrat, Queen of Jerusalem, and to claim Montpellier for himself. Her last years were spent in combating these political and matrimonial manoeuvres. Pope Innocent III finally decided in her favour, refusing to permit the divorce. Both spouces died in 1213 and their son inherited Aragon and Montpellier. She lived (1182-1213).



Until 1533 Louise de Coëtivy, Countess  de Taillebourg, Baroness de Royan
Her father,
Charles de Coetivy, was  styled prince of Mortagne in 1487. She married Charles de La Trémoïlle, prince d
e Talmon in 1501. She lived (1481-1533).



1105-? Regent Dowager Viscountess Mahaut de Hauteville of Narbonne (France)
After the death of her second husband, Aimery I, vicomte of Narbonne, she acted as regent for their son Aimery II until he came of age. Her first husband, Ramon Berenguer II of Barcelona, was murdered in 1082. Her son was killed in battle in 1134 and succeeded by his daughter, Ermengarde, who was not able to take over the reigns until 1143. Mahaut was daughter of Duke Robert de Hauteville (known as Guiscard) of Apulia and Sikelgaita de Salerno, and lived (circa 1059-circa 1112).

1143-92 Countess Ermengarde
Succeeded father, Aimery II, who had been killed in battle in 1134.


1810-14 Duchess Joséphine de Beauharnais
After her divorce from Napoleon I Bonaparte, she was given the title of Duchess de Navarre after a castle in Normandy. Born as Tascher de la Pagerie at Martinique, she lived (1763-1814)


1425-41 Duchess Blanche
Succeeded father, Charles II, King of Navarra

Circa 1441-62 Duchess Eleonore de Bourbon-La Marche
Also Countess of Castres and La Marche, daughter of Jacque de Bourbon-La Marche and Beatrix d'Evreux, and married to Bernard d'Armagnac, Count de Pardiac. 

1515-24 Duchess Philiberta de Savoie

1652-74 Regent Dowager Duchess Marie Jeanne
She lived (1644-1724)


1181-92 Countess Agnès
Also Countess d'Auxerre, Tonnerre, Dame de Donzy, daughter of Hervé IV, seigneur de Donzy and married to Gui I, Count de Saint-Pôl, Seigneur de Montjoy, de Troissy and de Pierrefonds (d. 1226).

1192-1257 Countess Mahaut I

1157-62 Countess Mahaut II
Also Countess of Tourenne. Married to Eudes de Bourgogne

1265-89 Countess Yolande de Bourgogne
Married to Robert III de Bétune, Count of Nevers and Flanders (d. 1322) and to Tristan de France. Succeeded by sister. She lived (1248-80)

1384 Countess Marguerite
Who was Countess of Rethel 1384-92, of Artois and France-Comte 1384-1405 and of Brabant 1404-05. Married to Charles I of France. She lived (1250-1308)

1539-49 Duchess Marie d'Albert
Daughter of Charlotte de Bourgogne and married Charles de Clèves. She lived (1492-1549). 

1564-1601 Duchess Henriette de Clèves
She succeeded brother, Jacques, and married Ludovic de Gonzague de Mantua in 1565.

1798-1808 Titular Duchess Adélaïde Mazarini-Mancini
Daughter of Louis-Jules-Bourbon, Prince de Vergane, Duke of Nevers (1716-68-98). She married Louis-Hercule-Timoléon de Cossé, duc de Brissac (d. 1792), and mother of one daughter.

1808 Titular Duchess Adélaïde-Pauline-Rosalie de Cossé
In 1782 she was
created Duchesse de Montemart and died the same year as her mother.


1637-47 Governor
Marie-Louise de Gonzague
Politically influential Queen of Poland 1646-48 and 1649-67.

Normandie (Normandy)

1069-83 Regent Queen Mathilda of Flanders of England
She was married to William I the Conqueror of England (1066-87) and duke of Normandy. He depended heavily on her and she acted as regent whenever he was absent from Normandy after their marriage in 1059. With him in England 1066-69 until she went back to Normandy, where she remained in Charge. Mother of around 10 children, one of the last being king Henry I. She lived (circa 1031-83)

1135-50 De-facto Duchess Regnant Mathilda
Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, pretender and Queen of England etc. She died (
b. 1160-)

1612-19 Governor Marie de' Medici
She was regent of France 1610-17 and Countess d'Anjou 1619-31. She lived (1573-1642)


Orange (Oranje) (A principality of the Holy Roman Empire in 1181)

1121-50 Countess Tiburge I
Succeeded by son Raimbaud III

1160-80 Countess Tiburge II
Succeeded father Guillaume II and succeeded by great-aunt

1173-82 Countess Tiburge III
Succeeded the granddaughter of her brother Raimbaud III

1393-1417 Countess Marie de Baux
Married to Jean I de Chalons-Arlai (1393-1418).

1498-1521 Claudia de Chalon
1618-19 Dowager Princess Eléonore-Charlotte de Bourbon-Condé
Married to Filips Willem, Prince d'Orange in 1606, who she followed  during his frequent travels between Brussels and Orange. He had grown up under the protection from the Duke of Alba, Governor of the Netherlands, during his studies in Leuven, until he was taken out of university at the age of 14 and brought to Spain while his family fleed to Germany. As a captive by the king Philip II, he guaranteed the attitude of the princes d' Orange towards Spain. His father was assasinated in 1584, but he was not freed until 11 years later, and marched to his northern possessions. His brother, Mauritz, was now head of the family and his sister, Maria, looked after his domains during his absence. 1598 the Principality is returned to him, and compeets with his brother for many years. After his death she fought with her in-laws over the inheritance of Oranje until her own death. She lived (1587-1619).

1637-48 Stadtholder Countess Ursula von Solms-Braunfels of the Principality of Orange
After the death of her husband, Christopher, Burgrave and Lord zu Dohna-Schlobitten, she took over his post governor. She was daughter of Count Johann Albrecht I von Solms-Braunfels in Braunfels and Gambit and Countess Agnes zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. Ursula was succeded by her son, Friedrich (1621-48-60-88). She and lived (1594-1657).



1636-49 Governor Queen Anne d'Autriche
She was Governor of Aunis 1636-49 and of Bretagne 1647-66. Also Regent of France.


1235-72 Countess Yolande de Dreux
Also Countess of Porhoët. She was daughter of Jean I of Bretagne (1217-86), and married Hugues IX de Lusignan, Comte de la Marche et d'Angoulême.

1331-84 Countess Jeanne la Boiteuse

1448-54 Countess Nicolle
Also Viscomtesse de Limoges, Dame de Thors, des Essars et de Reignac. Married to Jean de Brosse, seigneur de Sainte-Sévère.

Circa 1540-69 Sovereign Countess Charlotte de Brosse
Her father, René de Brosse was killed in Italy in 1525. She was married Francois II of Luxembourg. Her son, Sébastien de Luxembourg-Saint-Pôl, got the title of Duke of Penthièvre, and was succeeded by daughter Marie in 1579. 


1455-81 Countess Françoise
Also Viscomtesse de Limoges and de Lomage and Dame d'Avesnes, daughter of Guillaime, vicomte de Limoges and Seigneur d'Avesnes, and married to Alan Le Grand, seigneur d'Albert.



Circa 1400 Dame Marguerite de Poix
The daughter of Jean IV Tyrel she married Thibault de Soissons, prince of Chimay.

Around 1526 Dame Jossine de Soissons
The daughter of Jean de Soisson (1450-1526), she married Jean de Créquy. (b. circa 1480-?)

1554-1610 Princess Marie de Créquy, Dame de Mareuil
Granddaughter of Jossine, who was Dame de Poix around 1526. Marie married Gilbert de Blanchefort, Lord of Saint-Janvrin. She lived (1526-1610).

1687-1707 Princess Marguerite de Créquy
Only daughter of Charles de Créquy, who had Poix raised to a duchy under the name of Créquy in 1652, but the title died with him in 1687. Poix became a principality again and passed through to Charles-Belgique-Hollande de La Trémoïlle, duc de Thouars, who sold sold Poix in 1718 to the widow of Jean-François, marquis de Noailles.

1718-? Princess Marie-Françoise de Bournonville
widow of Jean-François, marquis de Noailles, she bought the Principality from Charles-Belgique-Hollande de La Trémoïlle, duc de Thouars. The principality then stayed in the Noailles family, where it became the title of the second son. Mother of 21 children.


1585-1632 Sovereign Dame Antoinette, Marquise de Guercheville
The daughter of Antoine, sire de Pons and Marie de Montchenu, Dame de Guercheville, she married Henri d'Albret-Miossans, a bastard line of Albret. She lived (1557-1632)

1676-92 Marie-Françoise d'Albret
Daughter of  Charles-Phoebus. She left her estates to her husband Charles de Lorraine, comte de Marsan.


 1100-06/11 Sovereign Countess Agnes of Ponthieu
Succeeded father, Gui I, since both her brother and uncle had died. She reigned jointly with husband, Robert II de Bellême, who succeeded to the French positions of his mother Mable de Bellême, as Vicomte d'Hiémois, seigneur de Bellême, after she was killed in 1082 and later succeeded his brother, Hugh of Montgomery as 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury. Their son, Guillaume III de Ponthieu inherited the county after her death and the imprisonment of his father in 1112 for conspiracies against King Henry of England. She lived (circa 1080-1106/11).

1221-51 Countess Marie 
She succeeded father

1251-79 Countess Anne
She succeeded mother

1279-90 Countess Leonor de Castilla of United Kingdom
She succeeded mother


887-96 Regent Countess Dowager Ermengarde 
For Louis III (887-928)

1090/93-1100 Etiennette (Douce/Dulcia)

1100-1112 Gerberga

1112-30 Countess Dulcia I

1166-67 Countess Dulcia II
Of the Barcelonan Dynasty, she died (1172)

1209-19 Regent Countess Dowager Garsinde de Sabran
Regent for Ramon Berenguer IV (1198-1209-45)

1244-46/67 Countess Beatrice (Beatrix)
Countess de Forcalquer. Daughter of Raymond-Berenger V. She died (1267)

1244-85 Claimant to the County Marguerite Bérenguer of Provence (France)
The wife of King Louis of France (d. 1270) since 1234 she challanged her father's appointment of the youngest daughter as heir to the country. She sought to employ force of arms, calling upon her son, her nephew Edward II. of England, and the German king Rudolph of Habsburg. She did not give up her claim until after the death of Charles of Anjou in 1285, when Philip the Bold succeeded in getting her to accept an income from the county of Anjou in exchange for her rights in Provence. She accompanied her on crusades and spent her last years in a monastery. She lived (1221-1295)

1343-82 Jeanne d'Anjou of Napoli
Succeeded grandfather Robert of Napoli, also as Queen Regnant of
Napoli (Naples)

Marquisate de Provence

1014-1037 : Emma.
Succeeded her father, Rotboald II , and married to Guillaume III Taillefer (952-1037), comte de Toulouse

1249-71 Sovereign Countess Jeanne of Toulouse, Dame de Castres et Mirepoix, Marchioness of Provence
The only daughter and heir of her father, Raimondo VII and his first wife, Sancha of Aragon and member of a Side-Line of the Sovereign Counts and Dukes of Provence. Her marriage to Alphonse de France, Count de Poiters (1220-71), son of King Louis VIII, was very happy. Her only daughter died and therefore the county revered to the crown after her death. She lived (1220-71).



1768-92 Sovereign Duchess Marie-Thérèse-Louise de Savoie-Carignan
After the death of her husband, Louis Alexandre de Bourbon-Penthièvre, prince de Lamballe she was granted the Duchy for life, since they did not have any children. She was a devoted friend and favorite of Queen Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette. She was extremely unpopular and was killed by a mob during the French Revolution in the September massacres (1792), and her head was displayed on a pike under the queen's windows. She lived (1749–92).


1661-63 Duchess Marie-Catherine de La Rochefouchauld-Randan
She was heiress of the County of Randan and was created Duchess, with a remainder to her daughter, Marie Claire de Bauffremont-Sennecey and her male children with Jean-Baptiste Gaston de Foix de Candale, Comte de Fleix. They both resigned in 1663 in favour of Marie Claire's son, who was known as duc de Foix. Marie Catherine (d. 1677).

Monastery of Remiremont


1491-1500 Countess Charlotte
Married to Jean, Seigneur d'Orval.

Rethel-Mazarin (Mazarin, de Rethel, de Mayenne et de la Meilleraye)

1661-1699 Duchesse Hortense Mancini, Duchesse de Rethel, Nevers and Mayenne
Succeeded her uncle, Cardinal and Premier Minister Jules Mazarin. She was daughter of Michel Mancini and Girolama Mazarini, the sister of Mazarin. Married and separated 5 years later to  Armand-Charles de la Porte (1632-1713), duc de la Meilleraye, and succeeded by son Paul-Jules de la Porte (1666-1731), duc de Mazarin, de Mayenne et de la Meilleraye, fils des précédents

1738-81 Duchesse Louise Jeanne de Durfort
Succeeded maternal grandfather, Paul de la Porte (1701-38), duc de Mazarin, de Rethel, de Mayenne et de la Meilleraye, as her mother, Antoinette de la Porte had died in 1735. Louise Jeanne had a daughter, Louise d'Aumont (d. 1826) who was married to Honore Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco, whose decentants still claim the titles. Louise Jeanne lived (1735-81)


1581-1603 Duchess Claude Catherine de Clermont
She married Albert de Condé and lived (1540-1603).


1302-19 Dame Cécile


1118-42 Countess Agnès de Garlande
Succeeded her father Anceaus and first married to Amaury III. (d. after 1136) Sire de Montfort-l'Amaury, and Comte d'Évreux and secondly Robert I. le Grand, Comte de Dreux (d. 1188), who was son of King Louis VI. She was succeeded by her son, Simon III. (d. 1181)

Until 1487 Dame Jeanne de Bourbon
Daughter of Jean II de Bourbon, Count de Vendôme etc. and Isabelle de Beauvau, Dame de La Roche-sur-Yon (1436-74), and married to Louis de Joyeuse, Count de Grand-Pré. She lived (1460-87).

Around 1539 Countess Cathérine de Silly of Rochefort, Dame de La Roche-Guyon
She was daughter of Charles de Silly and Philippe von Saarbrücken-Commercy and married to François de Rohan, Vicomte de Fronsac (d. 1559), and after her death, he married Renée de Rohan, who was the sister of Louis VI de Rohan, the husband of his daughter, Léonore.

After 1539-83 Countess Léonore de Rohan of Rochefort,
Succeeded her mother Cathérine at a not known time, Married to Louis VI. de Rohan (1540-1611), Prince de Guéméné, Comte de Montbazon etc., Her sister, Jacqueline inherited the title of Dema de Gié, and the youngest, Françoise-Diane, was Dame de Gillebourg. Mother of several children and lived (1539-83) 


1648-84 Duchess Marguerite de Rohan-Frontenay
Also Duchess de Porhoët-Leon et Soubize et Princesse de Leon. In 1645 Louis XIV allowed her to keep her status and dignity of Princess if she married Henri Chabot, who was created Duke de Rohan in 1648. Their children got the surname Rohan-Cabot. She lived (1617-84).

Roucy (Rouci)

1033 Countess Alix

1364-79 Countess Isabelle

145-59 Countess Jeanne

1525 Countess Catherine

1551-63 Countess Eleonore de Roye
Also Dame de Conti, trough her mother Madeleine de Mailli. She married Louis de Bourbon (1530-69),
Prince de Condé, Count de Roucy and Soissons, Duke d'Enghien and Marquis de Conti, and lived (1535-64)

1725-84 Marthe Elisabeth de la Rochefoucauld
She succeeded her father, François VI de la Rochefoucauld, married François Joseph de Béthune (1719-39), marquis d'Ancenis and was succeeded by son, Armand Joseph de Béthune, Marquis de Charrost (d. 1800).



1205-12 Countess Elisabeth de Luxembourg
She was daughter of Hugues IV Camp d'Avesnes, and married Gaucher III, seigneur de Châtillon, de  Troissy, de Montjay, de Crécy and de Pierrefons (d. 1219). Succeeded by son, Gui I, who married Agnès, Countess of Nevers and Auxerre. She lived (1179-1263).

1360-78 Countess Mahaud de Châtillon
Daughter of Jean de Chatillon (1292-1334) and succeeded brother, Gu
y (d. 1360). She was married to Guy de Ligny and Charles de France, Count de Valois etc. And lived (1293-1358)

Until 1407 Hereditay Countess Jeanne de Luxembourg, Heiress of Saint-Pôl and Ligny, Chatellaine de Lille
Daughter of Waléran de Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pôl and Ligny
(d. 1315), and married to Antoine de Bourgogne. 

Countess Jeanne de Luxembourg-Saint-Pôl, Countess de Ligny and Dame de Roussy
The daughter of Mahaut (1335-60-78) she succeeded her grand-nephew, Philippe, who was son of the Hereditary Countess Jeanne (d. 1407), daughter of Waléran III (d. 1415)

1482-1546 Marie de Luxembourg, Countess of Saint-Pôl, Marle and Conversano, Dame de Condé, Bohaim and Ham
Daughter of Pierre II de Luxembourg, Count of Brienne and Saint-Pôl, Lord of Condé and Bohaim (1445-75-82), she married secondly to François de Bourbon-Vendôme (1470-95). Her oldest son was Charles, Duke of Vendôme, Count of Chartres and Soissons, Marle and La Fere and Lord of Mondoubleau, the second son was François I de Bourbon-Saint-Pôl, Duke of Estouteville, Count of St.-Pol. Marie lived (1472-

1546-1601 Marie de Bourbon-Saint-Pôl
Duchess of Estouteville, Countess of Saint-Pôl. Daughter of François I de Bourbon-Saint-Pôl (1491-1545), she succeeded her brother, François II (1536-1546). Her third husband was Léonor d'Orléans, and she lived (1539-1601). 

1705-48 Countess Elisabeth de Lorraine-Lillebonne of Luxembourg-Saint Pôl
She succeeded Marie III. Her daughter, Anne-Julie-Adelaide died in 1724 and succeeded by her son. 


1219-24 Dame Marguerite
She was daughter of Gaucher IV (1160-1219) and Mahaut de Dampierre, Dame de Bourbon.


1403-19 Countess Marguerite

1426-36 Countess Jeanne

"Republic of Saugeais"
Selfproclamimed republic consiting of twelve communes in Franche-Comté in the modern department of Doubs who declared themselves an independent republic in 1947

1972-2005 (†) "President" Gabrielle Pourchet, Saugeais
Her husband, Georges Pouchet, was President from 1947 until his death in 1968. She lived (1906-2005).

2006-  "President" Georgette Bertin-Pourchet,
Her father, Georges Pouchet, was President in 1947-68 and her mother, Gabrielle Pourchet, president (1972-2005). In 1999 her mother called for the elction of 30 Presidential Electors to choose her successor in due course, and Georgette was elected in January 2006. (b. 1934-).

Sedan, Raucourt and the claim to Bouillon

1588-94 Princess Charlotte de la Marck
Married to Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne (1591-1623)
, who was awarded with the Principality after death after her
her paternal uncle Charles-Robert de La Marck, comte de Maulévrier, and her maternal cousin Henri de Bourbon-Montpensier had claimed the possession.

1623-26 Regent Princess Dowager Elisabeth van Nassau


1257-62 Dame Helvis


988-1047 Adelise I d'Anjou
After the death of her husband, Guy I, she took over the reigns. She lived (968-1047)

1057-79 Countess Adelaide II

1306-44 Countess Marguerite 

1344-50 Countess Jeanne I
Also Dame de Beaumont, Chimay, Valenciennes and Condé, daughter of Jean Seigneur de Beaumont. She married Louis I, Count de Blois and Dunois, Seigneur de Châtillon and Seigneur d'Avesness

Until 1411 Countess Isabelle
Daughter of Enguerrand de Coucy, Count de Soisson, and married Philippe de Bourgogne, Count of Nevers and Donzy, whose second wife was Bonne d'Artois, heiress d'Eu etc.

1641-92 Marie de Bourbon-Condé
Daugter of Charles de Bourbon-Condé, comte de Soissons and Anne de Montafié, dame de Lucé, married Tommaso Francesco di Savoia (Thomas-François de Savoie-Carignan) (1596-1656), who held the title by the right of his wife. 2 of her sons and a grandson also held the title from 1646. prince de Carignan en 1625 avec qui elle aura 4 enfants. She lived (1606-92).

1736-63 Titular Countess Anna Vittoria di Savoia-Carignano of Soissons
Inherited the wast estates, castles, 2 Million Guilders, a library and a enormous colllection of paintings from her unmarried uncle, Prince Eugen von Savoyen (Eugenio di Savoia). Her father, Prince Luigi Tommaso di Savoia-Soisson, Count of Soissons (1657-1702) had been been disinherited because of his unequal marriage Urania de la Cropte (1655–1717). Together with her silibings, she grew up with their grand-mother, Marie de Bourbon-Condé, Countess of Soisson 1641-92, and she lived in a convent until she took over her uncles possessions and married the 20 year younger Prince   Joseph Friedrich von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, who was given 300.000 Guilders in cash and the Castle of Schloss Hof in Niederösterreich. They seperated in 1752 and she lived the rest of her life in Torino. She was known as Countess of Soissons, but the title was incoroprated into the title of the Savoian Kings of Sardegna. The Princess lived (1683-1763).


Until 1631 Sovereign Dame Catherine de Parthenay-Larchevesque
She married René II, Vicomte de Rohan, Prince de Leon, Comte de Porhoët. Their sons were Henri (d. 1638), created duc de Rohan in 1603, and Benjamin (d. 1641), sire de Soubise. She lived (1553/54-1631).

1648-84 Sovereign Duchess Marguerite de Rohan-Frontenay of Rohan, Duchess de Porhoët-León et Soubize et Princesse de León, Countess de Porhoët and Lorges, Marquise de Blain and La Garnache, etc
She was daughter of Duke Henri de Rohan and married in 1645 Henri Chabot, comte de Sainte-Aulaye, made duc de Rohan-Chabot in 1648. Their son Louis continued the line of Rohan-Chabot

1684-1709 Princess and Dame Anne Julie Chabot de Rohan
The daughter of Marguerite and Henri, she married François de Rohan in 1663. He was comte de Rochefort and Prince de Soubise (1630-1712) younger son of Louis de Rohan, duc de Montbazon. The Lordship of Soubise was raised to a principality in 1667 She lived (1648-1709)




1415-48 Countess Marguerite de Melun, Vicomtess de Melun
She succeded her father, Guillaume IV de Melun, Grand Bouteiller de France, who was killed at Agincourt, and married to Jacques II Baron de Montgomery, who had first been married to Leonore Jumelles, Dame de Cresèques. Her husband was killed in 1428. Her mother was Jeanne de Parthenay, Dame de Samblancay. She was first succeeded by her son, Guillaume and in 1484 by daughter Jeanne.

1484-88 Countess Jeanne d'Harcourt, Vicomtess de Melun
She was married to Duke René II of Lorraine (1451-1508) and she bequeathed all her estates to François Count de Dunois et de Longueville (d. 1488).


1616-... Marguerite-Charlotte de Luxembourg of Tingry
Her father Henri's estates was devided among her and her sister Marie-Louise in 1620. She married twice, having by Léon d'Albret, lord of Brantes, a son Henri-Léon who renounced his rights in 1660 to become a clergyman; and by Charles-Henri de Clermont-Tonnerre (d. 1630), titled duc de Piney although never received in Parliament, she had Madeleine-Charlotte-Bonne-Thérèse de Clermont-Tonnerre (d. 1701).

Until 1701 Madeleine-Charlotte-Bonne-Thérèse de Clermont-Tonnerre of Piney and Tingry
The Daughter of Marguerite-Charlotte de Luxembourg, she married François-Henri de Montmorency, comte de Luxe and Boutteville, of a junior branch of the Montmorency family. He was received as duc de Piney in 1661, was created duc de Beaufort-Montmorency in 1688, and maréchal de France, one of Louis XIV's best generals. She (d. 1701).


1181-93 Countess Agnès I
Also Countess of Auxerre and Nevers. Succeeded brother and married to Pierre II de Courtenay, who was count by the right of his wife 1184-99.

1193-1213 Countess Mathilde de Courtenay
Also omtesse de Nevers and d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre, fille des précédent, succeeded mother, Agnes I and married to Hervé de Donzy
and 1226 à Guigues, comte de Forez, who were both joint rulers. She was succeeded by daughter, Agnès II, and lived (1188-1256).

1213-25 Countess Agnès II de Donzy
Also comtesse de Nevers and Auxerre she succeeded her mother, Mathilde de Courtenay, and was succeeded by her stepfather, Guigues de Forez and then her son, Gaucher became count in 1241. She lived (circa 1205-25).

1250-54 Countess Yolande de Châtillon
Succeeded brother, married to  Archambaud IX de Bourbon, succeeded by daughter, Mathilde II, and lived (circa 1221-1254).

1254-62 Countess Mathilde II de Bourbon
Also  Dame de Bourbon and comtesse de Nevers  and Auxerre et de Tonnerre, she succeeded mother, Yolande de Châtillon and married to  Eudes de Bourgogne, who was co-ruler.  She was suceeded by daughter, Marguerite de Bourgogne, and lived (circa 1234-1262)

1262-1308 Countess Marguerite I de Bourgogne
Daughter of Mahaut and Eudes de Bourgogne The second wife of Charles I of France, Count d'Anjou et du Maine, Provence et de Forcalquier etc. King of Sicilia (1265), Titular King of Jerusalem (1247) and King of Napoli and Jerusalem (1265). Marguerite lived (1249-1308).

1335-60 Countess Jeanne I de Chalon
Succeeded brother Jean II. Her husband, Robert de Bourgogne had died the previous year, and since they had no childrebn, the county was given to a nephew of hers after her death. She lived (1300-60)

1440-1463 Countess Marguerite II de Chalon
Succeeded sister, Jeanne II and married to Olivier de Husson

1537-40 Sovereign Countess Anne de Husson
Succeeded nephew, Louis IV de Husson and married to Bernardin de Clermont, vicomte de Tallart, succeeded by daughter, Louise de Clermont, and lived (1475-1540).

1540-92 Sovereign Countess Louise de Clermont
Succeeded mother, Anne de Husson, who reigned from 1537. She married François du Bellay and Antonie de Crussol, duc d'Uzès, and was succeeded by son. She lived (1496-1592).


1108-? Regent Dowager Countess ......
She had been regent of Tripoli in Lebanon 1105-08. Her son, Alphonse-Jordan was born in 1105.

1249-71  Countess Regnant Jeanne
Also Marchioness de Provence, she succeeded father. Married to Alphonce de France, Count de Poiters, son of Louis VIII. Her only daughter died and therefore the county revered to the crown after her death. She lived (1220-71)


1417-20 Eléonore

1424-43 Countess Yolande d'Argon
She lived (1380-43)

1444-(90) Agnes


1304-11 Viscountess Marguerite
Succeeded father

1339-50 Viscountess Cecile
Daughter of Marguerite, succeeded brother, and was succeeded by brother-in-law Guillaume Roger de Beaufort (1350-93)

1417-20 Viscountess Eleonore
Succeeded brother

1444 Viscountess Anne
Her husband, Agne de la Tour, was count of Turenne 1445-90.

1558 Duchess Marie Stuart, Queen of Scotland
Queen of Scotland 1542-67, her first husband was king Francois II (1544-59-60)



1630-70 Sovereign Princess Charlotte de Madruzzo of Valangin, Comtesse de Challant, Baronesse de Bauffremont etc.
She was daughter of Gabriele Ferdinando, who died in 1630 and succeeded brother, Carlo Enrico, 9th Barone di Madruzzo, Prince of Valangin etc, who died the same year. She married C
harles de Lenoncourt Marquis de Lenoncourt et Blainville, and lived (1602-70)


1507-49 Countess Louise Borgia
Daughter of Cecare Borgia and married to Philippe de Borbon-Busset.

1548-66 Duchess Diane de Portiers
Mistriss of king Henri II and mother of Diane de Valois, Duchess of Châtellerault  and Angoulême


1667-75 Sovereign Duchess Louise-Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc
She was given the duchy in 1667, but eight years later she resigned in favour of her daughter, whose father was King Louis XIV, Marie-Anne de Bourbon, upon entering the Carmelite order as Louise de la Miséricode. She lived (1644-1710). 

1675-98 Sovereign Duchess Marie-Anne de Bourbon
Her mother, Louise-Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc, resigned in her favour. In 1698 she gave the duchy to her cousin, Charles-François de La Baume Le Blanc. She had no children in her marriage with Prince Louis-Armand I de Bourbon-Conti, prince de la Roche-sur-Yon (1661-85). Also known as Marie-Anne de Blois, she was daughter of King Louis XIV, and lived (1666-1739).


1076-80 Heiress
Her husband, Herbert de Valois succeeded her father Simon. Succeeded by daughter

1081-1118 Countess Regnant Adelaide
Daughter of Count Herbert V, who succeeded his father-in-law in 1076. She married Hugues I Le Grand de Valois and Chaumont, son of King Henri I de France. 

1167-82 Sovereign Countess Élisabeth of Vermandois and Valois (France)
Also known as Isabelle, she was the oldest sister of Raoul II she was married to Philippe d'Alsace, Count of Flanders (d. 1191), who participated in a cruisade. She did not have any children and the county was inherited by her husband. She lived (1143-82). 

1183-91 Sovereign Countess Eléonore of Valois
1185-1214 Sovereign Countess of Saint-Quentin and Péronne
1191-1214 Sovereign Countess of Vermandois
After the death of her sister, Élisabeth, she claimed the county of Vermandois, but her brother-in-law refused to give it up, but after long debates she was allowed to keep the county of Valois, but engaged in warfare with him. In 1185 Philippe d'Alsace seeded Saint-Quentin and Péronne to her and after he died 1191 exchanged Vermandois for Valois which king King Philippe-Augste. She was married to Godefroy de Hainaut, Comte d'Ostervant (d. 1163) and Guillaume IV, Comte de Nevers, but as she had no children her fiefs reverted to the French crown. She lived  (1152-circa 1214).

1240-52 Countess Regnant Blanca de Castille
She was Dowager Queen of France and regent 1226-42 and 1248-52

1516-17 Duchess Regnant Jeanne d'Orléans
Grandchild of Louis d'Orléans the son of King Charles V of France

1562-82 Duchess Regnant Catherine de' Medici
Wife of Henri II. Succeeded by daughter. 

1582-1615 Duchess Regnant Marguerite de France
Also Duchess de Senlis, Clermont et d'Étampes. Succeeded mother in Valois. She lived (1553-1615)


1346-13? Baroness Marguerite I

1374-1416 Baroness Marguerite II


1028-32 Regent Dowager Countess Adèle de Vendôme-Anjou
After the death of her son, Bouchard II le Chavre, she became ruler of the territory. She was the widow of Bodon, comte de Vendôme (1017-23) and daughter of Foulque III Nerra, comte d'Anjou  and Elisabeth de Vendôme, the daughter of Bouchard I. She was succeeded by another son, Foulques l'Oison, (d. 1066)

1085-1102 Countess Euphrosine
1102-05 Regent 
She was married to Geoffroi de Preuille, and after his death, she was regent for their oldest son, Geoffroy Grisegonelle. 

1371-72 Countess Jeanne de Vendôme
She was daughter of Bouchard VII de Vendôme and reigned under the regency of her grandmother, Jeanne de Ponthieu. Succeeded by aunt. (d. 1371).

1371-72 Regent Dowager Countess Jeanne de Ponthieu
After the death of her son, Bouchard VII de Vendôme, she was regent for her granddaughter, Jeanne de Vendôme  until her death after a year. She was widow of Jean VI de Vendôme, comte de Vendôme (1354-64) and her daughter, Catherine de Vendôme took over as ruler in 1372.

1372-1412 Countess Catherine Vendôme
Also Countess de Castres, and married to Jean de Boirbon-La Marche, Count La marche (1344-93). Catherine (d. 1412)

1494-1546 Regent Dowager Countess Marie de Luxembourg
Regent for Charles de Bourbon was Count and Duke 1495-1537 and his son Antoine 1537-62


1076-86 Reigning Dowager Countess Mathilde de Toscana
After the death of her husband,  Godefroy IV le Bossu,, duc de Basse-Lotharingie. Her husband's nephew, Godefroy V de Bouillon, duc de Basse-Lotharingie, took over as Count in 1086.



Around 1709 Princess Maria Anna Spinola
The daughter of Giambattista Spinola, Prince of Vergano in Italy, she married Philippe-Jules-François Mazarini-Mancini (1676-1768), duc de Nevers in 1709. The title of prince de Vergagne was afterwards used by the eldest son of the duc de Nevers.

1798 Princess Adélaïde Mazarini-Mancini
The second but eldest surviving daughter of Louis-Jules-Barbon (1716-98), she married Louis-Hercule-Timoléon de Cossé, duc de Brissac (d.1792). (d. 1808).

1808 Princess Adélaïde Mazarini-Mancini Adélaïde-Pauline-Rosalie de Cossé, Duchesse de Mortemart
The daughter of Adélaïde Mazarini-Mancini, she became Duchess of Mortemart in 1782 and would have been the last holder of the peerage, by application of the Edict of 1711. She d. 1808).


1080-1123 Countess Adelaïde
Countess of Crépy-en-Valois 1180-1118 (Via her mother, Adèle de Valois)

1167-82 Sovereign Countess Élisabeth of Vermandois and Valois (France)
Also known as Isabelle, she was the oldest sister of Raoul II she was married to Philippe d'Alsace, Count of Flanders (d. 1191), who participated in a cruisade. She did not have any children and the county was inherited by her husband. She lived (1143-82). 

1183-91 Sovereign Countess Eléonore of Valois
1185-1214 Sovereign Countess of Saint-Quentin and Péronne
1191-1214 Sovereign Countess of Vermandois
After the death of her sister, Élisabeth, she claimed the county of Vermandois, but her brother-in-law refused to give it up, but after long debates she was allowed to keep the county of Valois, but engaged in warfare with him. In 1185 Philippe d'Alsace seeded Saint-Quentin and Péronne to her and after he died 1191 exchanged Vermandois for Valois which king King Philippe-Augste. She was married to Godefroy de Hainaut, Comte d'Ostervant (d. 1163) and Guillaume IV, Comte de Nevers, but as she had no children her fiefs reverted to the French crown. She lived  (1152-circa 1214).


Until 1466 Countess Marguerite d'Orléans
Daughter of Louis de France, Duc de Touraine, d'Orléans etc., and married Richard de Bretagne, comte Étampes. She lived (1406-66)


Until 1197 Countess Marguerite de France
Daughter of King Louis VII of France and first married Henri Court-Martel, Prince of England, Duke of Normandie and secondly with King Béla III of Hungary. She lived (1155-97)

1197-circa 1200 Countess Alix de France
Daughter of Philippe II Auguste, and married Guillaume II, Count de Ponthieu and Montreuil. She lived (1170-circa 1200)

Viennois (See also Dauphinie)

1162-1228 Countess and Dauphine Beatrix

1281-96 Countess and Dauphine Anne


1580-1611 Marchioness Henriette de Savoie-Villars of Villars
She succeeded her father, Honorat II, Marquis et Conte de Villars et de Tende
, and first married Melchior de Prez, Seigneur de Montpezat (d. 1572) and then Charles de Lorraine, Duc de Mayenne 1555-1611. She lived (1541/42-1611)


...Marie du Bellay de Thouarce
She was succeeded by her grandson, Marc Antoine Saladin d'Anglure du Bellai de Savigny

16... Dowager Princess Marie-Jeanne de Bouville
After the death of her husband, Marc Antoine Saladin d'Anglure du Bellai de Savigny, she sold it to the Crevant-Cingé family. The lord of Yvetot was commonly known as roi d'Yvetot. A title attested in several official documents: a writ of the exchequer of Normandy in 1392, a writ of king François I of 1543. At the coronation of Marie de Medicis, wife of Henri IV, in 1610, the king ordered his master of ceremonies to "give a seat to my little king of Yvetot in accordance with his standing and rank"



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