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Finland Parties

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1945-66 Group Chairperson of the People's Democrats Herta Kuusinen
1951-64 Chairperson of the Party (Communists)
She was Minister

Around 1950 Secretary of People's Democratic Union Tyyne Tuominen
1966-70 Parliamentary Leader of the Social Democratic Union

Around 1955 Party Secretary of Svenska Folkepartiet (Swedish People's Party) Inge Appelberg

1957 Group Chairperson of Kansanp Irma Karvikko

1962-65 Group Chairperson of the Social Democratic Union of the Laborers and Peasents (TPSL) Martta Samela-Järvinen

1970-74 Chairperson of the Liberallinen Kansapoule (Liberal People's Party) Pirkko Ritva Aro
1970-73 Group Chairperson

1974-75 Group Chairperson of Liberallinen Kansapoule (Liberal People's Party) Irma Toivanen

1975-77 or 1979-82 Group Chairperson of Liberallinen Kansapoule Anneli Eva Kivitie

Around 1980 Leader of Union Party of the Finish People (Suomen Kanson Yntenäisyyden Puolue) Anssi Keski-Vähälä

1984-86 Group Chairperson of Kansallien Kokoomus/Samlingspartiet  Ulla Kaija Puolanne
Minister in various governments

1986-87 Chairperson Demokraatinen Vaintoehtoe Kristiina Halkola

1986-87 Group Chairperson of SKDL Lauha Männistö
(SKDL is short for ?)

1987-90 Group Chairperson of Svenska Folkpartiet (Swedish People's Party) Elisabeth Rehn
Various Ministerial posts and twice Presidential candidate

1987-91 Chairperson Vihreä Liitto (Green Union) Heidi Hautala
1999-2004 Co-Leader of the Green Group in the European Parliament
2003 Deputy Group Chairperson of the Greens 
2006 Group Chairperson

Presidential Candidate 2000 and 2006. Candidate for a ministerial post against the party chair in 2007. MEP and Minister of Development Aid 2009-13

1987-91 Group Chairperson of the Christian Party (Suomen Kristilinen Liitto) Anja (Eeva-Liisa) Moilanen

1988-99 Leader and Secretary General of the Communists Heljä Tammisole

1989-92 Chairperson of Democraattinen Vaintoehto (Alternative Democracy) Marja-Liisa Löyttiyjärvi

1990-92 Chairperson of Liberaalinen Kanpuolue Kaarina Koivistoinen

1991-92 Chairperson of the Agrarian Party Tina Mäkelä

1992-93 and 1997 and 2003-04 Group Chairperson of Vihreä Liitto Satu Maijastiina Hassi
1997-2001 Party Chairperson of VL (Greens)
She was
Vice-Chairperson 1989-91, and Minister of Environment and Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Development Aid) 1999-2002. MEP from 2004. (b. 1951-)  

1991-94 Group Chairperson of Liberaalinen Kansapuole Lahja Tuulikki Ukkola
1993-94 Party Chairperson

1993-95 Chairperson of Liberaalinen Kanpuolue Tuulikki Ukkola

1995-99 Group Chairperson of Svenska Folkpartiet Eva Biaudet
Party Vice-Chair 1993-95, Minister of Social Care 1999-2000 and 2002-03. In 2005 she lost the party primary for the post of Presidential Candidate to a 15 year older man. (b. 1961-)  

1995-99 Group Chairperson of  Vihreä Liitto Janina Andersson
2001-03 Group Chairperson
Vice-Party Chairperson and Deputy Group Chair at different occations.

1999-2000 Group Chairperson of Vihreä Liitto Ulla Maria Ainikki Antilla
Former Deputy Group Chair

1994(-99) Group Chairperson of Soumen Maaseudun Puolue (Finish Willage Party) Leea Mäkipää

1995 and 1999 Group Chairperson of Vihreä Liitto Tuija Brax
Member of the Presidium of the Parliament 2003-07, Minister of Justice from 2007.

1998-2006 Chairperson of The Left-Wing Alliance Suvi-Anne Siimes
Vice-Party Chair 1995-98, Second Minister of Education and Culture 1998-99, Second Minister of Finance (Taxes) and Minister responsible for Housing 1999-2003 and Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of Development Aid 2002-03. (b. 1963-).

1995-99 Group Secretary of Swedish People's Party Ulla-Maj Wideroos
1999 Deputy Group Chairperson
1999-2003 Group Chairperson
2007-11 Group Chairperson
2011- Deputy Group Chairperson
Second Minister of Finance 2003-07.

1999-2006 Group Chairperson of the Left Alliance Outi Ojala

2000-01 Acting Party Leader of the Center Party Anneli Jäätteenmäki
2002-03 Party Chairperson and Leader
Deputy Group Chairperson 1999-2000 and Prime Minister in 2003.

2003-04 Group Chairperson of the Christian Democrats (Kristilisdemokraattiset)

2004-15 Party Chairperson

Former Deputy Group Chair and Party Chair and Minister of Interior.
Mother of four children. (b. 1959-).

2004-07 Group Chairperson
of the Christian Democrats Sari Miriam Essayah
2007-15 Party Secretary
2015- Party Leader
MP 2003-07
and Deputy Group Chair 2003-04 and Presidential Candidate in 2012. Daughter of a Moroccan father and Finish mother and mother of two children. (b. 1967-).

2005-09 Chairperson of Vihreä Liitto Tarja Cronberg
An independent MP from 2003, she joined the Green party in March two months before she became party leader, but failed to be reelected in 2007. Minister of Labour 2007-09 (b. 1944-).

2006-11 Group Chairperson  of the Vihreä Liitto (Left Alliance) Annika Lapintie
Deputy Group Chairperson 2002-06

10 Group Chairperson of the Suomen Sosialidemokrattine Poule Tarja Filatov
Deputy Group Chair 1999-2000 and Vice-Party Chair from 2002. Minister of Labour 2000-07.

2008-14 Party Leader of  Suomen Sosialidemokrattine Poule (Social Democrats) Jutta Urpilainen
Dupty Group Chairperson 2007-08, Ceputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance 2011-14. (b. 1975-).

11 Party Leader of Vihreä Liitto Anni Sinnemäki
Former Deputy Group Chair and Vice-Party Chair
. 2005 she was candidate for the Chairmanship of the party, but lost to the 30 years older Tarja Cronberg. Minister of Labour from 2009. (b. 1974-).

2010-12 Party Chairperson of the Center Party Mari Kiviniemi 
Party Vice-Chairperson 2003-08, Member of the Government 2005-06 and from 2007 and Prime Minister 2010-11. (b. 1968-)

2011- Group Chairperson of Svenska Folkpartiet Mikaela Nylander

2016- Leader of the Left Alliance Li Andersson


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