Czech Republic Local Leaders

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Female Czech Republic District Chairpersons
The government appointed District Officers were abolished on 31.12.2002 and in 2000 position of Governors elected by the regional assemblies was introduced.Prague is a Region itself and Lord Mayor has the same status as Governor and Vice-Lord Mayors are as Deputy Governors

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1993-94 Chairperson Dr. Libuse Benesová, Praha-Západ District
Deputy Minister of Finance 1995-1996, Senator 1996-2000 and Senate President 1998-2000, Vice-Chairperson of the Civic Democratic Part (ODS) 1997-2001 and since then Secretary General of the Party.
1993-97 Chairperson Dr. Marie Motycková, Ceske Budjovice District
1993-2002 Chairperson Dr. Helena Brozovská, Ceska Lipa District
Chairperson of the Association of The Chairpersons of District Officers.

1993-2001 Chairperson Ing. Jaroslava Prbylová, Havlíckuv Brod District
From 2001 Deputy Minister of Defence.

1993-97 Chairperson Dr. Drahoslava Bartosková, Pardubice District
1993-96 Chairperson Ing. Václava Kodejsová, Semily District
1993-97 Chairperson Dr. Miluse Ricková, Znojmo District

1996-2002 Chairperson Dr. Danuse Hulková, Semily District
1997-2002 Chairperson Dr. Renata Frelichová, Ceske Budejovice District
1997-2002 Chairperson Ing. Arnostka Aubrechetova, Sokolov District
1997-? Chairperson Hana Ondneskova, Breclav Distict

1997-2002 Chairperson Ing. Milena Novotná, Jeseník District

2000-02 Chairperson Ing. Anna Podhrazska, Sumperk District
Until 2002 chairperson Jarmila Cejkova, Hradec Kralove District
Until 2002 chairperson Mgr. Danuse Krivakova, Hodonin District

Until 2002 chairperson Ing. Jaroslava Preslova, Klatovy District

2008- Governor Dr. Milada Emmerova, Plzenský Region
Originally doctor of medicine, worked in the field of internal medicine and metabolism medicine not only as a doctor, but also as a university professor. Member of Chamber of Deputies in 1996-2004, chairwoman of the Committee for Health and Social Affairs 2002-2004. In 2004 she was appointed as the Minister of Health, dismissed in 2005. Unsuccessful candidate in 2004 Senate elections, however, successful CSSD leader in 2008 regional elections in Plzensky Region. Negotiated silent coalition with the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM) and in November 2008 was elected the first female Governor in the Czech Republic. Before 1989 she was 20 years member of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSC), since 1994 she is member of Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD). (b. 1944-)

2008-12 Governor Jana Vaňhová, Ustecký Region
Deputy Mayor of the City of Chomutov from 2006, member of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSC) in the 1980s and joined thenCzech Social Democratic in 1996 and its national Vice-Chairperson from 2005 and Deputy Governor from 2012. (b. 1955-)
2008- Governor Jana Vanhova, Ustecký Region
Originally teacher of the German language and fine arts. Since 2006 she is Deputy Mayor of the City of Chomutov. In 1980s was member of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSC), since 1996 member of Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) and its national vice-chairperson 2005-09. (b. 1955).

2012 Governor Zuzana Moravcikova, Stredoceský Region
Studied College of Agriculture in Brno and until 1992 worked as the agricultural specialist at several agricultural companies. In 1992-2002 worked at the District office of the Kutna Hora district and since 2003 she worked at the Municipal office of the city of Kutna Hora. Member of Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD). As Deputy Governor 2008-12, she took over as governor after the resignation of her predecssor. (b. 1957-)

2014- Mayor of Praha Adriana Krnáčová

2015 Acting Governor Eva Valjentová, Karlovarský Region
Deputy Governor from 20122

2016- Governor Jaroslava Jermanová, Stredoceský Region
MP and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies 2013-16. (b. 1970-)




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